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Cutecarry StyleTalk with Iz OIAM2

  He is one of the finalists in One In A Million Season 2.  

I am so impressed with multitalented Iz Suliani or better known as Iz. He can sing, write, blog, direct (yes.. he directs video), fairly educated (a degree and a Master from the Land of Down Under) and yes … he dressed like a truly fashionista. His bold approach make him stands up from the rest of the crowd.  Let me think.. erm..I wonder how many male Malaysian singers can dress like he does. Let count.. mmmmmm….. let say not many!

I’ve met him in a few occasions I must say that he is very approachable. He is such an energetic young guy who knows how to carry himself just like how he brilliantly wrap himself in high fashion pieces fresh from designer rack.

I am so happy when Iz managed to spend some of his busy schedule for a quality time with CuteCarry.  

FYI he owned Birkin.. yes.. Hermes Birkin. Keep reading!


The album cover. Dashing in Dior trench and shirt. Viktor and Rolf tie

Cc: Congratulations on your winning for the Anugerah Pakaian Lelaki Terbaik in recent Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2008. What do you think is the winning factors?

Iz: In my opinion, I reckon it is Hatta Dolmat’s ability & innate talent to translate my personality and transform the traditional ‘Songket’ into a nicely designed outfit that is of international standards. Also, I felt hugely confident wearing it on the red carpet because it speaks volumes of me as an individual and equally importantly, me as an artiste.


Loyal fashion royalty. Iz in head to toe, Yohji Yamamoto

Cc: Favourite designers?

Iz:Hedi Slimane, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Gareth Pugh, Marc Jacobs for LV, Victor Rolf & Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum.


As good as it get. Just put on Balenciaga

Cc: Malaysian designers?

Iz: Bernard Chandran & Hatta Dolmat


Iz embraces his Asian root. CuteCarry favourite look. Iz is in People of Asian or POA. A Singapore based label 

Cc:You are now officially Hatta Dolmat fashion muse; do you think you deserved to become a muse?

Iz: I don’t know if I deserve to be Hatta’s male muse or not but I do know how great it felt when a well-known designer like Hatta Dolmat had enough trust & confidence to put me in one of his exclusive creations which I thought is like a pure work of art. I just felt lucky.


Cc:As a muse, who is your fashion muse?

Iz: I do not have a fashion muse.


 Cc: Without any album, you still make waves especially for the urban crowd. Do you agree if I said, your fashion sense makes more waves than your music?

Iz: I am actually the first contestant from One In A Million 2 to release a CD which is a 6-track EP called Gonna Be Alright distributed by Sony BMG Malaysia. The EP acts as an appetizer to the full studio album I am currently working on now []. I am proud to say that even though I am not the winner or the 1st runner up of the show, I am in fact the 1st to officially release my music both physically & digitally in the market. This signifies how serious I am in trying to make it in this industry. My music maybe quite low on the Malay side but my debut English single Gonna Be Alright has even reached the top downloaded song on Celcom Xpax as of January 2009 & even reached #2 on FlyFM’s CampurChart, but I am aware that my music is still quite unknown among the Malay crowd. I am going to change this with the full album I am working on at the moment. I do agree that my fashion sense ‘paved the way’ for my music, which I think, is fantastic. You can never separate fashion and music, ever.


Cc: It is like so in fashion to become a celebrity cum fashion designer. Interested to join the troop?

Iz: I do have a love for designing but at the moment, I am too focused on performing, recording and writing my music, and to try getting it out there to the masses. I don’t mind designing as a hobby which I do sometimes.


  Cc: You seem to master the art of red carpet dressing. Any tips on how to dress like a  star?

Iz: Just be yourself but dress sensibly & accordingly. Try to follow the dress code stated in your invite to avoid any fashion mishaps or harsh critics by the fashion police. That works for me at least so I reckon it should work for others too.


Cc: Do you like to shop alone?

Iz: I actually do because I am such a fast shopper. Usually I know what I want and I make very quick decisions when it comes to making up my mind on fashion items, which can be very annoying sometimes for my shopping partner. That is why I prefer to do it alone at my own pace.


 Cc: Who is your shopping companion?

Iz: No one set in stone. I rather shop alone.


 Cc: The most stylish holiday getaway?

