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Siti Nurhaliza Satu Concert @ Istana Budaya

I was surprised by my dear someone who present me with among relatively among highest priced ticket  to watch Siti Nurhaliza Concert Satu!  It was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how you get it because I heard that tickets sold like crazy.

Myself – my style is part tribute to MJ and part tribute to myself. Mix and match.

For the past few weeks, I keep thinking, it would be marvelous to watch Siti performing in a classy Istana Budaya. If you remember I did blog about how I can’t wait to see what Siti would wear, and last Saturday night my wish come true. To someone; you know who you are. You never failed to surprise me with all the good things. I really appreciate it! I “Heart” you… Prada or YSL muse bag for my upcoming birthday would be nice!

Frankly I am not a diehard fan of Siti but I did listen to her song (and can remember some of the lyrics!). But boy, I’m breathless and speechless. Siti Nurhaliza is an absolute performer in this sold out concert.

Love everything about the concert. The Concert Satu was inspired by the recent government campaign, Satu Malaysia. It is really SATU Malaysia because the audiences are not only Malays but other races as well. One Malaysia.

 Siti, you shows that music is an important tool to unite people.

There are several segment for the concert, the opening is the beginning of Siti. Siti talks and sing about her career with medley from Jerat Percintaan to Cindai. Then, romantic time where she sings while walking between and on the carved, beautiful frame. The Geisha segment is my favourite. Siti red, flowy, long train kimono dress is just wahhhh.  Siti looks funky and edgy while dancing in one of the box in a “Showgirl Set”. Sorry Siti, but that really reminds me of “Red Light” in Amsterdam!

The “Under Construction segment” Siti walks on a set that resemble like a real construction site! There are a few supposedly ‘working men’ in safety helmet but they like a ‘dancing men” to me.

The segment that make me wanna dance is the “Russian Soldiers” segment. Her command is like “Berhenti…….” In a very manja tone; I know she is trying hard to sound like a real  soldier, but her voice is like so manja and feminine…cutelah you Siti… The dance move in this section is just spectacular!

Then the finale when everyone stands up for an ovation!

One of the moments that I will remember is when Siti talked about her experience and how she just can’t get angry directly to the rumours, those hatred groups and unfortunate events. The only way she can express herself is via her music. One of the most memorable lyrics is “biarlah dihina, itu hanya sementara, kita pasti berjaya”.  I can’t remember the exact lyric and song but that is really deep. Really, really deep to me!

My standing ovation is not only for Siti Nurhaliza but to Jakel, the fabric sponsor and also the designers, Rizman Ruzaini and Amir Luqman. Clap, clap and clap!!

Siti change like to 8 costumes but I realized she keeps wearing the same shoes (except after the Russian Soldier segment”). It is a 3 straps gold heels sandal. I wonder what. Jimmy Choo or Salvatore Ferragamo perhaps?

On the lobby, Siti past dresses was on the display. It brings back the memory. If you can name all the designers and event correctly, you get a kiss from Datuk K… sorry tersasul pulak, I mean me! You must quick because you only have 5 minutes starting from the moment I post this entry. Muahhh….













Hurry… only five minutes away from my kiss!

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Japanese Film Festival 2009

My dinner for the night is only fresh soy bean. Thanks to Japanese Embassy.


I was invited to the Official Opening of Japanese Filem Festival and all I want to eat is all the sushi’s!  I was quite excited (shameless confession) when I found out that the caterer is Xenri, one of the best Japanese restaurant in town. But the only thing that I munched is the green fresh soy bean. I guess I am on the healthy moment now. FYI, my date to the event, Farrah Jayden having a basket of drum sticks at Chillis before the even!

The Festival was officiating by Japan Ambassador to Malaysia, Masahiko HORIE. I am so impressed because he presents the opening speech in Malay. He told that he is been staying in Malaysia for about a year and he is trying very hard to learn Malay. You did it well Ambassador Horie! I am proud of you.

There are few local familiar faces at the ceremony like Yasmin Ahmad. She looks simple and presentable in cotton baju kurung. You carry it well Kak Yasmin!

