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Pangkor hornbills and peacocks

I am still blogging from Pangkor Islands Beach Resort.

Once a morning person, always a morning person. Even on a ‘little luxury period’, I woke up at 6.40am for a dip in the warm Pangkor water. It is a private beach (plus other guest still sleeping) so please don’t ask me what is my swim wear. The ambience of this part of the world is so natural and that is why I go back to nature.

My friend snaps after the swim. I am on au natural look.



I can’t remember when the last time me facing the public in au natural. No hair gel, loose Calvin Klein and 501 jeans and my trusted oversized Guess vogue tote plus having nasi lemak, mee goreng, teh tarik, eggs, bread and lots more for breakfast at one go!  None uncertified fashion critics around and I can let loose and eat without thinking about adding kilos. The nature just give me new meaning of life!



The unique creature that can’t let you enjoy the nature alone is this hornbills and peacocks. They came from the nearest forest. I guess that they get used with human interaction.

I am happy with nature. I’ll be back to real life and hunting for the bargain designer handbag for the sake of my happiness but I wonder the hornbills and peacocks will happy in years to come.

This island is a tourist magnet.  The development is unbearable. I still remember 20 years ago I went to Pangkor, there fishes and sea horses swimming at the jetty. Now, I can see none!

If in years I can’t see the hornbills or peacock, I blame the over development of Pangkor Island.


June 7, 2009 - Posted by | Travel


  1. you ought to have those added kilo’s dear. adoiii not just pangkor but every other island also shares the same fate. without control soon they will be just like KL

    Comment by kuchai | June 9, 2009

  2. totally agree with Kuchai….even Tioman is affected by the many development. Though these developments are good for the local economy, I fear that if no strick control is imposed, soon we will NOT be having any heavenly white, sandy beaches teaming with fishes anymore.

    Comment by Inang | June 10, 2009

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