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Shout Award Winners!

Congratulations to Bunkface. 


I went to Shout Award at Bukit Jalil last night and my conclusion, it was a night for the new breed.

Quite MTV-ish actually.

Will blog more about it later.   I am off for an appointment.

For the time being, this is last nite result.


 Rockstar: Bunkface

Popstar: Stacy

 Power Vocal: Jaclyn Victor

 Flava (Hip Hop/R&B): Joe Flizzow

 Break Out (Best New Act): Bunkface

 Best On Screen Chemistry : Upin dan Ipin (Upin & Ipin TV Series).

Fresh TV Series : Ghost

Breakthrough Film: Kami

Favourite TV Program : Filed Trip! USA

 Favourite TV Host: Naz – The Breakfast Show

Coolest Radio Announcer: JJ

 Favourite Radio Show: Fly FM Pagi Show (Ben, Nadia & Phat Fabes)

Stylo : Dynaz Mokhtar

Hot Chick: Marion Caunter

Hot Guy: Faizal Tahir

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Setem is like wow!!!!!!!!

You should watch the upcoming Setem.

This is the first time since Upin and Ipin. I actually watch and watch and watch with an ultimate attention and anxiously want to know what is in the next scene.  This Kabhir Bhatia grabs my attention with witty humour! I actually laugh and it’s real (believe me; I am good at faking everything!).

The brilliant scripts, award winning performances (at least for most popular if not the best) and the used of reality; everyday dialogues are the elements that contribute to the success of the film. The director should be applaud for the multi racial actors in this movie. I happily declare this as a Malaysian movie! Satu Malaysia!

Thanks to the Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd for the invites. Initially, I was quite hesitated to go, because I have no idea about this movie due to no publicity or whatsoever. My “typical mind” forecasting; “this is probably another typical Malay movie that I won’t spend any cents and time watching”. I was just like “ok… it’s a free movie, if it is boring, I am so off after the first 30 minutes”.  But I am wrong, of boy so wrong when the moment it’s started, I just stay awake. Impressive!

My only complaint is when they make fun of fat people in one or two scenes.

The mc for the nite, Fitri Yahya

 The spread!


Myself with Umie Aida. She looks casual in jeans, Ed Hardy top and poppy patent leather Coach.

The friendly 3r fame,  Rafidah Abdullah and producer Lina Tan.


Syanie makes a cameo appearance in Setem.

Afdlin Shauki in hip hop street wear mood…

Chelsia Ng; one of the casts in Setem , fresh in TopShop while TV host Azura sporty in Nike.


The vibrant Norkhiriah. Love her striking top!

These boys are so Justin Timberlake-ism. Bront Palare dan Isma Yusof. My choice for best dressed.  Both are very effortless but cool!

The controversial but funny Azwan Ali make a cameo appearance in this movie as a restaurant manager. Look at his LV bag (behind, behind). Delicious.

Azean Irdawaty. Beware, this photo can be deceiving. She can walk and I saw her walking after the screening. Probably she is not so strong, that is why she is in wheelchair. Still beautiful as ever!

QUE HAIDAR as Iskandar
SATHIYA as Vellu
NAEIM as sebagai FENCE




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Branded watches and sunglasses up to 70% OFF

Wanna be like me? Hiding emotion behind a large aviator?

I can’t live without sunglasses on my face. It completes me!


Get your branded watches and sunglasses up to 70% OFF at Parkson Pavilion.


Brands include








Emporio Armani




Hugo Boss

Just Cavalli

Miu Miu





Ray Ban

Roberto Cavalli

Salvatore Ferragamo



Event Hall, Level 3, Parkson Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Call 1 300 88 0828

To learn, go to Parkson.

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Lim Kok Wing University 2009 Graduation

This is one heck of a graduation day and I lurve it!

The flags represents students from all over the world studying in Lim Kok Wing University. It is an international affairs!

Never realized graduation can be so much fun. It is almost like a small concert held in a room full or ambitious student and hopeful parents.

Thank you very much to Lim Kok Wing University management for the invitation to your ‘grandest’ Class of 2009 Graduation. It is an honour indeed!  

It is a thousand millions honour when people asked me, “are you a student”? oh.. They thought I am young… YES… YES… YES… (Shameless confession!)

It is not too much for me to state here that Lim Kok Wing is the most prestigious universities in Malaysia.  The prominent factor that made it to be what it is today is the LKW brand!

 The brand is visible the moment you enter the compound of the university. It never looks like a typical Malaysian university. The design of the university complex really define what is Lim Kok Wing is all about; creative, innovation and forward. Modern and futuristic architecture combined with state of the art interior that channel strong and brilliant aura. Just like the creator; Tan Sri Lim Kok Wong.

It’s a concert!

The man. Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing.

The Welcome Malaysian drum; Malay kompang, Chinese and Indian drum.