File:Okuribito (2008).jpg

The movie that was screened on that opening night is, The Departure. It won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at 2009 Oscar. The story is about Daigo Kobayashi , a cellist in an orchestra in  Tokyo, loses his job because of dissolution of the orchestra. One day, he finds a classified ad entitled “Assisting departures” for an “NK Agency”. He goes to the job interview thinking it is for a job at a travel agency. But at the interview, he discovers that NK is an abbreviation for “encoffinment” and he is instead to assist the “departed”. The work include prepare the corpse for the death. It was a taboo in Japanese culture for those who work in that area. Daigo proves that he can do it because he has talent in dealing with corpse.

I can say that it is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It was carefully produce with lot of humor, sad and an award winning act! Plus the movie show the real Japanese lifestyle and culture. Very unique and truly amazing. To local film makers, remember, it is worth telling the world about our culture!

You should watch Departure!

For your information, Japanese Film Festival movie screening will be held at GSC Mid Valley and 1 Utama from 18 to 22 June and GSC Gurney Plaza from 26 to 28 June.


If you print and redeem this from the website, you can get free movie passes. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Oh… I think I want to go to Japan lah!

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French Art and Film Festival 2009


Thanks to French Embassy for the invitation.


I love cocktail party. It is simple, quick and I can mingle with everyone and less fattening food. Few pieces of these are what I ate during the Official Opening of French Art and Film Festival 2009 at GSC Pavilion. 

 Those who are living without normal eating pattern don’t expect to too much if the party started during your dinner time.  You’ll starve if you don’t have a mountain nasi kandar before going; as usual of course!

I am not sure what the theme of the party is because it is not stated on the invitation card, probably business attire because almost all the guests are in that; including me!

French Art and Film Festival organized by a French embassy will be in towns from 7 to 27 May. I say town because it is both in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. This is your time to learn about French culture and language from the films, theatres, live shows (including the unique Baroque duet). To learn, click here.

You can also catch or imitate the accent. Erm.. Probably not a good idea to speak in French accent if you are not French! You will sound fakes. Believe me I heard horrendous fake French accents from a Malaysian. I can’t really speak French (a bit, tiny bit) but almost everyone knows  that; that person is trying to tell the world his boyfriend is French and he is getting to be like so French! Er… so not in style.( Lesson: be yourself. Proud of your root. Don’t try hard to speak like French, English or American if you are not them. Respect others but be Malaysian. There’s nothing wrong with being Malaysian!)

Here are some snaps from the party!


Myself before the movie and after a few bits of French finger food!

GSC Chief Executive Officer Ms. Koh Mei Lee. I love her dress and skirt! Awesome. She should be a movie star!

The French Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr Marc Barety.

Senator Heng Seai Kie, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications, Arts & Culture.


All the slim and thin with beautiful complexion waiters are in bareback Daniel Choo dress. They look like a lanky runway girls than those who served cocktails!


My partner for the party is my sis and bestie, Kak Marhafizah. She is single and available! Guys, if you want a pretty, stylish-partly thanks to me!, demure, soft spoken, slim girl, she is the one (saya promote kak because you worth it, jangan marah ye!)


 Myself with the French ;celup’ at the entrance. They are so nice.

The cocktail organized in partnership with Martell and Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur and followed by the screening of critically acclaimed Crime is our business ( Le Crime est notre affaire) by Pascal Thomas.The movie is the highlight of the night. The movie is about an adventurous  wife Prudence (played by Catherine Frot) and her retired husband.  She lost her excitement after her  husband retirement and need something to spice up her life that includes trying to solve a murder case! It is a funny movie with an unexpected twist.  But one thing that catches my eyes is the brown Hermes Birkin she’s carrying. 


This is not a hallucination!


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CuteCarry 2009 MET Gala Prominent Award

MET Gala is where all the rich and famous of fashion world come out and show…

It is like a circus of fashion out there. 

This is MET Gala. Please leave your plain simple black dress home.

These are the finalists of  2009 MET Gala  Most Prominent Award:-

 MADONNA photo | Madonna

Madonna in Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. LV renewing their contract with her. See her again in LV ad around August of September shoot by Steven Meisel. That’s explaining why she has to show her loyalty to LV in this erm… costume. Whatever Madonna.. in the end, the money is yours, even you look like a circus performer!

