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CuteTalk: Flip-flops ambition.

He is everything; from music producer , computer salesman, hot dog cart vendor, teacher and career coach . Now he is happy with flip-flop.

Thailand play a big part in his life because that is where he teaches, learned about the people and meet his flip flop. His business culture is 1% for the planet, 1% for the people and 1% for the Phitsanulok, Thailand. He could add philanthropist to his resume!    

CuteCarry talk with the owner of FeelGoodz, Kyle Berner.


Read about him in past CuteCarry entry here.

Despite his busy schedule travelling to 14 Whole Foods stores in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas to promote his green products, he still manage to spend some time to share with CuteCarry readers his passion to help others,  his hope and  Brangelina!


Cc: Thank you for your time with CuteCarry. In less than a day after an entry about Feelgoodz in CuteCarry, I received tremendous feedbacks and questions about Feelgoodz from all over the world. What makes Feelgoodz so special?

They are the most comfortable flip-flops on the market.  They are also biodegradable and dyed with non-toxic inks.


 Cc: Supermodel Gisele Bundchen managed to sell millions pair of her Ipanema flip flops. Why people are so obsessed with flip flop?

They are just easy.  They go with anything and they let your feet breathe.  It epitomizes relaxation.


Cc: Which celebrities you want to see wearing Feelgoodz?

Celebrities that care about social enterprises.  Like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.


Cc: Does your flip flop cater the fashion conscious crowd?

It caters to every crowd.  That is what is so unique about Feelgoodz.  They cater to  everyone!


Cc: What is so special about Thailand?

The people are so friendly and giving, and it really affected me.  I loved it so much I wanted to spend the rest of my life giving back.


Cc: Your design flip flop based on your own experience (especially behind Twilight!), and it makes each pair so individual. Your favourite flop?

My favorite is the ATX pair.


 Cc: I can’t leave home without my aviator sunglasses, very energetic, love Calvin Klein and Armani, browsing to see what’s new at Marc Jacobs, eyeing for new Gucci tote and sometimes I am broke! Which Feelgoodz flop that is so me?

Limelight!  It is new and will arrive in July.


Cc:  Any plan to sell your flip flop in Malaysia?

Sure!  If we can…


Cc: You start to run Feelgoodz from your bedroom in your parent house. A classic introduction of a successful businessman. What’s next for Feelgoodz?

We want to build a lifestyle brand that uses sales of eco-friendly flip-flops to create positive social change around the globe.


To purchase eco-friendly flip-flops, visit

kyle image from


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Dear (factory outlet) Coach lover….

Dear Coach lover,

I know your mission after a full day meeting  in The States is to go for Coach hunting at factory outlet. I also know that  the price is cheaper compared to what is in the Coach boutique or department store.  Well.. I am cheap too. We like cheap stuff! We always pretended we shop at Rodeo Drive but we never did right?

But if you afraid of Swine flu,you can shop Coach from your office computer at a price that I must say quite cheap!



Thanks to my beautiful friend, Miss MOHA 2008 that is now in Melbourne, Alim for the info about this blog!

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Jimmy Choo Mandah bag


Even I am not agree with the pony skin because it looks like sick  and malnutrition Dalmatian  but I think it is forgiven considering it is Jimmy Choo. From the front it looks quite trendy for those who are really into African or tribal inspired tote.  


But from the side it is like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. is that a Dalmatian drop case? It looks so gigantic, bulky and it makes the tote looks sick! Who on earth want to carry this bag or the most one million question is are you willing to spend  1,449.13 British pounds ( you do the math!).

Save Jimmy Choo ‘Mandah’ to Cruella Devil. At net-a-porter.

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Fasha Sandha high fashion moment

This is Fasha Sandha in latest high fashion batik dress! She is so happy with the dress.. she is like crying!


Juz kiddin, this is Fasha Sandha in 7707 also stars Norman KRU Fouziah Gous, Que Haidar, Almy Nadia. Wait for the movie ya!

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Gucci and Home by Yaan Arthus Bernhard

Oh… I can’t wait to watch this movie called Home by Yaan Arthus Bernhard, a French guy who did so many things in his life like being a photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist.

As an environmentalist, his contributions were like so significant. He is so loud and will do anything for the sake of our planet.

Yann said, this movie has been inside my head for 15 years now. All that I saw and learn while flying over the earth has transformed me. This movie should be magnificent and intelligent, but above all, it should be steadfastly constructive. What is important today is that we are 6 billion intelligent beings who can take action”.