If you ain’t in black, you are so outcast!

Graduates from Bangladesh and Turkey


Tun Mahathir daughter, Maizura Mahathir. She’s one of the President’s Awards for Young Achievers. This is a special category that recognizes outstanding effort put in by student in extra-mural activities. The students have demonstrated single-minded dedication to achieving excellence and this award honour the sincerity of the efforts. Congratulations to Maizura and Tun Mahathir and Tun Hasmah.

After the graduation session, there’s a “post graduation tea” for the VVIP’s. Well , I am so no VVIP, but they put me in! Tq.. tq..


Myself with LKW council members, Tan Sri Jins Shamsudin



Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan, Raja Datin Seri Salbiah Tengku Nujumudin, Puan Sri Khatijah Yassin and Tan Sri Aseh Haji Che Mat; the Chairman of LKW University Council and one “brangan” blogger!

 It’s Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob family. Dafi  AF sister is also one of the recipients for President Award for Young Achievers. Dafi is not around though!

From left, Nina Sabrina Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Datin Seri Muhaini Zainal Abidin Datin. Puan Sri Khadijah Yassin (love her striking Chanel) and Dafi brothers..


Proud Menteri Besar family!

From left; Pn Sri Khatijah Yassin, Raja Datin Seri Salbiah Tengku Nujumudin,Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan (Neg Sembilan MB), Tan Sri Aseh bin Haji Che Mat (Lim Kok Wing Council Member Chairman)

To learn more about Lim Kok Wing University, click here.

p/s: I case your are in LKW. Don’t forget to taste the delicious ice blended durian at Wing Cafe!

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Covet your Style


I think I know what my style is;  designer or branded item at low down discount price mix with night market pieces. Oh boy.. I am so wrong. I am actually a couture boy!

I took a quick test during a business meeting and yes.. And  the result is Couture Modern

Your brand of chic is highly coveted. Always up-to-date with what’s on the runway, there’s no doubt why heads turn when you walk by. Your ability to edit fashion from fad elevates your style beyond individual elements to polished perfection.

Guess who they put me with? Victoria Beckham! The only problem is, can my credit cards carry the burden? Vic Beckham gets millions for posing in bra and panty and guess how much I get if I do the same?

Zero. Probably the only thing I get are hate emails!

 Get what is your style at covet. Please click here!


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I could’nt  believe this when I received an email from Joyce Tan, Brand Manager of Debenhams Malaysia.

 We can actually win FREE SHOPPING VOUCHER, I repeat, FREE SHOPPING VOUCHER buy just signing in as a fan of Debenhams Malaysia on facebook?

I am not kidding sista and bro, you’ll probably win a shopping voucher in just say… 1 or 2 clicks?

This is easier than shopping on eBay!


  1. Go to ‘search box’ located on top right side of your facebook
  2. Type Debenhams Malaysia (or copy and paste the words ) in search box.
  3.  Press Enter or click search
  4. It will bring you to list of Debenhams Malaysia. Click “Add as fan”
  5. Wait and wait… you’ll probably can shop for free at Debenhams!


If you can’t wait, rush to Debenhams because they are having up to 50% off storewide. From 4th Jul – 31st Aug.



125, 1st Floor, The Curve, Mutiara DamansaraPetaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47810

If you don’t know where is Debenhams Malaysia, it is the most easiest to find on earth. It is located at The Curve which is a few steps away from IKEA (the one with furniture!). Let me remind you, it won’t hurt if you ask people, especially at the receptions. They are paid to answer your questions!

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Tun Mahathir and Tun Hasmah surprise birthday bash!

Guess who bringing note book (the one with papers) to a birthday function?

Yes… some of you say it right. It is me, the most ultimate nerdy in the Mandarin Oriental Ballroom!

It was a big honour to be invited to  Tun Mahathir 84th birthday dinner. “My shameless confession with big ego” is I’ve been to so many high-end functions and mingle bunch of glamorous or influential figures but nothing beat the ‘ego’ to be part of Tun Mahathir’s birthday celebration.


It is actually a surprise birthday bash for Tun M and his lovely wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah whose birthday is just two days apart from his.  He jokes about he is trying his best to fade away but everyone keep inviting him! He had no idea about the party and he almost loss his words!

It is a private function so I choose to be in demure dressing mood. Casual jacket with vest, red tie and black shirt.

Day before the function, I promised myself not to wear sunglasses in that ballroom, no extra skinny pants and not to be too excited. But I can’t help myself to feel and look excited because he is the big M, Mahathir Mohamad!

I am growing up with Mahathir. Can you imagine our nation without him? The fast development, the ICT, MyKad, technological advanced passport , Langkawi, KLCC, Putrajaya, high end shopping malls… it is all because of him! He puts our country steps forward than the rest of world!

