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Calvin Klein with Mr Francisco Costa

Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein is not really happy with people showing a belly when their belly is not really beautiful. Ok Mr. Costa, I got it. You mean that woman who has spare tyre is prohibit to wear cK super cute mini tank top!

Being in Gen X wave back in the 90’s, I love Calvin Klein when it is still under the man himself, Mr Calvin Klein. The pieces really define the history of minimalism trend. Every cK will be considered stylish back then.

But, things change a bit when he left the house. Mr. Francisco Costa still designs cute tops and bottoms but the impact is not as mighty as it is in last decade. It is not disastrous but a bit off track. I still buying Calvin Klein but not as excited as it is in the 90’s. Maybe I’m getting older!

For an interview with Francisco Costa click here.


My vintage Calvin Klein tee. I bought this when it is cool to wear Calvin Klein. It is one of my most precious item. This tee is still relevant and I ‘m proud wearing it!


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