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Dutch Queen’s Day

Queen Beatrix during a visit in Vries (6 May 2008)

A Dutchman tried to attack HM Queen Beatrix (to pronounce stress on R) and her family by driving his car at their bus during a parade on Thursday. The queen cancelled the parade for her safety. FYI, the man died of his injuries overnight. I am not sure why he wants to kill the queen. As far as I concern, Dutch love their Queen. Even when the Dutchmen are living millions km from home. Let say in Kuala Lumpur…

Thanks to Dutch Embassy for the invitation to the Queen Day at Mayang Sari Ballroom, JW Marriot. I went there with my cousin Ikin. Here some of the snaps from the function.


I am still in my office suit. Straight from office!


What is Holland without the windmill? But this is located in the middle of Mayang Sari Ballroom.


Ikin and the beautifully decorated ballroom


Herrings.. I kinda like it. If you like sushi, you probably like this. You must know how to eat it.



These girls like red!FYI, the one in suit is a boy!


Thanks to Ben ( in handsome monkey suit, FYI, he loves rendang) with his family and staff.


I am so missing Dutch,.. I mean Holland or Netherland (a country with few names). It’s a beatiful happy day when i was in Holland. Don’t you love tulips? You know that tulip is actually originated from Iran? It is not like te colourful typical tulip that we saw today, but more simple tulip,I saw the original tulips. I learned that when I was in Keukenhoff. No better place to learn about tulip than in Holland.

I Holland!


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  1. bestnya holland. cutecarry awak ni siapa? glamour selalu.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 6, 2009

  2. I thought tulips originated from Holland.

    Comment by Cass | May 7, 2009

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