Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Spa behind bars

Where is the hippest place to get spa treatment in town?

Behind bars of course!


The prisoners working in the spa have been trained in hairstyling and providing facials. Feedback from our customers has been satisfactory,” said Corporal Rahimah from Women Prison in Kajang who is in charge of the spa.

 The prisoners are specially selected and usually are model prisoners who have about six months left to serve in prison.

Sharp objects like scissors and blades are also under lock and key in a drawer at the warden’s table and the prisoners must obtain permission to use the tools.

“We never had any problems since the spa opened.

“However, we never let our guard down, when the prisoners are using the tools, we keep an eye on them,” said Wan Roziana.

The salon offered wash and cut, hair treatment, straightening and conditioning. It is cheap though, only RM85 to RM165; from body scrub, facial, sauna, massage, milk bath and sinus treatment.

 Yes… I like it. Especially when there are like a bunch of people looking at me when they wash my hair. My say, this is what we can do to help them to communicate with the society so they can prepare to face the real world after the sentence.


For more information, contact 03-87364435, fax: 03-8737 2279.

Spa and salon open from 8 to 5.  Better make that call now!

source: The star


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