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Perak Menteri Besar (s) Style

Politics can be really excited and boring.  The fun and excitement is when you know the politicians will fulfill their responsibility for rakyat. The boring part is when all the unnecessary drama that makes some of us feels like in limbo!

I am from Perak and in case that you’re in coma for the past few months, you may know that what is happening in Perak politic. As a rakyat, I read about what is happening and try to ignore but I just can’t. Especially when I need to know what are they wearing. Both of them have their own style. They are blessed with political knowledge  but as a public figure it is REALLY important to dress to the occasion!

CuteCarry present style saga between Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

Who style it best!

Reminder: I am not really into politic and my decision is nothing to with politic. It is a pure style sense.


 Shirt is a must haves for politicians because they can transform from serious formal look to over teh tarik friendly chat look. They wore it almost every second. I wonder if they in shirt while they sleep!

MB Perak 2

 Datuk Zambry feel is in check shirt. The soft blue helps to reduce his age for about 5 years.

MB Perak 1

Datuk Seri Nizar looks too casual in plain short sleeve shirt. His shirt is too transparent and we can see his white singlet.

I choose Datuk Zambry.  “Nicely on his body cut” blue shirt makes him look young, fresh and ready to rule the state. I think I should get the same shirt one lah!



 Suit is a strong and powerful outfit. That is why almost every powerful figure in history (men or women) is in suit.  The statement wouldn’t be complete without bold neck tie. They compliment and in need of each other the way politicians and rakyat connect.

Datuk Zambry is in fit to his body striped suit, striped shirt with striped shiny gold and black tie. Too many striped but not too busy. Very metro indeed!

Datuk Seri Nizar is also in plain suit and also gold and black tie.

It is almost a tie. But with only less than 5 percent , the best suit and tie goes to Datuk Zambry.  Very modern look indeed. Thanks to his shiny gold tie and stripe suit that will speak it loud for him. My suggestion is for him to wear slim plain tie because believe me it will be the talk of all style community!


Malaysian batik is a very special fabric for its exclusivity.  I am very careful about when choosing the right batik because it is easy to very sloppy and so out of style community if I choose the wrong batik.

Datuk Zambry is in green and  erm… oh.. to much colour. Maybe it is abstract or something…not bad.

Datuk Seri Nizar looks fresh and glorified in greeen floral batik. The print is not too busy and the colour just right for him.

Both look great. But I adore  Datuk Seri Nizar batik because the material looks really exclusive and expensive. You can see the shine and the print details can be seen miles away but yet it does not spoil the whole look.



Politicians need to be with rakyat all the time. What a shame if a politician only be with rakyat when they need the vote. Being with rakyat means you should not dress too exclusively or too sloppy. They should carefully choose the right outfit to go with the occasion. Style tip to remember is to always dress smart yet humble!

MB Perak 7

Oh… what a lovely girl. Datuk Zambry back to basic with plain blue shirt. I think he likes blue!

What’s cooking? Char Kway teow? It makes me hungry to taste Datuk Seri Nizar cooking while he is in this short sleeve white with print short sleeve shirt.

I like Datuk Zambry look. He looks really dashing in classic cut blue shirt, very Ralph Lauren. I strongly think that blue is his colour!



It is equally important to talk and dress professionally when a politicians is having a conference call because all the lenses focus straight to them. Plus, they never know who watching them, a fashion blogger maybe?

MB Perak 11

This is what I labeled as effortless professional look. The jacket is worn over a polo shirt. Very, very stylish.

MB Perak 10

Datuk Seri Nizar in a simple blue short sleeve shirt.

It is super-crystal. I choose Datuk Zambry. He looks really cool; the jacket, the polo and the total look! But praise for Datuk Seri Nizar for simple and clean cut shirt. 

Overall, both of them know how to dress to the occasion! A big clap clap to both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: kepade semua orang Perok, harap kome semua dapat bersabor bebanyok dengan politik kat Perok ni. Doh jadi macam ni ape le kite buleh buat. Teman tau kome mesti getik dengan segale drama kan. Jangan le kome pulok gile meroyan dan bertumbuk sesame bile segala bende cam ni timbui. Baik kome pergi  same-same melantok pekene cendoi dengan lakes kuale kat pekan Kuale (area bawoh lemboh), ada jugok paedohnya!


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  1. hafiz.. i love this entry very much..
    this is very rare.. mate, you’re so brilliant..
    kudos for u!

    Comment by zuki zain | May 24, 2009

  2. oh.. thank you zuki, thank you.
    Well.. I hope I am rare!

    Comment by cutecarry | May 24, 2009


    Comment by mlb18 | July 3, 2009

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