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Erra Gugu Gaga PA scenes are “quite scripted”

Reality show is supposed to be reality but we all know some is so planned! When Kardashian’s fought, it is in the script, Paris Hilton said she acts dumb in Simple Life and some of America Next Top Model contestants tear scenes are so freaking fake!

Erra Fazira Gugu Gaga is no difference.

In that post pregnancy reality show, Erra is trying to juggle his life between baby, hubby and how to shed some kilos. She is making money while doing this. It is easy being Erra; she get on her life, let the cameras rolling and the payment is in her account! But some of the scenes are like… scripted!

The first one is when she is in the Slim World for weight management programme. Her personal assistant “accidently forgot” to bring her favourite milk bath. She is quite “mad” and instruct her PA, by hook or crook to buy that milk bath that “happened to be” from Johnson and Johnson, the main sponsor for this reality. Come on…..

Another scene. Erra told her newly appointed PA to be careful especially when it comes to matter like personal life, privacy etc etc. But her PA gossiping about Erra neighbor and even showed Erra baby pic to the Slim World staff. This is all happening when Erra is behind her PA back listening to the conversation with camera angles are perfectly positioned! Come on…


 I really LOVE Gugu Gaga… It is really entertaining, informative and just, just fun! I rush back to watch this show. Congratulations to Astro RIA, Erra and family, Vernon and everyone involved!

Astro Gugu Gaga Erra every Thursday 9pm only on ASTRO Ria.


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  1. she is quite natural i dare say….hat lain tu just to add spices jek u ollss ahahahhaha

    Comment by kuchai | July 2, 2009

  2. My fren in the office also think the same with u, about the scene with the pA gossipping about Erra at Slim World.. 😀

    Comment by SueRosly | July 9, 2009

  3. hmmm.. really?
    then i guess a reality show is not realy 100% pure reality lah.. 😛

    Comment by syaz | July 13, 2009

  4. Hehehe..the only person who didnt in-scripted at all is the baby..aleesha…even nak poo pun ok..

    Comment by qaseh | July 15, 2009

  5. yeah righ… sweet,sweet aleesha

    Comment by cutecarry | July 17, 2009

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