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The transformation of Adik Manja sequel

This is the epitome of transformation from the 70’s disco to 80’s shoulder pad era in Malaysia. I refused to go to bed even it was too late and I have to wake up early for school on the very next day. That is the power of Adik Manja!

This film was produced in 1980. No… I am not that old, I watched Adik Manja on TV and never on cinema. That’s also mean I am still a baby in 1980. I am not that old! :p

Back to Adik Manja. Directed by The story  revolved about  a young male teacher who teaches in all girl school. As usual there’s  a hot female teacher, who hate him but then they become lover, a bunch of naughty girls and irritating other teacher.

FYI, Adik Manja is the big winner in first Festival Filem Malaysia in 1980 with Best Script, Best Comedy and Best Supporting Actress.  Kudos to the director, Othman Hafsham.

The movie celebrates the transformation era.  It is shown in everything, from Noor Kumalasari  (Cikgu Sharina) kebaya to Dharma (Cikgu Azmi) tight pant and those glasses and hair do!

Dharma with (from left) Jihan, Kenchana, Rozita, Faezah and Fida.

Now they will be a sequel to Adik Manja stars Rozita Che Wan, Kenchana Dewi, Scha, Rozita Che Wan, Jihan, Fida and Faezah Elai. The storyline is about big eye lashes Principal Sofia (Rozita) in managing her student with the help of the ‘original; Adik Manja teacher, Cikgu Azmi!  I have a very strong feeling that Cikgu Azmi will not be wearing his tight pant anymore!

But what happened to the casts after 1980’s Adik Manja  ?


Dharma  Harun

Adik Manja elevates his name to become the most desirable man in early 80’s. He then stars in Mama oh Mama with Azean Irdawaty and a quite a disaster flick like Sikit Punya Gila in 1982. Critics (professionals and also my aunties) love him in Langit Petang and Ke Medan Jaya but follows are not so remarkable movies. He also one of the casts in Anna And the King.  Now, he is running his own business and penned scripts for telemovies and documentaries.  Dharma involved heavily in the sequel of Adik Manja where he is the script writer, producer, director and actor. Wow.. good luck!


You are probably born after 1995 or you’re living in Reykjavik for the past 35 years without any TV or internet access if you never heard of Noor Kumalasari. She is a supermodel, singer an actress and a legend. It is not too much to label her as legend because she is the one and only Noor Kumalasari! Those long legs, lanky body and perfect hair. Right after Adik Manja, she is in long lists of critically and commercially acclaimed movie like Tiada Esok Bagimu, Abang, Matinya Seorang Patriot Rahsia (I just love this horror!) and  Bayangan Maut (oh.. that Anna Wintour hair). Her final involvement with film is in Malay animation, Silat Lagenda. But no matter how good she is, she never won any prominent award!

 NoorKumalasari  choose  to leave movie business for good and to live outside the radar. But I am so happy when in one of the interview with Dina Malaysian Idol for Astro programme, she will be back only for Islamic concept TV show like a reality and such. I’ll be waiting!

Adibah Amin

Thanks to her irritating act in Adik Manja, she won The Best Supporting Actress in the very first Festival Filem Malaysia.  She stars in movie like award winning Hati Bukan Kristal and Mat Som.  In real life, she really can teach. Students choose her book if they want to learn English and Malay in a very easy way. A very shard and witty language columnist, she is once interviewed by AsiaWeek in 1999 and said she love English but she deeply in love Malay language. According to report, currently she is not in a very good state of health.

Watch this clip to bring back the memory. The movie was shot in 1979 or something but with a tiny weeny adjustment, the fashion is so 2009! In fact, you’ll look mightily trendy if you adapt the style.

Please pay attention to hair, kebaya, and glasses, top, pop bright knee length skirt and of course the tight pant.

If you can’t view it, click here

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  1. thanx for the short story about noor kumalasari
    i was just a little girl when she was huge in the scene

    Comment by shasha | July 7, 2009

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