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Oh.. it’s a rabbit!

Look its paint

No… it’s a doll

No… It’s a rabbit

 Oh… it is Madonna for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Collection.

She wants to be reinventing into a erm… rabbit. Don’t worry; it is just a normal diva request. She can ask for it and definitely get it!

Madonna was photographed by Steven Meisel at New York in a chic Parisian café concept set. The dim light did fabulous for a 50 year old. Marc Jacobs, the heart and soul for LV said while the two campaigns look very different, there is also a unity about them, “So it now feels like we have completed both parts of the story.”  The ad, according to Marc meant to evoke the golden age of Hollywood.

oh… what a bag.. what a bag.. what a bag…  my wishlist is that bag, birthday is comin …

About the rabbit thing, Madonna showing off the weird but ridiculously stylish rabbit ear which I think must be extremely expensive because it is from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton!

p/s: the bags looks incredibly yummy. Finally LV turn back into LV. Classic, stylish and expensive!

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Costume trash bag

My knowledge about costume National limited to its casual wear like tees and sneakers and when they design vodka bottle.

But not bags.

I felt so lucky when my instinct told me to not get close to Costume National  bag. My heart just say NO, No, NOT Costume National bag. If I know about this bag before my puberty, I’d probably hate fashion for the rest of my life.

Even I am the richest man in the world, I won’t spend USD1.125 for this Italian leather trash bag.

Even Rachel Zoe tell me it is a trend to carry this rouched bag, I won’t listen.

Drinking too much vodka is bad for your fashion sense.

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Desperate for Prada

You know when you want it so bad you wake up and look at it on the net at wee hour in the morning?

I want this so bad. The saffiano leather trim on nylon tote, irresistable, reasonably big. Perfect for tall skinny guy like me?

Still stearin’ at it. It is USD995 at saks.

I will keep looking and looking!

Ask, believe and received.

I need to sleep now. Hypnotized by Prada.

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Fendi B Bag

B doesn’t make any impact on style community like what other Big B; Baguette did it impact my heart beat.

The shiny patent leather and papaya tone just right for shameless attention seeker like me!  

Fendi B1

Don’t you love the rough brass chain handles hanging on your shoulder? It’s look quite like an Ah Long bracelet.  I carry this and indirectly telling my rivals to don’t mess with me, I’m afraid to break my nails but I am not afraid to break your nose or chain you up like a dog in illegal prison!

I love B bag!

Fendi B2

Plus it has the signature F detailing on brass buckle. People know it is Fendi and it is expensive. But what they don’t know, it is only 485 pound after 40% less.

I love B Bag.

It is strong, attention grabber and it is on less!

I’ll buy it if it is on 70% discount! I’m cheap. Get it the chic and cheap place on earth,  Outnet

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Another Anya Hindmarch cheap bag

There’s a good thing about economic crunch, designers will try to sell something that is affordable but with one catch, it is not so ‘durable’!

The designer that knows how to play with the concept is Anya Hindmarch. Remember “I am not a plastic bag” that make all the poor fashionistas queue up for hours to buy that bag? Truth: I want to queue to for that cheap bag but I can’t get a leave .Damn! It sold out around the world, my freinds proudly toting and tease me because I can’t get it . But the the reality struck fast, look aroud now, did you see any fashionistsa carrying that bag now?

It is official. Cheap designer bag is short –lived.

Anya Hindmarch 'Meat and Poultry' canvas tote

Anya Hindmarch Shopping canvas tote

Anya Hindmarch Laundry canvas tote

Poor fashionistas listen. Here they come again. It is made from canvas, big with whimsical image and very recognizable logo. Perfect for beach or weekend or shopping – dont use plastic bag, use this bag!

Preferably for those who want to add another designer bags into your collection. You can boost your friends that you own a piece of Anya Hindmarch. Just don’t tell them the price.

Not as cheap as ‘I am not a plastic bag’ but still cheap in Anya standard.  At net-a-porter.

p/s: I think it is aroud RM300 plus in malaysia. Oh.. so cheap..I want it……………….

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Huge Luggage sale!


This is for those who are looking for new luggage!

It is 70% off!



  • Hush Puppies
  • Eminent
  • Lojel
  • Datalite
  • Slazenger
  • Deuter
  • Sweat
  • Terminus
  • Pa
  • Schillaci
  • Valentino
  • Manchester United
  • San Diego

Time : 10am to 8pm
Tel: 016-3356 319

Jaya 33, Centre Lobby – PG11,
No 3 Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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Karl Who?

If I saw this bag at Carrefour, I definitely won’t give a damn. But when Karl Lagerfeld carrying his own eco bag, I just want it NOW….

How much huh?…

Lagerfeld Karl Who Bag

Karl Lagerfeld Bag

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Dear (factory outlet) Coach lover….

Dear Coach lover,

I know your mission after a full day meeting  in The States is to go for Coach hunting at factory outlet. I also know that  the price is cheaper compared to what is in the Coach boutique or department store.  Well.. I am cheap too. We like cheap stuff! We always pretended we shop at Rodeo Drive but we never did right?

But if you afraid of Swine flu,you can shop Coach from your office computer at a price that I must say quite cheap!



Thanks to my beautiful friend, Miss MOHA 2008 that is now in Melbourne, Alim for the info about this blog!

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Jimmy Choo Mandah bag


Even I am not agree with the pony skin because it looks like sick  and malnutrition Dalmatian  but I think it is forgiven considering it is Jimmy Choo. From the front it looks quite trendy for those who are really into African or tribal inspired tote.  


But from the side it is like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. is that a Dalmatian drop case? It looks so gigantic, bulky and it makes the tote looks sick! Who on earth want to carry this bag or the most one million question is are you willing to spend  1,449.13 British pounds ( you do the math!).

Save Jimmy Choo ‘Mandah’ to Cruella Devil. At net-a-porter.

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The powerful RED

I love red but I must make sure that it is not too much or I end up looking red. There must be one or two red elements when I get dressed up or else I get so reddish.

Red is a very powerful statement colour and believes me; it is not good to make total overload statement when you know you can’t handle it. I know, you saw Victoria Beckham in all red; from her sunglasses rim to her shoes and dress and bag. The only mysterious item is if she wore red panties? Ask David! 


Victoria may put that on because it is probably for an appearance and she get paid to wear that!

For us the mortal, it is very important to step on reality. Know how to wear those colourful colours!

This is how to get a statement with red.  I am started to fall in love with Miu Miu crinkle patent shoulder bag. It is so visible.

Miu Miu Crinkle patent shoulder bag It is only one visible colour in this look. So elegant. People can digest each of your fashion items here. They will think about the top, skirt and the bag and shoes, one by one!

Miu Miu Crinkle patent shoulder bag

Miu Miu patent bag at net-a-porter for GBP660.00

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