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Introducing Coach Cricket


Coach has come out with new collection call Cricket. A very sporty indeed! Maybe Coach Management decided it is enough with typical girlie name from the previous collection like Amanda, Penelope, Leah and place name like Madison and Hampton. Cricket is a sport, but what sport has to do with handbag? Let see…..

It is a celebration of reengineered Coach previous collections. The main feature of Cricket is the turnlock flap, which is kinda similar like Amanda and Coach original feature. Just like what is on Leah collection, the handbag it has large front compartment pocket . Frankly I am not sure why the name it cricket, but my wild guess is it’s something to do with new Coach Women, active and stylish. One thing for sure the bag maintain the exclusivity of Coach Women.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, Mr Reed Krakoff!


My favourite is this ultra glamourous Op art embossed Cricket Metallic Large Satchel. It has Cs written all over it. Can this bag be the new Coach signature bag? Wait and see….

This collection also includes small handbags. Oppsss… probably I am wrong. Coach not only celebrated women but also men because I am so into this black cricket clutch. It is simple and amazingly quite unisex!  It doesn’t look weird if a man carries this to a formal dinner right?


Let’s pray Coach will consider coming out with Unisex collection! For the time being, you can shop for Crickets at Coach. Price start from USD188.



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  1. 188usd? what the fish? 188usd x 3.8 = ? hurm, calculator hilang, ok but i know mesti mahal. haha..

    takpe2 one day.. haha 😛

    anyway hafiz lately ni blog kamu makin meriah dengan ramai pengkomentar! 😛

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | April 25, 2009

  2. muslim fashion nye conclusion akan dtg sebelum 1 may, haha nak tutup buku dah, org asik komplen je sy asyik condem fashion muslim.

    harap2 conclusion tu boleh buat everyone fikir n happy 😀
    huhu, anyway ur fashion style seriusly sgt gempak, maybe coz u have money lebih, so bolehla bergaya, 😀 Alhamdulillah, bersyukur, 😀

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | April 25, 2009

  3. oh.. tu lah semakin ramai orang komen dalam my blog ni.
    i ni suka pakai macam2 tapi tak semua mahal,murah pun ada. I suka mix and match.

    coach tu i nak beli, insyallah kau US nanti. kalu jadi nak p dalam tahun ni. kat sana murah daripada malaysia.

    Comment by cutecarry | April 25, 2009

  4. Argh! I still cant find a perfect bag to bring to work.. one that can hold my Guess wallet, umbrella, notepad, story book, name card, name tag, telephone.. and still not easy to be snatched and non-breakable straps that keep giving way. Any recommendation for an affordable masterpiece?

    Comment by Cmate | April 27, 2009

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