RIHANNA photo | Rihanna

Elvis Presley after tanning session in Dolce and Gabbana. Oh.. sorry, he is actually Mr Rihanna.

KATE MOSS photo | Kate Moss

Greek Goddess Kate Moss with Marc Jacobs. Loyal, loyal…

HEIDI KLUM photo | Heidi Klum

Preggy ‘Runaway’ Heidi Klum in J. Mendel.

KIRSTEN DUNST photo | Kirsten Dunst

Kirstin Dunst. You think she is 3 months pregnant? No.. she is in Chanel Haute Couture!

LEIGHTON MEESTER photo | Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester. Another celebrity in circus performer dress. Sorry my mistake, it is high fashion. It’s Louis Vuitton.

MARY-KATE OLSEN photo | Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix. Drama…..

TYRA BANKS photo | Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks plaited updo get all the attention

HILARY SWANK photo | Hilary Swank

OMIGOD, I can’t believe Hillary Swank is in Calvin Klein. It doesn’t look like usual Calvin Klein which is always minimal and simple design. Love the origami. But sadly she is not the winner!


Shalom Harlow on the red carpet photo. 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Models as Muse

Shalom Harlow pic.

Shalom Harlow in Viktor & Rolf (I think so!)

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Dutch Queen’s Day

Queen Beatrix during a visit in Vries (6 May 2008)

A Dutchman tried to attack HM Queen Beatrix (to pronounce stress on R) and her family by driving his car at their bus during a parade on Thursday. The queen cancelled the parade for her safety. FYI, the man died of his injuries overnight. I am not sure why he wants to kill the queen. As far as I concern, Dutch love their Queen. Even when the Dutchmen are living millions km from home. Let say in Kuala Lumpur…

Thanks to Dutch Embassy for the invitation to the Queen Day at Mayang Sari Ballroom, JW Marriot. I went there with my cousin Ikin. Here some of the snaps from the function.


I am still in my office suit. Straight from office!


What is Holland without the windmill? But this is located in the middle of Mayang Sari Ballroom.


Ikin and the beautifully decorated ballroom


Herrings.. I kinda like it. If you like sushi, you probably like this. You must know how to eat it.



These girls like red!FYI, the one in suit is a boy!


Thanks to Ben ( in handsome monkey suit, FYI, he loves rendang) with his family and staff.


I am so missing Dutch,.. I mean Holland or Netherland (a country with few names). It’s a beatiful happy day when i was in Holland. Don’t you love tulips? You know that tulip is actually originated from Iran? It is not like te colourful typical tulip that we saw today, but more simple tulip,I saw the original tulips. I learned that when I was in Keukenhoff. No better place to learn about tulip than in Holland.

I Holland!

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Anugerah Industri Muzik 2009 (AIM 16) Post Party

As usual, I love post party for mainly two parts, one part because of the food (especially the spring rolls) and the other part because of the queue for buffet with celebrities. It is also the only time where I can snaps a celebs without 20 others photographers beside me!

Let see….


Spring rolls taste great, but Blue Carpet host, Awal even greater. He is in silver shiny two piece suit which looks classy on him.  Shiny may looks cheap on someone but not on him . Thanks to perfect cut and fitted suit and Awal God bless physical! Spring roll anyone?


Petite Salamiah Hassan with a giant. (Yes..that giant is me). She is wearing Indonesian designer Ijol from PuriPesona. Red dress with giant yellow bow (giant lagi!) guys.. she is very petite and that is why I look like so Amazon!  


He said he can’t wear red lipstick so he is wearing red suit. If he is wearing red lipstick, next role for Dafi; Joker in latest Batman movie. Batman producer is enough with purple  Joker so they want something blazing, angry, fierce red Joker. Dafi can easily secure the role if he stays inside this red two piece Rizman Ruzaimi costume for an audition. But don’t you think he is too cute to become a Joker? Don’t get me wrong, it is a great design but I think it is ‘ a very runway look’ .  The suit is too big for him, kind like Mc Hammer in 90’s. A bit miss lah this time, that is my honest opnion ok. Jangan marah ye..  I am crazy about the white shoes. He knows about how to choose extremely stylish white shoes to tame the red.


