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Millionaires spending habit

It is so inspiring to read an article from Kimberly Palmer. It is not like reading that so called phenomenal Poor Dad Rich Dad book because each time I try, I catch zzzzzzzzzz because it is DAMN boring!

This is about how Oprah, Bill Gates and the rest spend.

Am I’m spending like a millionaire? Let’s see….







Millionaires can easily delay their need for gratification when purchasing  I can’t imagine delaying to buy that gorgeous TopShop shirt at 50% off.
Millionaires make living below their means painless My skin needs that expensive collagen facial! I am easily dehydrated. 
Millionaires are resourceful in getting what they want by carefully timing their consumer purchases Ok… I think I can. I am very resourceful. Like trying each of the jeans before buying one… or two… 
Millionaires don’t like wasting anything (especially money); Ohh.. That is so me. I won’t waste my money on cigarette and ecstasy pills. 
Millionaire sense of “self-entitlement” is highly minimized I don’t really know what it means. But Anna Wintour is so self entitlement!.. 
Millionaires spend..depending on what they are buying (think: appreciating vs. depreciating assets  Hugo Boss winter jacket is an asset!

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