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Siti Nurhaliza Satu Concert @ Istana Budaya

I was surprised by my dear someone who present me with among relatively among highest priced ticket  to watch Siti Nurhaliza Concert Satu!  It was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how you get it because I heard that tickets sold like crazy.

Myself – my style is part tribute to MJ and part tribute to myself. Mix and match.

For the past few weeks, I keep thinking, it would be marvelous to watch Siti performing in a classy Istana Budaya. If you remember I did blog about how I can’t wait to see what Siti would wear, and last Saturday night my wish come true. To someone; you know who you are. You never failed to surprise me with all the good things. I really appreciate it! I “Heart” you… Prada or YSL muse bag for my upcoming birthday would be nice!

Frankly I am not a diehard fan of Siti but I did listen to her song (and can remember some of the lyrics!). But boy, I’m breathless and speechless. Siti Nurhaliza is an absolute performer in this sold out concert.

Love everything about the concert. The Concert Satu was inspired by the recent government campaign, Satu Malaysia. It is really SATU Malaysia because the audiences are not only Malays but other races as well. One Malaysia.

 Siti, you shows that music is an important tool to unite people.

There are several segment for the concert, the opening is the beginning of Siti. Siti talks and sing about her career with medley from Jerat Percintaan to Cindai. Then, romantic time where she sings while walking between and on the carved, beautiful frame. The Geisha segment is my favourite. Siti red, flowy, long train kimono dress is just wahhhh.  Siti looks funky and edgy while dancing in one of the box in a “Showgirl Set”. Sorry Siti, but that really reminds me of “Red Light” in Amsterdam!

The “Under Construction segment” Siti walks on a set that resemble like a real construction site! There are a few supposedly ‘working men’ in safety helmet but they like a ‘dancing men” to me.

The segment that make me wanna dance is the “Russian Soldiers” segment. Her command is like “Berhenti…….” In a very manja tone; I know she is trying hard to sound like a real  soldier, but her voice is like so manja and feminine…cutelah you Siti… The dance move in this section is just spectacular!

Then the finale when everyone stands up for an ovation!

One of the moments that I will remember is when Siti talked about her experience and how she just can’t get angry directly to the rumours, those hatred groups and unfortunate events. The only way she can express herself is via her music. One of the most memorable lyrics is “biarlah dihina, itu hanya sementara, kita pasti berjaya”.  I can’t remember the exact lyric and song but that is really deep. Really, really deep to me!

My standing ovation is not only for Siti Nurhaliza but to Jakel, the fabric sponsor and also the designers, Rizman Ruzaini and Amir Luqman. Clap, clap and clap!!

Siti change like to 8 costumes but I realized she keeps wearing the same shoes (except after the Russian Soldier segment”). It is a 3 straps gold heels sandal. I wonder what. Jimmy Choo or Salvatore Ferragamo perhaps?

On the lobby, Siti past dresses was on the display. It brings back the memory. If you can name all the designers and event correctly, you get a kiss from Datuk K… sorry tersasul pulak, I mean me! You must quick because you only have 5 minutes starting from the moment I post this entry. Muahhh….













Hurry… only five minutes away from my kiss!

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I Feel Love

So much love. I going to sing I FEEL Love, Donna Summer version, not the Blue Man group version. No thanks.

Yellow is the choice for Catriona Ross and her handsome hubby, ASTRO producer and director, Shaharuddin Mokhtaruddin. Clad in the most glamorous traditional costume in the entire world, Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Catriona looks like she is ready to grab Best National costume in Miss Universe competition!

Their second costume is rich and demure Minangkabau. She received Emporio Armani watch, SK11 set, Cole Haan shoes, Tiffany bracelet and Marc Jacobs sunglasses as part of the hantaran. What? Marc Jacobs for getting married? Somebody, please marry me!




Another Love is courtesy of composer, Audi Mok Chuang Yew and Malaysian Idol alumni, Nikki or Nicolette Louisa Palikat. They say I do at St. Francis Xavier Church at Petaling Jaya. She is like an angel in Jovian Mandagie and she is like a…famous composer in Lord Tailor tux.  


The dress is  typeless.

Love is in form of clean white for Pahang royalty, Tengku Shahreza Tengku Abdul Aziz and Maya. Her french lace selendang is the epitome of luxury. A very beautiful baju nikah indeed!

I feel love, i feel love, i feel love, i feel love ..

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