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Vogue September issue

 The September issue, the edition of “queen of the year” for Vogue publications finally closed it curtains. With only slightly over 400 pages, it is far smaller than 727 pages in September 2007. But according to Vogue publisher, Tom Florio “We’re a profitable book, not as profitable as we were in 2007, but very profitable.”

But Elle, the closest rival for Vogue leading in ad accounts. This is the first time in 2009!

Orait, to all Anna supporters out there, don’t panic. She stills the best. Let just blame the current economic situation, people spending habit and erm… designers refuse to spend on more advertising because people don’t want to spend. It’s all related!

It is not easy to get 400++ pages during this hard time. Praise to Anna. She works hard while in her shades ,Fendi fur coat and that iconic hair!

She is my inspirations.

For the 50th thousand times, I say this again and again. When I grow up, I want to be Anna Wintour.  

Please, Please, I beg you to watch this Vogue September issue trailer HD


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