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Brioni made from measure

 Brioni Herringbone Jacket

I read this brand has been voted as the most luxurious men brand in the world.  

If you want to feel the real luxury touch and he really touch your body, head to Brioni boutique in Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) from May 11 to 13 2009 to be measured by Chief Master tailor of Brioni, 25 years old Angelo Di Febo. He may be young but he has the most precise hand for the most accurate measurement. Well, he should because the price of Brioni is like so expensive, just ask Tom Hanks, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, they wore Brioni. Wait, maybe it is not a good idea, they are celebrities, they get everything free! They even get paid for wearing it!

Brioni suit on James Bond










Yeah… the richer get richer because they don’t have to spend much money. That is how it works here!

For the rich (and not so famous-that is why you need to pay!), head to KLCC on May 11 to 13 2009 . Call 03-21663628


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  1. Dear Mr Hafiz aka Bjork,

    Nice commentary about Brioni.

    Clarify here that BRIONI does not pay for product placements, i.e does not pay for celebs to wear.

    Thank you

    Comment by lee | May 19, 2009

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