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Victoria reduces her breast because of Anna Wintour!

She said reducing her breast size is to fit her role as an upcoming fashion designer. But other sources said, Victoria Beckham chooses to shrink her boobs because she wants to appear in US Vogue.

It is all because of mighty Anna Wintour.

Anna said she would consider putting Victoria on the US Vogue, but told her to lose those ridiculous implants before it happened,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

FYI, the 35-year-old appeared on the cover of UK Vogue last year.

Well, when the queen said so, you should let it go. You don’t have any say, even if you are the riches WAG in the universe!

Vic darling, Vogue US is not FHM or Playboy which bigger is better. It is one of the respected magazines and no fashionista want to see how big your breast is! They just want to see the magical dress, your high cheekbone, protruding collarbone, your stick thin figure so they will find way to be as skinny as you!

I don’t need to tell you this Vic, you know fashion!


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