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London Alternative Fashion Week 2009

Alternative is unique. At least that is what I’ve learned as a kid in the 90’s. Super-unique Bjork and Portished falls into alternative genre. 

Alternative Fashion Week in Spitalfields Traders Market in London from April 20th to 24th will shows original collections from new designers, from all over the world, waiting to be discovered. More than over seventy designers have been chosen to show their designs like from Italy, Croatia, Sweden and the USA.

According to the organizer, this is fashion on the edge, risky, experimental fashion for the future. It is not about money or material success but inspiration and ideology, how to have designer fashion in this current economic climate, credit crunch couture, offering world the real opportunities.

The organizer also really aware that fashion and environment cannot be separated. It is really related and they need each other to survive; like Madonna with African babies, Lindsay Lohan with leggings and Janice Dickinson with Botox injections. Due to that, this year the theme is is using original or recycled materials to create something different. Shows will have an emphasis on environmental awareness and ethical sourcing.

What a good effort to launch a career of new designers and at the same time realised that it is important for us to care about our world. These designers will determine the future of fashion trend. They are the crowd that is going to tell the majority crowd on what to wear and what is trash. If they keep to their principle of clothes for the environment, they are our real bright future.

I hope there will be similar fashion week in Malaysia. New emerging designers with responsibilities to the environment.




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