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What is the best way to spend Saturday night?

Watch Madonna toy boy, Jesus Luv walk for Dolce and Gabbana LIVE from Milan of course!

Jesus Luv is among about 40 lucky men that were chosen to present Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2010 season.

It was not a very smooth telecast. I blame my internet provider, Maxis.  The show will be ‘still’ for a few seconds before it resumes. Why, why or why Maxis?

Back to something that is more exciting than slow Maxis, Dolce and Gabbana.

It was the opening piece and I was like noooo…. Not another print tux! I am so glad it doesn’t go far. Only a few print tux and jacket around. Black still rule the runway with a dash of white, brown, ivory and stone. Almost everything is based on dark shades and I am happy the duo maintains it that way.

D&G shiny

D&G shiny2

The main key of this season collection is glamour. The jacket was detailed in glitters embroidery be it all over or only around the lapel and it is worn with a slim ties that looks like a scarves. The jacket was pair with a rolled up pants above the ankle. It looks really glam but you must make sure you style it carefully so you don’t end up like cabaret performer.

My heart beat fast when I saw cute clutches. Almost every model carries one. Simple small clutch that is probably only for small tiny cellphone, cards and few notes! Some of the clutch looks like more like a wristlet. So guys, it is ok to carry clutch while you’re in your tux to a formal dinner!

Just when you think the distressed, torn washed out jeans era was over, Dolce and Gabbana bring it back! But the torn will not be reveal skin because it has another layer underneath. I can’t really spot any skinny jeans throughout the show. Only low cut that reveal boxer and not really skinny. It makes a guy become a real guy again!

D&G Jesus

Great style this season is to tucked stripped silk shirt into tight short or a swim wear just like Jesus Luv here. Think trendy, metrosexual Beckham lounging beside the pool and you get what I mean!  

D&G Marlon 

The duo also pays homage to the Hollywood icon, Marlon Brando with the image of him on a tank top.

The show end with Love is a Losing Game. What a great song to end this “only professional relationships between Stefano Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They are lovers but now their relationship is strictly business. I read somewhere that they are still living in a same house but on a different level. Erm… love is not really a losing game after all!

D&G finale

To watch the show CLICK HERE.


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Public Affection tees

 This is for those who want to flaunt your love declaration while shopping in a shopping mall.

Red104-shop is the place where you can get a wear for you and your love one to show public affection and tell everyone “we are an item”.

[you are sexy 1 (edited).jpg]

It is pretty cute set of tees! My favourite is sexy girl vs. sexy boy set.

[soulmate 2[3].jpg]

[classic nurse (edited)[3].jpg]

If tees is not enough to show the world that you are together and you want “indirectly warn” his ex not to call him anymore, you should get a matching couple necklace.

What a LOVE….

Visit Red-104 shop

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Euroman Designwear up to 80% SALE

Happy Father’s Day Promotion at Amcorp!


Thomas Pink

Cerruti 1881


Roberto Cavalli


Gianfranco Ferre

Ermenegildo Zegna

And many more



Ground Floor (Lot C), Amcorp Mall (it is near LRT Taman Jaya). From FederalHighway, look for Taman Jaya sign and u will definitely find Amcorp Mall. Believe me, it is damn easy!


16th June 2009 – 21st June 2009


11.00am to 8.00pm


Ground Floor (Lot C), Amcorp Mall 03-40216380 / 012-2112609

If you don’t have enough money cash, they accept those horrible plastic cards!

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Wishlist – Dsquared2 tuxedo jacket

My new wishlist.

DSquared2 tuxedo jacket.


Love everything about the jacket, from the almost immaculate cut, the sharp contrast satin tipping and most of all I am crazy about the peak lapel and flap pockets.

The margin between men and women jacket is like so freakin close.  In this modern, anorexic, slim cut world (thanks to Italians), you barely see any different between between both sex in clothing department.

I am very sure I don’t look like girlie in this.

 Feel like add it into the cart but I stop because it is USD1, 151.50 after discount.

Not now, I’ll buy it later. You’ll see.

But now, let it be my ultimate wishlist!  

  Wishing, wishing and wishing. Anyone kind enuf to surprise me; the not enough money guy with an innocent smile and kind heart, you can go to saks.

