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Gillian Chung for Tough

You could be Gillian Chung’s fan for two prominent reasons. First you enjoy listening to her Canto-pop song when she is with Twin. The second reason is you enjoy seeing her with Edison Cheng.

I like her “Tough”.

Dramatic ad always is my favorite and when I saw Gillian posing dramatically with the demons and I just like wow! Thanks to bunch of stylists, lighting, hunky demons and perfect top and jeans, she looks hotter than when she is with Edison!

Gillian 1

The theme is ‘Be Tough’; based on the current economic situation. According to the founder and chief executive, Gillian’s is the perfect celebrity to present the brand because of Gillian’s willingness to face challenges can bring home the message of ‘unremitting self-improvement’ and enthusiastic toughness.

Gillian 2 I dont care what you say Mr. Founder cum Chief executive, I just impressed with her long legs that end miles away and the wig! She is topless rite? Gillian…  are you trying to get out from your squeky clean image? Sorry bad question. next question please! 

Tough Jeansmith is a Hong Kong based fashion chain that sells denim-based and streetwear attire and accessories.  I’ve been to Tough store few times  but never bought a single piece. I may change my mind. Thanks to Gillian.

Be Tough Gillian. I know you will always be! Visit Tough here

Gillian 3

Gillian 4


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  1. not into canto pop… but her photo look stunning though!

    Comment by Lonely in Gorgeous | May 13, 2009

  2. very very stunning and dramatic. I like it…

    Comment by cutecarry | May 13, 2009

  3. I support her. she is a talented singer. beautiful too.

    Comment by aliciajoohee | June 18, 2009

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