Yes.. take action now like buy Gucci limited edition 100% organic cotton and natural dyes in natural packaging T-shirt created by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. It will be sold at all Gucci sold worldwide. The back of the shirt with all the countries involved in Home. All profits donated to a nonprofit association created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Gucci home

It is time to go glamorously green.

boys and girls.. it is LIMITED EDITION.. so you know what it means.. go GET IT NOW..

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Wishlist – Dsquared2 tuxedo jacket

My new wishlist.

DSquared2 tuxedo jacket.


Love everything about the jacket, from the almost immaculate cut, the sharp contrast satin tipping and most of all I am crazy about the peak lapel and flap pockets.

The margin between men and women jacket is like so freakin close.  In this modern, anorexic, slim cut world (thanks to Italians), you barely see any different between between both sex in clothing department.

I am very sure I don’t look like girlie in this.

 Feel like add it into the cart but I stop because it is USD1, 151.50 after discount.

Not now, I’ll buy it later. You’ll see.

But now, let it be my ultimate wishlist!  

  Wishing, wishing and wishing. Anyone kind enuf to surprise me; the not enough money guy with an innocent smile and kind heart, you can go to saks.

Please, please, please… size 42… please, please

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Gisele is pregnant!

This is how supermodel Gisele Bundchen looks like when she is pregnant.

gisele pregnant

Yes ladies, gay, bi, drag queen and gentleman, according to source, Gisele is pregnant. Congratulations to Tom Brady for not wasting any time making baby! You’re quick man.

Gisele pregnant 2

So what is next for preggy Gisele? CuteCarry predictions are:-

  1. baby shower hosted by Heidi Klum
  2. a spread in Vogue (thanks to Anna Wintour!)
  3. Designer maternity line inspired by Gisele (where she gets like 30% profit from the sale)
  4. Negotiations with People magazine of US weekly (probably around 3 millions British pound – Gisele like the pound for its higher exchange rate ) for exclusive right of baby photos
  5. Madonna call and ask if she can adopt the child
  6. Michael Jackson call and ask how the baby doin!

If this is TRUE, I am so happy for both of ya!!

No more stilettos Gisele, put on only your Ipanema!

or click here

p/s: I am so in need of a baby now!

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My new do

This is my new look.


Thanks to my new stylist, Calvin from Jantzen.

Anna Wintour 1

Anna began wearing her hair bob since she is 14, and it is her most recognizable signature look.


Probably this short spike is my signature look. We’ll see …

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Fat is not healthy – Anna Wintour

This is me; slim (178cm) , underweight (61.5kg) and healthy (really, after a full medical check up)!


Anna claims that we are focusing on anorexia and not on obesity.

According to Anna  “I’d just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses,” Wintour said. “There’s such an epidemic of obesity in the United States, and for some reason, everybody focuses on anorexia.”

I am so agree with Anna. Now we can see so many obese people around and all the media did is to blame Kate Moss and the rest of the pack!

This is not fair.

Long live Anna Wintour!

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Eco freindly Feelgoodz Flip Flop

This is what you can do to look glamorously green. Put on a flip flop!

I love wearing flip flop because it is really stylish, cosy and I can flaunt the work of my trusted, loveable pedicurist work!

 Thanks to Kyle Berner (pic)  and his business partner Joel Neland.

 The flip flops is not only very trendy and easy on the eyes but it care the earth too. Yes guys.. if you care about the earth, feelgoodz is a flip-flop that you must have. These are the reasons why you should buy feelgoodz flipflop

  1. It is eco friendly, made from breathable 100% natural rubber
  2. Your feet will thank you for feelgoodz because natural rubber is the most comfortable material for feet
  3. You know you’re doing good deed because 3% of the revenue will go to Ashoka, a global association of world leading social entrepreneurs.
  4. 1% goes to the development of Phitsanulok, where the owner of Feelgoodz stay while they in Thailand
  5. 1% go to the Thai, to improve the working conditions and proper wages
  6. The owner don’t condone child labour (so sweet!)
  7. Again, eco friendly, flops are 100% recyclable
  8. Again, eco friendly, it is biodegradable
  9. It is well received in Japan and the States it is available at Whole Food. If you don’t owned one, you are going to miss the style wave
  10. The collection is so cute. I can almost wear them all!!

The best thing is all design has it own story. You’ll be wearing a design straight from the designer heart. You’ll be amazed by the story behind each pair of the flip-flop!




 I am aiming for a pair of Feelgoodz flip flop, size 10.

 Visit feelgoodz .

p/s: I wonder if Anna Wintour will be wearing Feelgoodz . I am strongly think she will because feelgoodz so stylish and edgy n earth freindly. She may wore fur but she cares about earth too!

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