Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Got till they gone?


Beware before you read. I am a worst story teller !

This story is not to humiliate but for us to think. 

 This is a story about a friend.  We are not so close. Let him be anonymous. Call him X.

X is one of the officer who works in Kuala Lumpur.  I know him for quite some time and I think he is quite a BIG liar. I have no issue about that, because I think it is quite funny.

 He always boost about his high salary; which his office mate told us it is not that much . He said he owned  a wardrobe full of designer labels like Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Fendi. Yes, he owned like all the labels but it is all FAKE, DISGUTING AND IMITATION DESIGNER ITEMS. I

He also told us and about his lifestyle, which is not really cool like he describes. Like last year he told us he just back from Paris. But after two days, we found out that he don’t even own a passport! LOL…

 X is going out with a young unemployed guy, Kid and my friend told me that X supports Kid financially. Well…actually I don’t care because that is X money.   But I am not really comfortable  when my friend told me that X sister told him (my friend) that X rarely supports his family financially. DAMN!

Late last month, X mother is sick. Really sick. X father called him so many times and persuade him to come back home to visit his mother  but X always come out with reason like too busy with work.

My friend told me about X ‘busy affair’. He is with Kid dancing in the club until wee hour in the morning or relaxes by the pool during weekend!  

I started to not to like X.

Last week. I received a call from other friend that X mother passed away at 6 am. I am so shocked.

So many bizarre things happened.

Let me narrate this in a very simple way.

X father called to inform him about his mother death around 6am. Normally,  it took around three hours drive to get from Kuala Lumpur to his hometown.  But X only reached home at 1.30 pm. According to X, there are so many things that contribute to his late arrival like his car broke down, forget wallet etc.  I am quite surprised because he is driving a brand new car and forget wallet?!!!

Due to that.. He does not manage to see his mother face for the last time because his father decided to perform the funeral ceremony at 11 am.

Well.. I don’t really blame his father….

Another bizarre things happening at the cemetery, X can’t find the cemetery that is located only three minutes drive from his father house. X has been living in that house all his life and he suddenly forget where is the cemetery. The worst thing is when he finally reached the small cemetery compound, he took almost half an hour to locate his mother grave.

God knows…

Isnt that ironic.. dont you think?


June 25, 2009 - Posted by | Current issue


  1. the part where he wants to verangans i cant be bothered, he overexaggerated stuff is none of my concern but when u start neglecting your loved ones esp your parents really disturbed me. for goodness sake you only have limited time to be with them and once they are gone other things does not matter anymore. stop being pretentious and not being who you are. pijak la ateh bumi sket oii…pheww kita yg lebih emo nihhh!!

    Comment by kuchai | July 2, 2009

  2. betul kuchai.. i pun emo. you know even i never met his parents (or I cant remember) but doing that because of your temporary boytoy is like sooooooooo not right.

    Comment by cutecarry | July 2, 2009

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