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Desperate for Prada

You know when you want it so bad you wake up and look at it on the net at wee hour in the morning?

I want this so bad. The saffiano leather trim on nylon tote, irresistable, reasonably big. Perfect for tall skinny guy like me?

Still stearin’ at it. It is USD995 at saks.

I will keep looking and looking!

Ask, believe and received.

I need to sleep now. Hypnotized by Prada.


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There you are top model!

At last, something on former America Next Top Model Winner.

ANTM Mckey     

ANTM Cycle 11 Winner Mckey Sullivan walks for Heather Jones on the runway on the recently concluded Trinidad and Tobago second Fashion Week.

Brittany McKey Sullivan, ANTM Cycle 11 winner, America's Next Top Model, November 2008

She said “Before I came though, I did a lot of research and reading up on Trinidad – the culture, the history, the people – and so I was really excited to come! Trinidad is wonderful.  The ethnic and religious diversity is amazing – so many different people and the girls are pretty!”

Wait, are you trying to be beauty with brain and Miss Congeniality Mckey girl? It is not working in modeling world. Yeah, yeah, you need to know what how to manage your career and money and maintain LOTS of personality but there is more than that to be TOP MODEL. At least Not the reality Tyra version but in REAL harsh world version.

BTW. Where are those previous ANTM winners?

R u alls still there?

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Age is just a number


I am crazy about Cameron Diaz dress but why she looks erm…. Matured <old>?

Daryl Hannah who is like twice of Cameron age looks younger?

For you to evaluate! Tell me via email.

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Anna who?

Anna Wintour style her for Grammy in A-line black dress and a pea green, knee-length coat but Adele didn’t know who Anna Wintour was until she was summoned to her office!

I read this and I was like what?????????????

This is her explanation: ‘I was in their offices for a fitting, and they were like, ‘Anna wants to meet you.’ I was like, ‘Who’s Anna?’ And they were like, ‘Um… the editor.’ She was really quiet and I don’t think she liked me at first. But then I made her laugh so it was all good. This is not fair. Anna Wintour knows who Adele, put her on April Vogue and she doesn’t know who is Anna Wintour, the mighty, majestic Anna.


 Myself on the other hand, who adore Anna and think it is normal to wear big black sunglasses indoor at 12 midnite do not get any piece at Vogue. Anna Wintour. I am a fashion blogger who create Google Alert with key words “Anna Wintour”.

Do you hear me Anna?

 CuteCarry ‘heart’ Anna Wintour.

Meantime, I’ll keep chasing pavement!

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Fendi B Bag

B doesn’t make any impact on style community like what other Big B; Baguette did it impact my heart beat.

The shiny patent leather and papaya tone just right for shameless attention seeker like me!  

Fendi B1

Don’t you love the rough brass chain handles hanging on your shoulder? It’s look quite like an Ah Long bracelet.  I carry this and indirectly telling my rivals to don’t mess with me, I’m afraid to break my nails but I am not afraid to break your nose or chain you up like a dog in illegal prison!

I love B bag!

Fendi B2

Plus it has the signature F detailing on brass buckle. People know it is Fendi and it is expensive. But what they don’t know, it is only 485 pound after 40% less.

I love B Bag.

It is strong, attention grabber and it is on less!

I’ll buy it if it is on 70% discount! I’m cheap. Get it the chic and cheap place on earth,  Outnet

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