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Wisma RSH Warehouse Sale


My friend asked me, would you sacrifice your lunch break to shop? My answer – GIGANTIC yes. Food can wait, but some stuff can’t wait and just off the rack.

I went to Wisma RSH for a warehouse sale (read my previous entry here). It is a working day; luckily I have a meeting near the warehouse. What a coincidence!! mmmmmmmm…..

It is a shoes sale! Shoes are all over the place. Most of the brand is from Nose, ras and other not so recognizable brands. The ad is true; it is up to 70%. Some of the shoes and bag is only RM20, if I am a girl, I’ll buy it, and I mean not only one pair. Some of those shoes and bags are quite stylish!

My aim is for Marc by Marc Jacobs. Let say it is not really like what I’ve expected. There are only a tiny portions of Marc by Marc Jacobs on the rack (relatively tiny compared to other brands). There are no BAGS. Not a single MARC bag!


Most of Marcs is on 50% off. I ask the cashier if this is the only Marcs and where are the bags? She answered ‘Yes, but I guess more coming tomorrow, but not sure yet’. Yeah right, like I can tell my boss I have ‘meeting’ at around the same place again!


To avoid any disappointment, I just grab a Nose messenger bag. Nose is not my favourite brand but I like the shiny PU material. It is only RM47 after 70% off. It can act as my weekend or office bag. It suits both. If I’m boring with it, I can give it away. It is only RM47… I won’t feel anything!


Did I tell you about RM20 items, and if I am a girl I’ll buy it. You know I am a boy but I did buy it! It is a cute, small Nose clutch like with handle and it is only RM20 (original RM99). This is probably for my mother or sister. I think they like it. I tell them it is RM99. They’ll like it!



p/s: I can see those who shopping are in their office wear. They also have meeting ka?


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  1. yg messengger tuh besau..leh isi separuh isi rumah hang! hehehe..tapi yg kecik tuh ada tiru mbmj skit but overall GOOD BUY!!!! hehehe..kasut tak banyak…takpe la..nak buek cemana….

    Comment by A | April 10, 2009

  2. memang besar sikit tapi not really big, bolehlah letak barang2 . yang clutch tu memang macam MJ kan? seakan2 duffy bag kan? bagus hang, mata pantas melihat bag-bag yang seakan-akan sama..

    Comment by cutecarry | April 10, 2009

  3. wah.. best la.. ada sales

    Comment by Sherry | July 30, 2009

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