Marsha the Grecian Goddess. I love everything about this look, the sexy hair, the headband (so Mischa Barton), and oversized statement belt and oh..those gladiator sandals (sorry guys, not shown here) . It’s is red carpet and party ready. She said she bought the dress it in the middle of nowhere. Marsha, please tell us, where you get the dress?


This is how to accentuate boring plain yellow shirt; wear it over details vest and skinny pants. Most effortless and stylish dude of the night, Tomok. A million keep his head straight. Probably we will see Tomok transform into street wear boy to high fashion dude. Tomok, should you need shopping companion, you know who to call! Me, myself and I.


Most creative! The powerful manager, Vernon in songket petak kilt. Guys, it is kilt, not skirt, I repeat not skirt. Male wear kilt in Scotland. He flaunts the kilt with LV messenger bag. Congratulations to Vernon for your courage and braveness, just like sexy Scottish (gosh.. too much Braveheart, a little too much! ). To read his blog click here


Best AIM 19 Post Party dress. According to Nikki, she loose like 3 kg. It shows and it is an amazing weight lost.  Congratulation to both Jovian Mandagie and Nikki. This is the high fashion moment of AIM 19. Couture -couture Nikki…


From right, Dina is in red dress, Khairi Sufi the one who made the dress and that guy who has nothing to do but pose with irritating smile and ‘do blog’. Gone are the days where Dina is just an ordinary singer with an ordinary fashion sense. She should thank Khairi.


Designer Siti Nur Syuhada Shaharani  in a strong Bohemian accent.  


Iz OIM embraces his high fashion style. He is brilliant in choosing the right outfit for the exact moment. Immaculately dressed in  his Dior tux with  bow (custom made for him by AvisSim by AvviSuar New Zealand) , Hermes shoes and original hairdo (I call it IZ OIAM do). His album will be out after Hari Raya. Till then, you can enjoy his fashion sense. Read his blog here.


I don’t care about her sexy bareback. Nora Danish with Chanel Drill bag. Period!


Oh.. it’s Charlie Angels! Diaorang ni lagi best daripada Charlie Angels! Can you see Nora’s bareback? her dress remind me of Robert Palmer girls!


Ayu in a new designer (kalau tak salah Kamal Faizal) sorry ye Ayu kalau salah! Semakin vogue jutawan ni!


Siti Nurhaliza, is that you? Saida looks sooooooooo Siti Nurhaliza during pre-tudung days. ingat lagi tak dressing Siti waktu dulu-dulu?  She is wearing Rizman Ruzaimi.


Shila OIAM and her cute clutch. Very cute carry!


Another blue carpet host, Nazruddin Habibur Rahman with his wife in sexy one shoulder white dress, Sheahnee Iman. Naz maybe dah jemu dengan pakaian red carpet so he is into something very casual. Love his fedora!

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Anugerah Industri Muzik ke 16 (AIM 2009) Award Show


Myself in black on blue ‘canvas’

Call it whatever you want but you must listen to your main sponsor!

We are used to ‘red carpet’ term but during Anugerah Industri Muzik 2009 it is blue carpet because  it is the official colour of main sponsor; telco giant Celcom. It is not glamorous red, but it doesn’t stop the style makers and seekers to walk gracefully on the blue carpet.

AIM that was held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) is also a sign that economic crunch doesn’t stop our boys and girls to make good music and to be in their own style.

Seperti biasa, saya dengan penuh berangannya berjalan di atas blue carpet AIM! Nasib baik  takde orang baling botol mineral water! Thanks to Encik Rahman from Persatuan Industri Rakaman Malaysia (RIM)  for the invitation.


My dear sis and friend, Kak Mar. Style by me!


Singapore Idol, Aliff Aziz in traditional songket print jacket, statement red buckle but his shoes are like… don’t you think it is so last year? But good try. You’ll do better next time, I can sense it!