Iz: Staying at Milan’s Bvlgari hotel & having Louis Vuitton salespeople come up to my suite. The same happened when I stayed at Le Crillon in Paris. 


Louis Vuitton silk top.



Bvlgary sunnies, Louis Vuitton 1-ply cashmere top & U2 pants


Cc: KLCC or Pavilion?

 Iz: Neither. Haha. I shop elsewhere.


Cc: Bargain Bangkok or Posh Paris?

Iz: Seriously, I don’t mind shopping anywhere whether it is Patpong or the Marais district. Usually I will always be on the lookout for unique pieces no matter where, which I can later put together in order to form a look or theme. It is such a fun creative process that I immensely enjoy.

  Cc: One of your prominent style is your hair.Who is your hairstylist?

Iz: My hair is sponsored by Hairkunst ( The owner of the salon, Bambang Soteto (also was a finalist Cleo bachelor list 2009) is my hairstylist…. but I have got this hairstyle for a very long time since 2003 already so Bambang helped me maintain it in Malaysia.

Cc: Any beauty secret?  

Iz: Try to get good quality sleep meaning shutting your eye at least before 2AM. Always remember to wash yourself off any products like hairwax, gels or makeup before you go to bed. Easy! Like my name IZ.

 Cc: Any advised for inspiring young men that just started to be “in fashion”?

Iz: Just be yourself and dress for yourself…. There is nothing more fulfilling than that. Fashion should be fun, not stressful!


Fun Iz in Louis Vuitton bag & shoes,Comme gold pants,Dior Homme top.


Cc: You are more of shoes of bags person?

Iz: I am a shoe person. I got more than 300 pairs of Y3 Adidas & Puma Starck sneakers. I do buy & collect interesting shoes from Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Bally and Balenciaga.

Cc: I heard that you owned a black Hermes Birkin, where you bought it and how long is   the waiting list?

Iz: I actually didn’t buy it. It is actually a birthday gift I got for my 21st birthday celebration when I was living in Melbourne and I am not quite sure how long the waiting list was. It was bought for me in Hong Kong (I think) & made out of alligator skin.


Love his Geronimo LV Damier bag


 Cc: Most extravagant buy?

Iz: I don’t kiss and tell. Haha.


 Cc: Your most precious fashion item?

Iz: This is a hard question to answer. I consider everything I own as precious because to me they are all like works of art I fell in love with which is why I got them in the first place.


 Cc: Any fashion disaster moment?

Iz: I hope I didn’t make any. But really, I only dress for myself. So should everybody else who is reading this now!


 Cc:  Last word to your fans out there?

Iz: If you have bought or made a download purchase of my Gonna Be Alright EP on Gua Muzik, thank you so much! I really appreciate your support! If you haven’t please support my love of music by getting it 🙂 Also, lookout for my 2009 singles, A.L.O.N.E which is collaboration with AJ Pop Shuvit & Berakhir Cinta collaboration with an Indonesian composer. Lastly, drop by at my blog & don’t forget to say hi!


 'Best Dressed Male' Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2008/2009 | Concept&Design: Hatta Dolmat

Don’t forget to vote for Iz for Anugerah Mencari Pereka Popular Berita Harian in two simple steps

1st) Register with RAKAN BH. Type BH [space] DAFTAR [space] Nama [space] Nombor IC send to 32728

VOTE by typing: BH[space]ABP[space] 47[space]RAFFLESIA & send to 32728


Images: Iz personal collection


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  1. he is so cute. but i never listern to his song.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 12, 2009

  2. oh.. what a good interview. cayalah bro!

    Comment by Lia | May 12, 2009

  3. Truly fashionista! Suker interview nih..

    Comment by JB | May 12, 2009

  4. mcm baju hujan je. tapi stylo lah dia ni.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 12, 2009

  5. Birkin! wow!! ..

    Comment by anonymous | May 12, 2009

  6. did he ever have a song?

    Comment by olpicture | May 12, 2009

  7. I checked his official site… nice voice! high fashion stylo! nice blog too… very bold like cutecarry say… when you interview him?

    Comment by luv | May 12, 2009

  8. he is so bold!!!!!

    Comment by cutecarry | May 13, 2009

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