Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

The oldest,sincerest and stylish!


Guinness World of Record has awarded 21 year old Chanel as the oldest dog in the world. Her owner Denice Shaughnessy, accepted the award marking her longevity. According to Denice, Chanel tires quickly, wears goggles for cataracts when she is in the sun, and booties to cushion a benign tumor on her hind leg. I love her red google and matching red sweater. So stylish.

She is just like Coco Chanel, the designer. Old, classic and stylish. Both are legends.

Chanel still making impacts. She works so hard during her young days, leave her worries away to focus on fashion; until she dies


we still can smell her (Chanel No 5),

 save or borrow to buy her extremely classy tweed suit,


shared with mom, grandma and sister 2.55 or drill bag and still look very updated.

and for those who think they are so white and pale, hail themselves to the sun or  to the tanning shop.

Suffering ... Kelly ThompsonAsk this 70% burned after 16 minutes tanning session girl.

Yes guys, Chanel are the one who started the trend after she back from Mediterranean with fabulously bronzed skin. Don’t blamed Ms Coco Chanel for the girl burned. Beauty for pain!

Can you count people that can live happily ever during their old days and can inspire people arount them? I can..

My late Grandma. I love her to death. Without her I am nothing.  

Chanel the designer

Those who work passionately and live sincerely until they gone.

Hope I”ll be the source of inspiration for my good cause while I am in my hereafter.


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  1. The dog so cute. I want to buy my dog the red google? do you know where I can get one?

    Nice blog! Are you Malaysian?

    Comment by Joyce | May 10, 2009

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