Honey Madu in 2 piece slow volume English Victorian style (love the hat!) and Sharifah Aleya in red


I was seated next to two decently dressed ladies and lovely producers Raja Azmi and Zaiton Mohd Jiwa (Kak Tun). Raja Azmi memberitahu saya shortlisted untuk pelakon-pelakon utama Anu Dalam Botol sudah ada dan penggambaran akan dimulakan pada bulan Jun (sadly I am not in the list, probably I am not beautiful enough to become maknyah!.. hehehe.. gurau je yek). Kak Tun adalah kakak kepada Datuk K and that makes her kakak ipar Siti Nurhaliza (betui le kan?). She is the one who produce Spa Q (1 and 2). The next collaboration from them is Antara Anyer dan Jakarta which Raja Azmi is the script writer and Kak Tun is the producer. Wait for the slots ya…


Opening act by M. Nasir playing it simple in black.


The main characters of the night. I don’t like Afdlin Shauki ‘woody woodpecker’ hair. It looks cheap and not properly done and so Mr T from The-A Team.   Adibah Noor looks elegant in yellow and Bob Lokman in red shirt tux, glamour!


Sparkle, sparkle silver Misha Omar


Amazing performance and superb outfit!  Faizal Tahir in black and gold silver vest while Rossa dress just superb! Love the detailing, the colour and  the ruffles . Very couture!


Second change. Afdlin in blue velvet jacket and matching keffiyeh (nice styling!!)  while Adibah Noor in blue and black, a great combination of colour that compliment the dress. Still hate Afdlin hair!


Terra Cotta Warriors rapping!


Is it Nelly and the rest of his hip hop performers in town?


 Slumdog Millionaire dancers in town? No.. it is Chakra Sonic. Oh boy,  What a happening act! The music, the colourful outfits, the dance, just great!  


PLKN trainees ready for Malique show. Bergerak, bergerak!! Nasib baiklah saya dah tua, kalu muda lagi, tak pasai-pasai kena pi PLKN. Tapi my anak buah kata punyalah best kat PLKN.Macam-macam ada!


Congratulation Meet Uncle Hussein for winning the award and for being in festival ready outfit. Some of the indie band doesn’t even care to dress for award show. They are handsomely dressed in  military (or it is navy?)  inspired jackets. It makes me want to wear that type of jacket. Damn….. I want it!!!!!!!!!!!


The third and best change for Adibah Noor. Who said you can’t be in your best dressed if you are plus size? The black Calvin Thoo dress looks (and probably) expensive just like the million ringgit necklace from Fa’iq Jewels. Mahalnya barang-barang kemas ni!!!


Sheila Majid in empire ‘glamorous ruffles’ dress. She never fails to be in her best in any performance! To all young stars, listen. Sheila Majid is like a LAGENDA, thanks to her songs and her dress sense, two main recipes for success. Learn something from her!

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Karnival Vespa Dan Motor Klasik Antarabangsa

Let me tell you… I am not into motorbike or anything motors. It is just not my nature. When my friends ask me to change to more expensive car, the issue that I would consider is can I afford to shop during SALE if the money that should be for SALE will be used to pay the car installment! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I am so proud, proud, proud Kuala Kangsarian (if I pronounce it right) when I saw a magnificient collection of motorbikes during karnival vespa dan motor klasik antarabangas last sunday (26 April 2009).  

Congratulations to the organizer.

Feast yourself…


This used to be my playground but back then I am in tracksuit but now in velvet pant and fedora strike a boring pose beside the magnificent Kuala Kangsar River.. I used to stay here. .. sob.. sob.. “Kuala Kangsar bandar Diraja.. iskandariah istana ternama (I still remember that song!)


It is bikes everywhere…..zillions of bikes


One the award winner vespa


Even foreigners respect our Sultan!


The Thai delegates



Sexy old vespa with sexy “vintage girl”

81old but precious



Yes guys.. this is a motorcycle! OLD but really really precious! 



Sexy bikes!




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Lunch With Kris Dayanti

There is no other best way to treat secretaries than a delicious buffet spread, a great performer and hilariously big laugh and again tasty food! Until now, I still can’t forget the curry mee!



A bunch of lucky secretaries had that at Quality Hotel Secretaries Week Luncheon with Indonesian songstress Kris Dayanti. In this huge Matrade Ballroom that is almost full with female secretaries clad in office wear (I guess including myself and “Cik Zaleha BB” it is only like 20% male populations); I can see the girl power!  There is no way man you can sell tickets to male related day or week like how hotels commercially exploits secretary week!