He is so popular indeed!

Where ever I go, from America to Holland to Jakarta, when I say I am from Malaysia, the first word is Mahathir. I remember when I was on a taxi ride in Beverly Hills; the driver who is an American Muslim keeps talking about amazing stories about Mahathir.  Even though he is never been to Malaysia and wonder what is Kuala Lumpur, he talks like he’s been forever living in Malaysia and under Mahathir rule.

I became popular in London thanks to Mahathir. It was during a mingle session in a conference with participants from all over the world. Most of them thought I am a Pinoy, Thai or Nepalese; but when I introduced myself as a pure Malaysian, everyone become very interested to know me because they want to know about Mahathir! Well, as a shameless attention seeker, it is really an exciting experience!

My conclusion, world view and know Malaysia because of two things, Twin Tower and Mahathir!

Did I tell you I bring my notebook? Remember? It is for me to write down any important quotes from Mahathir. Dead PDA, dead technically problematic PDA. He delivers his short and precise speech like a true legend. One of the most memorable quotes is “when miracle becomes common; it is no longer a miracle”. Wow… that is why he is such an extraordinaire, he looks miracle as if it is not a miracle! He also told the crowd that he is not easily convinced before he can touch, smell and taste the things. That’s explain everything!

The birthday celebration was done in a true Mahathir style, efficient and on time. He arrived minutes before it starts and it’s  end just on time.

The Pulut Kuning….

Tun Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah cutting the pulut kuning.

Tun Siti Hasmah smile when she realised I am “a bit excited”  meeting them……..

Badminton legend – Lee Chong Wei. Love his semi formal do….

Myself and Datuk Mukhriz. He is one of the most popular guy on that nite! his suit. Wonder who is he wearing!

Myself and former 3r – Azah, the mc for the nite. She looks good in baju kurung.

Ruth Sahayana performing her song, Kaulah Segala…

Kaulah segalanya Tun M!

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Manohara and I

It’s valid. Manohara and I are like so in common. If you deduct Daisy and Dewi from the equation, Manohara can actually be my sister!


These are the reasons why.

 Manohara likes fashion and she embraces it well.  Fan praise and photographed what she’s wearing. Mainstream media and indie bloggers take note on what brand she carried like Birkin and shoes she flaunted like Christian Louboutin!

Myself, on the other hand, like fashion too, and try to embrace fashion with all the resources I had. My friends and some of my dear CuteCarry readers did mentioned how they love the way I dressed (shameless confession!) . Some praise my bag (I can’t afford Birkin!) and my shoes (no Louboutin!)

 But one thing in common is she actually borrowed money to be fashionable. According to report in the affidavit filed by Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar and Abdul Halim Bahari on behalf of Tengku Muhammad Fakhry before Syariah High Court registrar Abu Bakar Abdullah Kutty, he claimed that before he married Manohara, she and her mother Daisy Farajina, had borrowed money from him totaling RM338,500 including a Swiss-made Audemars Piguet watch costing RM174,000.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry also claimed that throughout their marriage from August 26 2008, Manohara or her mother had borrowed a further sum of RM634,250.

He said they understood the total of RM972,750 was a debt that had to be repaid.

 Oh…Manohara we are so in the same league.

I can’t resist when the newly arrivals just stand still on the racks somewhere in Pavilion KL or KLCC. It is like the bags or shoes are custom made especially for me! But when the cash and the credit are not on my side, I borrow money to get buy that! As simple as that!

The only different is there is no court documents involved because I repay the debt ASAP!

Look… there are no different between me and Manohara.

She and her Audemers Piguet watch costing RM174000. She probably thinks Tengku Fakhry will forget about the expensive watch.

Me and my Guess watch. It costs only RM1000+. I don’t buy this, it is a gift from someone.  


Manohara and her Birkin that probably cost USD10K.

Me and my tote. Unfortunately, it is not Birkin!

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Vogue September issue

 The September issue, the edition of “queen of the year” for Vogue publications finally closed it curtains. With only slightly over 400 pages, it is far smaller than 727 pages in September 2007. But according to Vogue publisher, Tom Florio “We’re a profitable book, not as profitable as we were in 2007, but very profitable.”

But Elle, the closest rival for Vogue leading in ad accounts. This is the first time in 2009!

Orait, to all Anna supporters out there, don’t panic. She stills the best. Let just blame the current economic situation, people spending habit and erm… designers refuse to spend on more advertising because people don’t want to spend. It’s all related!

It is not easy to get 400++ pages during this hard time. Praise to Anna. She works hard while in her shades ,Fendi fur coat and that iconic hair!

She is my inspirations.

For the 50th thousand times, I say this again and again. When I grow up, I want to be Anna Wintour.  

Please, Please, I beg you to watch this Vogue September issue trailer HD

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