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Boy voted Prom Queen

Lesson to all beauty queen organizer, make sure you specified that you are looking for a REAL girl if you are looking for a girl. I repeat a REAL girl.

Sergio Garcia was voted as the Prom Queen of Los Angeles FairFax High School. He said that he is running for queen because he is so flamboyant. He was crowned while he is in his tuxedo and leaving  other final 9 contestants in tears!

This is not a new story for me. I know there are LOT of gay boys out there want to be crowned beauty queen but there are too afraid to be in evening dress. Now there’s a hope, you can be in your favourite two piece suit! All you need to have is a personality, confident, brain and know don’t answer my boyfriend or Stephen Sprouse LV if the questions is What is the most precious thing in your life.

But some say that kids vote for him because it is a joke. You know the Prom King and Prom Queen dance together in the end but Sergio said the winner of Prom King accept him and they dance together! 

Congratulation Sergio. You are beautiful. You deserved the crown!   

Listen to interview with Sergio


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