Kris Dayanti is one of the biggest stars in both Indonesia and Malaysia. It is quite ironic. It’s been like ages since her last album but yet the ballroom is almost full. During almost an hour show, she sang her classic songs. My favorite is Cobalah untuk Setia.


She opens her show with dramatic Victorian ballroom inspired gown. It is very flamboyant, almost not wearable and an ultimate stage costume. It is like watching John Galliano for Dior runway show. Not everyone can wear like what Kris did. She is petite but yet she looks really good in that voluminous costume. Probably it is because of her almost perfect proportionate body. Kudos to the designer!



 Being a pro, she knows how to interact with audiences. Including this one!  He is so cool! Clap, clap, and clap! 


Kris blossomed in her second outfit. A long dress with roses details across the body. I wonder who her stage costume designer is!





Guess who is among the crowd? The ladies went crazy when Kris announced it is Anuar Zain in the house!

Congrats to Dee or his alter ego, Miss Zaleha BB (body beautiful) for making almost everyone laugh like it is a comedy show. Such a pro.

If Kris Dayanti in only two outfit, Dee is in 3! Tetap tak mau kalah Cik Zaleha BB ni!


First: Dee aka Miss Zaleha BB is one shoulder Chris Lim. The beautiful fabric is from Jakel.



Second: Print galore on Cik Zaleha BB


Third: There she is Miss America.. Miss America.. oppsss… she is Miss Zaleha BB with faux fur shawl!


Fourth: Myself with Dee @ Cik Zaleha BB. This is her own design.  


One of the sponsors; Rafflesia Pearls.


Superb opening act by Dasha Logan (late Alleycats Loganathan daughter). Quite a good singer! Click here for her blog.


Thank you… thank you for the door gift including Kain Baju Melayu from Jakel (for my baju raya), Madam Chair mag (for me to read), Prune Innershine (so my eyes will look like Camelia), F&N condensed milk (for my the tarik), Poise Liners and Summer eve feminine wash (I don’t know what to do with them yet!) … ingat dapat Rafflesia Pearls tadi!


Last but not least, thanks to super elegant Quality Hotel Sales Manager, Lia for the invite. It is all FREE for me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Quality Hotel is one of the best hotels in town. For more info call Toll Free: 1800 80 2422, Tel: (603) 2693 9233 Fax: (603) 2693 9634 or Email: or Click here!!

P/s: It is an exciting experience being a blogger. Thanks to my dear friend K for snapping the photos. K remains to be anonymous. He is quite shy lah!! :p



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Anugerah Bintang Popular Post Party (Part 2)


This is Part 2 of the ABP BH 2008 Post Party Report (Part 1 click here!!)

Selepas makan malam, it it time fun time. Let see which girl that just wanna have fun….




Yeah baby, yes you’re correct!.. it is Superfun Girl, Ifa Raziah. The dress is soooooo her… you know, the layered, the push up, everything, so Ifa!


Ifa in “Girl just wanna have fun” dress!



Tahniah kepada Ibu Zizie Izzette ni; tetap bergaya dan berjaya mengalahkan artis-artis muda. Walaupun tanpa elemen songket tapi dia memang nampak class malam tu. Glam and glitters!



 Myself with Aizat. He is in skinny jeans with songket tenun tie. Last time he is like overweight and today he is in skinny!! Kepada yang nak turun berat badan, jadikan Aizat sebagai inspirasi anda.



Cikgu Linda looks so glamourous in a complex gown. As usual she is in big hair…. I wonder how she looks like with short hair!




Linda Onn dengan gaun songket yang menutupi keseluruhan badannya. Potongan sendat dress ini menampakkan badan Linda yang tinggi dan kurus.




Once a model, always a model. Dilla seperti biasa memukau di dalam dress kuning dengan elemen empire cut. Kalau dah tinggi dan kurus, pakai apa pun nampak cantek kan!!




Guess who is leaving the party?? 



Guess who is still having fun? Aizat and Liyana, oh.. they just good buddies, very very very good one!



 Guess who’s never tired posing and posing? heheheh









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