Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Anna who?

Anna Wintour style her for Grammy in A-line black dress and a pea green, knee-length coat but Adele didn’t know who Anna Wintour was until she was summoned to her office!

I read this and I was like what?????????????

This is her explanation: ‘I was in their offices for a fitting, and they were like, ‘Anna wants to meet you.’ I was like, ‘Who’s Anna?’ And they were like, ‘Um… the editor.’ She was really quiet and I don’t think she liked me at first. But then I made her laugh so it was all good. This is not fair. Anna Wintour knows who Adele, put her on April Vogue and she doesn’t know who is Anna Wintour, the mighty, majestic Anna.


 Myself on the other hand, who adore Anna and think it is normal to wear big black sunglasses indoor at 12 midnite do not get any piece at Vogue. Anna Wintour. I am a fashion blogger who create Google Alert with key words “Anna Wintour”.

Do you hear me Anna?

 CuteCarry ‘heart’ Anna Wintour.

Meantime, I’ll keep chasing pavement!


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