Please, please, please… size 42… please, please

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Perak Menteri Besar (s) Style

Politics can be really excited and boring.  The fun and excitement is when you know the politicians will fulfill their responsibility for rakyat. The boring part is when all the unnecessary drama that makes some of us feels like in limbo!

I am from Perak and in case that you’re in coma for the past few months, you may know that what is happening in Perak politic. As a rakyat, I read about what is happening and try to ignore but I just can’t. Especially when I need to know what are they wearing. Both of them have their own style. They are blessed with political knowledge  but as a public figure it is REALLY important to dress to the occasion!

CuteCarry present style saga between Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

Who style it best!

Reminder: I am not really into politic and my decision is nothing to with politic. It is a pure style sense.


 Shirt is a must haves for politicians because they can transform from serious formal look to over teh tarik friendly chat look. They wore it almost every second. I wonder if they in shirt while they sleep!

MB Perak 2

 Datuk Zambry feel is in check shirt. The soft blue helps to reduce his age for about 5 years.

MB Perak 1

Datuk Seri Nizar looks too casual in plain short sleeve shirt. His shirt is too transparent and we can see his white singlet.

I choose Datuk Zambry.  “Nicely on his body cut” blue shirt makes him look young, fresh and ready to rule the state. I think I should get the same shirt one lah!



 Suit is a strong and powerful outfit. That is why almost every powerful figure in history (men or women) is in suit.  The statement wouldn’t be complete without bold neck tie. They compliment and in need of each other the way politicians and rakyat connect.

Datuk Zambry is in fit to his body striped suit, striped shirt with striped shiny gold and black tie. Too many striped but not too busy. Very metro indeed!

Datuk Seri Nizar is also in plain suit and also gold and black tie.

It is almost a tie. But with only less than 5 percent , the best suit and tie goes to Datuk Zambry.  Very modern look indeed. Thanks to his shiny gold tie and stripe suit that will speak it loud for him. My suggestion is for him to wear slim plain tie because believe me it will be the talk of all style community!


Malaysian batik is a very special fabric for its exclusivity.  I am very careful about when choosing the right batik because it is easy to very sloppy and so out of style community if I choose the wrong batik.

Datuk Zambry is in green and  erm… oh.. to much colour. Maybe it is abstract or something…not bad.

Datuk Seri Nizar looks fresh and glorified in greeen floral batik. The print is not too busy and the colour just right for him.

Both look great. But I adore  Datuk Seri Nizar batik because the material looks really exclusive and expensive. You can see the shine and the print details can be seen miles away but yet it does not spoil the whole look.



Politicians need to be with rakyat all the time. What a shame if a politician only be with rakyat when they need the vote. Being with rakyat means you should not dress too exclusively or too sloppy. They should carefully choose the right outfit to go with the occasion. Style tip to remember is to always dress smart yet humble!

MB Perak 7

Oh… what a lovely girl. Datuk Zambry back to basic with plain blue shirt. I think he likes blue!

What’s cooking? Char Kway teow? It makes me hungry to taste Datuk Seri Nizar cooking while he is in this short sleeve white with print short sleeve shirt.

I like Datuk Zambry look. He looks really dashing in classic cut blue shirt, very Ralph Lauren. I strongly think that blue is his colour!



It is equally important to talk and dress professionally when a politicians is having a conference call because all the lenses focus straight to them. Plus, they never know who watching them, a fashion blogger maybe?

MB Perak 11

This is what I labeled as effortless professional look. The jacket is worn over a polo shirt. Very, very stylish.

MB Perak 10

Datuk Seri Nizar in a simple blue short sleeve shirt.

It is super-crystal. I choose Datuk Zambry. He looks really cool; the jacket, the polo and the total look! But praise for Datuk Seri Nizar for simple and clean cut shirt. 

Overall, both of them know how to dress to the occasion! A big clap clap to both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: kepade semua orang Perok, harap kome semua dapat bersabor bebanyok dengan politik kat Perok ni. Doh jadi macam ni ape le kite buleh buat. Teman tau kome mesti getik dengan segale drama kan. Jangan le kome pulok gile meroyan dan bertumbuk sesame bile segala bende cam ni timbui. Baik kome pergi  same-same melantok pekene cendoi dengan lakes kuale kat pekan Kuale (area bawoh lemboh), ada jugok paedohnya!

