Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Bruno the Covergirl

Not everyone blessed with look. It is an accomplishment when you can do something with your real look.

Sacha Baron Cohen childhood dream is to be on the cover of fashion magazine. It is a dream comes true when he is put on the cover. All he has to do is to apply tones of liquid foundation, kilos of blusher, pounds of eye liner and 15000 sticks of lip gloss and blonde Bruce Jenner wig!

Marie claire Bruno

His alter ego, Bruno a gay  Australian fashion critics actually got the shot.  

On the June issue of Elle magazine, Bruno jokes about fashion world in A to Z. Almost everyone in fashion kingdom included. From Naomi Campbell, Madonna to Anna Wintour.

I think Sacha is hilariously funny but in certain things we are not in a good term because of Kazakhstan!  Terribly wrong to joke about other culture like what he did as Borat. It is even worse he received an award for what he did. Did he realize what is the damaged he did to the image of Kazakhstan? Imagine if you are Kazakh, don’t you feel angry because someone toying with your culture and custom?

Do you think this face will get on the fashion cover? 1000000 trillion negative!

Bruno gatecrashes a 'Versace' style fashion shoot with model Alessandra Ambrosio for Marie Claire magazine
Even as Bruno, he must shared the cover with Allesandra Ambrosia.  Some people just don’t have what it takes! Here they recreate the infamous Versace ad. Fashinably funny!

Now he has been sued!

Watch Bruno gets comfy with Eminem.

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