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I Feel Love

So much love. I going to sing I FEEL Love, Donna Summer version, not the Blue Man group version. No thanks.

Yellow is the choice for Catriona Ross and her handsome hubby, ASTRO producer and director, Shaharuddin Mokhtaruddin. Clad in the most glamorous traditional costume in the entire world, Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Catriona looks like she is ready to grab Best National costume in Miss Universe competition!

Their second costume is rich and demure Minangkabau. She received Emporio Armani watch, SK11 set, Cole Haan shoes, Tiffany bracelet and Marc Jacobs sunglasses as part of the hantaran. What? Marc Jacobs for getting married? Somebody, please marry me!




Another Love is courtesy of composer, Audi Mok Chuang Yew and Malaysian Idol alumni, Nikki or Nicolette Louisa Palikat. They say I do at St. Francis Xavier Church at Petaling Jaya. She is like an angel in Jovian Mandagie and she is like a…famous composer in Lord Tailor tux.  


The dress is  typeless.

Love is in form of clean white for Pahang royalty, Tengku Shahreza Tengku Abdul Aziz and Maya. Her french lace selendang is the epitome of luxury. A very beautiful baju nikah indeed!

I feel love, i feel love, i feel love, i feel love ..

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Art to the Max

BGBGMAXAZRIA hosts the Whitney Art Party and Auction at Skylight Studios, French.

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Celebs include Camilla Belle, Melissa George, Gretchen Mol, Ali Larter, Alexis Bledel (oh.. I love her in Gilmore Girls)Amber Tamblyn and Lindsay Price (oh.. I love her in Lipstick Jungle!)   

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“A lot has changed since I started BCBG 20 years ago. But looking at all these beautiful girls in these dresses tonight, I think that every moment has been beautiful”

That is what the genius Max Azria said while posing with celebs wearing his creations. Max Azria is not a name that can easily remember in Malaysia like Prada or Gucci but he is so organic. His design is immaculate and carefully made to suit only to those who understood.

  FYI, Max Azria is a Tunisian descent designer chairman and CEO of BCBGMAZAZRIA while his wife Lubov Azria act as a creative director.

He started in Paris before moved to Los Angeles.

There are like 22 fashion brands under his belt including BCBGMaxAzria, Herve Ledger, Max Azria Atelier, BCBGeneration and coming Miley Cyrus & Max Azria, to be sold at Walmart and higher end products at Macy’s.

Count me in. It is an art to the max.

Hafiz Max Mustapha Azria – sound cool! 

Visit maxazria.

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Lauren “The Hills” Conrad for Kohls

Kohl’s is expected to announce Wednesday that in October, Ms. Conrad, 23, will introduce a casual California-inspired clothing line for young women in 300 Kohl’s stores and on Later, Kohl’s plans to sell the exclusive brand, LC Lauren Conrad, in all of its more than 1,000 stores.

The retailer has become a favorite of analysts in part for a strategy of acquiring well-known brands (or brands by well-known people) and selling them at low prices. It is particularly effective in this economy where shopping is no longer a national pastime.

“To be important to the consumer today, you need to differentiate yourself,” Don Brennan, senior executive vice president of Kohl’s, said Monday in a telephone interview. “You need to give the customer a reason to come in and shop with you. And we feel like these exclusive brands do just that.”

It is a model that its higher scale competitor Target has used to its advantage and that Wal-Mart has struggled to master. Last year, exclusive and private brands at Kohl’s — like Simply Vera by Vera Wang; Elle, which is named for the women’s fashion magazine; and Food Network — accounted for more than 40 percent of the company’s sales. In March, when sales at most of the nation’s department stores open at least a year fell by double digits, sales at comparable Kohl’s stores fell a modest 4.3 percent.

Kohl’s executives are banking on Ms. Conrad’s celebrity — and on young women’s desire to emulate her feminine yet relaxed way of dressing, which has been chronicled for years on two MTV reality shows. Ms. Conrad has grown up on television — first as the good girl in the hit series “Laguna Beach,” about the rivalries and heartaches of privileged California teenagers, and then on “The Hills,” a spinoff that is MTV’s top-rated show.

“The Hills” picks up where “Laguna Beach” left off, following Ms. Conrad’s life as a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, an intern at Teen Vogue, a single woman and a voice of reason among petty friends. Ms. Conrad’s rift with her former best friend, Heidi Montag, is one of the most talked-about pop culture rivalries since Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The collaboration between Kohl’s and Ms. Conrad has been in the works for more than a year, before the economy took a nose dive. Kohl’s, however, is in a category of stores — discount and low-price chains — uniquely positioned to weather a recession. Prices in Ms. Conrad’s clothing line are $20 to $60. That may work in her favor.

“Now that the economy’s not doing so well, I think it’s everybody that’s looking for bargains,” Ms. Conrad said. “I think that it’s actually great timing.”

This is not Ms. Conrad’s first attempt at designing a clothing line — but the low prices are new. In 2007, MTV and Tangerine promotions helped finance a line by Ms. Conrad called Lauren Conrad Collection. Casual dresses sold for more than $100 — and fans and some fashion writers complained. Ms. Conrad acknowledged in a telephone interview that the clothing line “wasn’t as accessible and affordable as I wanted it to be.”

