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French Art and Film Festival 2009


Thanks to French Embassy for the invitation.


I love cocktail party. It is simple, quick and I can mingle with everyone and less fattening food. Few pieces of these are what I ate during the Official Opening of French Art and Film Festival 2009 at GSC Pavilion. 

 Those who are living without normal eating pattern don’t expect to too much if the party started during your dinner time.  You’ll starve if you don’t have a mountain nasi kandar before going; as usual of course!

I am not sure what the theme of the party is because it is not stated on the invitation card, probably business attire because almost all the guests are in that; including me!

French Art and Film Festival organized by a French embassy will be in towns from 7 to 27 May. I say town because it is both in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. This is your time to learn about French culture and language from the films, theatres, live shows (including the unique Baroque duet). To learn, click here.

You can also catch or imitate the accent. Erm.. Probably not a good idea to speak in French accent if you are not French! You will sound fakes. Believe me I heard horrendous fake French accents from a Malaysian. I can’t really speak French (a bit, tiny bit) but almost everyone knows  that; that person is trying to tell the world his boyfriend is French and he is getting to be like so French! Er… so not in style.( Lesson: be yourself. Proud of your root. Don’t try hard to speak like French, English or American if you are not them. Respect others but be Malaysian. There’s nothing wrong with being Malaysian!)

Here are some snaps from the party!


Myself before the movie and after a few bits of French finger food!

GSC Chief Executive Officer Ms. Koh Mei Lee. I love her dress and skirt! Awesome. She should be a movie star!

The French Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr Marc Barety.

Senator Heng Seai Kie, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications, Arts & Culture.


All the slim and thin with beautiful complexion waiters are in bareback Daniel Choo dress. They look like a lanky runway girls than those who served cocktails!


My partner for the party is my sis and bestie, Kak Marhafizah. She is single and available! Guys, if you want a pretty, stylish-partly thanks to me!, demure, soft spoken, slim girl, she is the one (saya promote kak because you worth it, jangan marah ye!)


 Myself with the French ;celup’ at the entrance. They are so nice.

The cocktail organized in partnership with Martell and Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur and followed by the screening of critically acclaimed Crime is our business ( Le Crime est notre affaire) by Pascal Thomas.The movie is the highlight of the night. The movie is about an adventurous  wife Prudence (played by Catherine Frot) and her retired husband.  She lost her excitement after her  husband retirement and need something to spice up her life that includes trying to solve a murder case! It is a funny movie with an unexpected twist.  But one thing that catches my eyes is the brown Hermes Birkin she’s carrying. 


This is not a hallucination!



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  1. salam hafiz,

    haha, your sister berapa umur? haha.. 😀

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | May 10, 2009

  2. wsalam.
    dia tua dari I. if you know my age, dia lagi tua daripada you. believe me a lot. hahahahaha….

    Comment by cutecarry | May 10, 2009

  3. urm…. 😦

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | May 10, 2009

  4. the dress designer name ” daniel chong “not daniel choo…..

    Comment by daniel chong | January 22, 2010

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