Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Fendi B Bag

B doesn’t make any impact on style community like what other Big B; Baguette did it impact my heart beat.

The shiny patent leather and papaya tone just right for shameless attention seeker like me!  

Fendi B1

Don’t you love the rough brass chain handles hanging on your shoulder? It’s look quite like an Ah Long bracelet.  I carry this and indirectly telling my rivals to don’t mess with me, I’m afraid to break my nails but I am not afraid to break your nose or chain you up like a dog in illegal prison!

I love B bag!

Fendi B2

Plus it has the signature F detailing on brass buckle. People know it is Fendi and it is expensive. But what they don’t know, it is only 485 pound after 40% less.

I love B Bag.

It is strong, attention grabber and it is on less!

I’ll buy it if it is on 70% discount! I’m cheap. Get it the chic and cheap place on earth,  Outnet


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