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Robert Pattinson latest look!

For all Robert Pattinson fan out there. This is your sexy vampire latest look!

Somehow I think all he needs is a lot and lot of tuna and not fresh blood. Meow… meow… But it is not that bad, look at a bright side like his healthy hair and at less pale.

Don’t worry girls and boys, this is very temporary. He is playing the legendary Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

I wonder if the girls and boys want to see him in Little Ashes with Robert looking like this. Focuse on his talent boys and girls, not because of his sexy eyes, tall and well bulit body and that oh… hair.

Yeah rite!!!

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Shopping can be quite stressful, especially during SALE and it is so cheap, you just want to buy almost everything plus the crowd. The crowd which will make yourself waiting at the cashier counter and queue 10km for fitting room.  The stress can be like triple when you received your love mails from plastic card COMPANIES (stress on the ies!).


Shopping therapy, yes… rite!!!


But it was a pleasant moment to see one of the most stylish Malaysian male artists performing. The one who can pronounce Hermes and Yves St Laurent perfectly.

I was shopping at SOGO with my sister and I didn’t expect to see IZ OIAM2 to perform there!

This is quite a backdated entry but IZ OIAM2 recently performed his latest single called A.L.O.N.E at the launch of BURBERRYs latest fragrance line called ‘THE BEAT’ in KL. It was so much unexpected to actually catch IZ himself performing live for BURBERRY THE BEATA.L.O.N.E is a cool song! Apparently the hip song is a result of his collaboration with AJ Pop Shuvit 🙂 Here are the photos I took of the super friendly guy & some photos I found online & turned into a collage I made myself.


He looks like as if he is fresh from Burberry shooting campaign!


Iz, where is Agyness Deyn?


You guys should check out IZ OIAM2 blog at

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Brioni made from measure

 Brioni Herringbone Jacket

I read this brand has been voted as the most luxurious men brand in the world.  

If you want to feel the real luxury touch and he really touch your body, head to Brioni boutique in Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) from May 11 to 13 2009 to be measured by Chief Master tailor of Brioni, 25 years old Angelo Di Febo. He may be young but he has the most precise hand for the most accurate measurement. Well, he should because the price of Brioni is like so expensive, just ask Tom Hanks, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, they wore Brioni. Wait, maybe it is not a good idea, they are celebrities, they get everything free! They even get paid for wearing it!

Brioni suit on James Bond










Yeah… the richer get richer because they don’t have to spend much money. That is how it works here!

For the rich (and not so famous-that is why you need to pay!), head to KLCC on May 11 to 13 2009 . Call 03-21663628

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Father Son Style – Yusof vs Syamsul

Oh… so sweet. Two generations with two different yet so similar visions.


It is one of the most memorable photos from Berita Harian during Datuk Yusof Haslam 55th birthday party.


Datuk Yusof Haslam in striped shirt and songkok while his son, Shamsul in street cap, tee with accessories; “necklaces” (agaknya dia nak menyanyi rap untuk bapaknya sebagai hadiah hari jadi).


My style choice is Datuk Yusof Haslam because Syamsul style look too rempit lah!  Selalunya Syamsul memang stylo dan ada kelas dressing dia tapi kali ni macam tak bersedia je. Mungkin akibat terpengaruh dengan filem “Bohsia” dia pun terikut-ikut dengan street-wearnya aka Rempit wear!


Tapi you still look great Syamsul!


image  Hip Berita Harian

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Rosyam Noor amazing effortless baseball tee!

Thanks to sexy  baseball tee, Rosyam Noor looks amazingly effortless chic during his reality show, Pilih Kasih press conference!  It is a brilliant idea to match crème single breast two piece suit with striped baseball tee inside.  He is trying to move away from the ordinary, predictable way like with shirt inside.…


I also love the leather belt that looks so significant on creme!

For those who interested to get Rosyam Noor look, visit nearest TopMan. I saw it the other day! I am not sure if it is the exact one, but it looks like it!





 Visit TopMan

rosyam noor pic from

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