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GOD SAVES CAMERON HIGHLANDS It is not so really a getaway! This is my favourite place on earth but it may change soon. I can’t imagine a heavy traffic on the top. Cars are everywhere and the winding road triple the devastation effect.


My intention is to have a quiet weekend at the top but it turns out to be something that I can’t keep to myself. I must blog about it! By the way, did you know Cameron Highlands is so freakin hot and I slept in my boxer? I don’t blame global warming and the current weather. The most notorious are culprits that vigorously rape Cameron Highlands and they like to do it in group. There are no good in their heart, only lust and they will continuously rape, beat and then rape again until beautiful Cameron perishes!

020The rapist cut the trees for endless hotels and resorts plant their pesticide vegetables and built more and more shops to sell cheap and tasteless souvenir!

 I am still me. Highland can’t change my nature. Shopping is a must! I love shopping to death but I don’t want to shop in Cameron Highlands. I want to relax and feel the cold breeze while sipping my tea.

 They have brain but they refuse to think that if they keep raping Cameron Highlands, they will be responsible for breaking the charm.It will be too hot for highlands plantation like strawberries and roses to survive. Tourists flocks for the cold weather and the flora but if they will be gone forever because the lunatic rapists will keep raping the nature and then when they finished they will keep looking for other nature to rape! We must remember, nature is a living thing and reacts when we attacked them. When this happen, it will be bad, real bad for us the human being!

The excessive developments are everywhere. Yes, I agreed that if they are no farms, tea plantation, shops and hotels, Cameron Highland will never be one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia BUT NOW it is too much for this fragile highland to handle.


Where are the authorities?

Where are all the respected and brilliants politicians that promise to solve everything?

Where are ‘some rakyat’ that will perform street demonstration whenever issue arises?

Where are yous? Can’t you imagine how I feel when I can’t wear my winter jacket?

I leave to God to solve this issue. Only God can save Cameron! Oh… I am so in a state of devastation. This is far more depressing than watching ugly Versace bags courtesy of Donatella Versace!


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