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Top 10 CuteCarry Ida Nerina Best Style

I am really shocked when I read that Ida Nerina probably can’t walk again after she fractured her spine in a freak accident at a condominium in Persiaran Syed Putra. She is talented, skinny, beautiful and stylish!  Her favourite colours is black, red with a dash of white. She knows how to put everything in witout being too busy or overdone. This is some of my favourite Ida Nerina styles:-

No 10

Elegant in black chiffon and silk dress. Crazy about the shoes!

No 9

As elegant as a final contestants of Miss Universe in ballgown ‘swept away’.

No 8

She looks demure in cotton printed tunic. Free and easy.

No 7

She looks extra elegant in black glamour wrap dress.

No 6

Busy ruffles toned down with simple black pant. Brilliant pair!

No 5

Smoking Red with silver Dior saddle. I think the dress is Dior as well!

No 4

Heavy top that ridiculously look good on her. She is in minamal accesory and simple no fuss hair. That is her secret for this amazing urban hobo look.

No. 3

Effortless casual one shoulder top for exclusive afternoon wear.

No. 2

Red-empire dress pair with black cluth. Her main accesory is her equally stylish man.



Black and white. Perfect flowy hair. No-mistake make up. I am Typeless.


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