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Armani and hepatitis – Get well soon!

My heart beats fast when I read a report about Giorgio Armani failed to show up at the International Furniture and Design Exhibition Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month. My concern is not because of his non-appearance but it is because he contracted hepatitis!


But a statement said he is recovering. This is a statement from his rep:-

The designer described hepatitis as “certainly…not a rare illness, nevertheless it is one which requires some time for a complete recovery.” In a statement issued Wednesday, the 73-year-old Armani took the opportunity to underscore the fact that his company “has continued to operate normally with business as usual.” Armani, who is gearing up to show his men’s signature and Emporio collections in Milan next month and his Prive couture line in Paris in July, said his “commitment both on the creative and management side has never relented.”

The designer pointed out that “there has been no shift in delegation of [his] authorities to any one of the executives and everything in the company is proceeding with the usual energy.” Armani felt the need to respond to “the high level of interest” over the past few days about his health. “There have been several phone calls asking the same questions and expressing the same concerns regarding my health. I have decided to calm these worries in my usual direct and clear style of communication,” said the designer

Oh.. Armani is one of my favourite designers. I know how to pronounce Armani long before I know how to pronounce Louis Vuitton (btw.. it is easy to pronounce Armani .. Ar-Ma-Ni).

Armani is something I can easily remember! As a normal kid from a very average family, designer items are a rare stuff. I heard about the high fashion; but I don’t know the price, how it looks like and in fact, I don’t know why people obsessed with it.

 In the magazine spread, the clothes looks quite the same with something from low end shop, but I know it is something about the clothes because the more I look at it item on the fashion spread, I became more and more fascinated!

My fascination turns to obsession.

Long, long time ago and I was on a late Raya shopping. I went to the mall my best childhood friend. Both of us still studying and  ‘poor’ but we are really into one thing, style and fashion! My father gives me an allocation that includes all expenses from bus ticket to a few pair of new clothes.  Browsing and browsing from rack to rack with my best friend and it is almost like nothing attracted me! Then there it is, a black and white shirt with clean and simply perfect cut . It is simple but to my amazement it is very expensive. But I know I must have the shirt.

 My mind is like a calculator because I have a very limited budget. If I bought the shirt I can’t get any other stuff! After a discussion with my friend, I decided to buy the shirt with all the money I has; and my friend agree to pay the bus ticket!

That is my first Emporio Armani shirt. The owner told me it is the only piece and it is original.

The story is not about Armani, it is more than that. It is about my passion, my dear father who never failed to give money in any way he could and my dear friend, who unfortunately, as we grow up, we fall apart and I really don’t know why!  

Now buying Armani is not so rare to me but it is rare to talk and shop with my childhood friend.

Sometimes it is wonderful to be young and poor.


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