Her new line will be exclusive to Kohl’s and will have wardrobe basics like jeans and knits. Kohl’s will manufacture, produce, distribute and market the collection. And Ms. Conrad and Kohl’s will collaborate on the designs.

Her original clothing line, Lauren Conrad Collection, is being overhauled, she said. She plans to take it overseas in 2010. “I wanted to give it a whole new feel,” she said, “but that requires us to take a few seasons off.”

Ms. Conrad’s label for Kohl’s represents a new chapter for her: she has said this will be her last season on “The Hills.” Little did fans know that while she was darting in and out of nightclubs with a camera crew, she was spending her days with Kohl’s.

“I’m very excited that I’m allowed to talk about it now,” she said.

Oh.. It make me like really wante to be a reality star show after knowing that Lauren Conrad, The Hills front is doing really well in fashion industry. Anyone interested with my life that include:-

i. work ( you can change my work) 

iii. attend function(dress me with designers latest wear)

iv. Occasionally drama queen ( Leave it to me!)

v. shopping (to the max credit limit!)

vi. Eat (for commercial value, you can make me  as an aneroxic or bullimic guy!)

Anyone interested please send formal letter!

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Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008 Berita Harian – Awards Presentation

I was invited to Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008 that was held in Arena Or Stars Genting Highlands. It was a star-studded night.  Malaysian entertainment people are everywhere; this is the night to honour and to be honoured!

Big thanks to Berita Harian; especially Zainuri for the invitation.

It was also the night to show who wore the best stuff! The theme was Sentuhan Tenun.

THANKS AGAIN to BERITA HARIAN FOR MY SEAT. It was a good view for me to snap, snap and snap and to perform my own fashion review!












Myself with Jac before the show started. She is in Khairul Sufi. Love her hair, her tenun clutch and her lovely personality!




Two veterans, Dato’ Yusof Haslam and A.Galak look so casual, well at least they take an effort to put on jacket! Is that LV check messenger bag on A.Galak lap?



The stage manager I guess, he is so popular among the crowd. One of the cheering factors!



Opening act by Anita Sarawak. She is in corset, pants and that bulu-bulu. Well she is stunning! Dah berumur tetap slim dan bertenaga.



Second opening act, Stacy also in bulu-bulu! So energetic. Tape saya suka baju ni, very stage costume and she can dance in that. Very Bjork punya baju angsa!




Farah is the winner of CuteCarry biggest accessory award. Tapi walaupun ada yang kata tak ok, saya kata ok. Baju dia simple and the accessories tu compliment the minimal design. Menang dua award, Penyampai TV Popular dan Penyampai Radio Popular. Fofular akak ni!




The host, Adlin Aman Ramli in white.



The big winner, Nabil. He is in tenun scarf to compliment his edgy hair. Ada yang kata Rambut Nabil cam tak sesuai tapi pada saya apa salahnya, cuba gaya lain sekali sekala. Maybe after this, rambut dia lain pulak kan. Pada pendapat saya juga, mungkin Nabil perlu lebih bergaya glamour. Dressing dia kali ni ok jugak, tapi kan bagus kalu dia leh nampak lebih sophisticated!  He needs a touch of high fashion!




Sharifah Shahira can’t get enough of the ‘cute’ postman!




Faizal Tahir in designer Hazwani velvet military inspired jacket under a studded belt. He looks like budak sekolah. Awet muda sungguh Superman ni.




Sari Yanti GLAM in Rizman Ruzaimi dress. Love the turtle neck. One of the best dress!




The Divas and Nubhan (Vernon termasuk Diva jugak!!). Umie Aida looks fresh and sophisticated, Vernon as flamboyant as he can be, Zahida Rafik as sexy as she can be, Nubhan in white jacket and songket tenun scarf.




Myself with designer Calvin Thoo. He is like 37 and looks like 17! Antara artis yang memakai pakaiannya pada malam itu ialah Rozita Che Wan, Ayu Raudhah, Marsha.



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Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008 Designers

It will not happening without all these talented designers. They are the one who is responsible for the celebrities to look either glamorous, sexy, funny, clownie or disaster! This year theme for Anugerah Bintang Popular is Songket Tenun. It is not easy! Dahling, if you think they just get a songket and transform it into baju kurung or kebaya, you are dead wrong, very very wrong (you can ask your makcik to do that!). Their job is to make songket looks extremely hot and sexy but still strong Malaysian accent. Let see who dress who:-


Designers: Rizman Ruzaini     Celebrities: Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Fasha Sandha, Sari Yanti, Siti Saerah.

Designer: Hatta Dolmat     Celebrities: Nurul Huda Abdul Wahab, Siti Sarah, Sheila OIAM, Iz.

 Designer: Hazwani   Celebrities: Faizal Tahir, Jamal Abdillah.


Designer:Shegar    Celebrity: Sheryl Samad

Designer:Calvin Thoo Celebrities: Rozita Che Wan, Ayu Raudhah, Marsha

Designer: Amir Luqman Celebrity: Scha



Designer: Nik Erwan    Celebrities: Dynas, Mila Tini Hot FM, Fabulous Cats.

Designer: Zery Zamry Celebrities: Elyana, Norish Karman

Designer: Nazreen  Celebrities: Linda Onn, Siti Saida, Intan Ladyana


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