Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Meet Tyra Stalker; Brady Green

It is really hard to be famous, rich and perfect. Just ask Tyra. Being a supermodel she owned everything from lucrative lingerie contracts to Mr and Mrs Jay to the right to say “you’ve been eliminated, pack your bag and your belongings” and a maniac stalker.

Brady Green leaves Manhattan Criminal Court.

This is Brady Green. Tyra biggest fan. Authorities said Green, 39, repeatedly called Banks’ studio, showed up there, and sent her flowers and letters. They said he also threatened to slit the throat of a staffer who refused to tell him where to find Banks’ TV studio.

Now he is free after he was sentenced 90 days in jail when he was convicted on June 18.

 I wonder who dressed him. 

I think he is probably turned into fashion industry. Just look at him. He is handsomely dressed in fitted two piece suit. It is kind like retro suit. I imagine Charlie from famous Charlie Angel.

 The shirt. Can you see the collar of the shirt? Normal stalker wouldn’t show up in a court wear that oh so stylish shirt. It is matchy matchy but oh boy it is properly matched.

Who is the stylist? Tell me!

Let wait for America Next Top Stalker hosted by Brady Green!

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