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OMIGOD.. I’ve chatted with BAGSNOB!

Whoever created Facebook should be awarded Nobel prize because…………..

OMIGOD… I can’t believe it. I just chat with Tina Kelly from Bagsnob via Facebook. FYI… they are THE BEST, THE BRILLIANT TEAM if we’re talking about bag!!

I said I’ll be going to Los Angeles and Washington this June (pray the swine flu will stop sooner!) and I request them to feature in their bagsnob  “most, most, most cheapest” stores for me to buy designer handbags.

Tina Kelly says “Great idea, I’ll do it next week”.

I’ve been to the States and I know that country is the best place to shop mainstream designers item!

Oh… I can’t wait… really I just can’t wait (for the entry in Bagsnob and swine flu to stop so I can shop in peace!)

p/s: oh… it is an emotional moment, I talk to my idols. Sob sob… pass me the Gaultier handkerchief please!

Visit bagsnob


May 1, 2009 - Posted by | "Myself", Bag | ,


  1. I read Bagsnob. Agree, they are brilliant!

    Comment by Anonymous | May 1, 2009

  2. This is so like really cool!

    Comment by Ayyman R | May 2, 2009

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