Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Chanel Diamond Forever bag

To those recessionistas out there (including myself) be prepare to open your mouth wide, really wide!

Chanel Diamond Forever handbag priced at USD261,000.


Close your mouth now!

Why it is so expensive:-

  1. It is adorned with 3.56 carats made up of 334 diamonds

–      I learned from Kanye West video, people in Africa kill for diamond. I am not sure if they kill each other for this diamonds


  1. The 18 carat white gold hardware

–      I don’t wear gold, but my moms, grandma and aunties like it. White is like so in 2009!


  1. Rare white alligator skin

–      It is easy to locate white supermodel but precious white alligator is the other story.  The most beautiful skin alligators must die first


  1. Only 13 available worldwide

–      some consider 13 is an unlucky number. But for me there is no such thing as lucky number. It is only a stupid, stupid thing to think 13 are unlucky! FYI. 5 of the bags will be available in USA.


  1. It is Chanel. They can put any price and people still will buy their products!


It will be available in December 2009. So start saving now!



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  1. people in africa are killed/forced labour to mine these diamonds, hence the term ‘blood diamonds’, tengok tak movie leo di caprio tu?

    i might be bag-crazy but not THAT carzy to fork out that much! not that i will ever have that much pon..hahah

    Comment by Bye-T | May 1, 2009

  2. bye-t, if i ada duit I beli lah, but now meleleh je tengok. ini limited edition collection. beg-beg macam ni adalah masterpiece and classic and it is an INVESTMENT. The price will go higher and highter. It is like antique!!!

    Comment by cutecarry | May 1, 2009

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