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Superhero Diva

Remember Tim Gunn? The grey gay men in Fashion Runway aka “Principal in Armani suit” to the aspiring designer?

Now he is going to replace the Armani with Iron Man suit! Yes guy… if before this he hates designers who doesn’t know how to match different material into a dress now the one that he hates is bad, criminal people!

Tim Gunn

Marvel, the comics, will release the first issue of Models Inc, a comic about runway divas Millicent Collins, Patsy Walker and Mary Jane investigate a murder on a set of New York Fashion Week. Their mentor is who else if not Iron “Tim Gunn” Man!

Once a mentor always a mentor.

Tim Gunn

Mr. Gunn will grace one version of the first cover of “Model Inc.,” drawn by Phil Jimenez, a popular comic book artist.

My questions are:-

 Can Mr. Gunn help to sell the comics like the supermodel sell Harpers?

Will the Ladies and Gay pick Marvel comic over Vogue?

Do they sell it at New York Fashion Week?

How come Mr Gunn wearing that Iron Man costumes that is so not him?

It looks big on him.  I think they need to trim it down, change some details and the colour; because I am strongly think RED is not your colour Tim!

But I believe the comic will sell. When two giant collide Marvel vs. fashion divas, it will create a scene that you can’t imagine!

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