Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


Season change.

Fashion change.

Sex Change.


Money exchange.

I am changing.

Please go to my new blog


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Covet your Style


I think I know what my style is;  designer or branded item at low down discount price mix with night market pieces. Oh boy.. I am so wrong. I am actually a couture boy!

I took a quick test during a business meeting and yes.. And  the result is Couture Modern

Your brand of chic is highly coveted. Always up-to-date with what’s on the runway, there’s no doubt why heads turn when you walk by. Your ability to edit fashion from fad elevates your style beyond individual elements to polished perfection.

Guess who they put me with? Victoria Beckham! The only problem is, can my credit cards carry the burden? Vic Beckham gets millions for posing in bra and panty and guess how much I get if I do the same?

Zero. Probably the only thing I get are hate emails!

 Get what is your style at covet. Please click here!


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Siti Nurhaliza Satu Concert @ Istana Budaya

I was surprised by my dear someone who present me with among relatively among highest priced ticket  to watch Siti Nurhaliza Concert Satu!  It was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how you get it because I heard that tickets sold like crazy.

Myself – my style is part tribute to MJ and part tribute to myself. Mix and match.

For the past few weeks, I keep thinking, it would be marvelous to watch Siti performing in a classy Istana Budaya. If you remember I did blog about how I can’t wait to see what Siti would wear, and last Saturday night my wish come true. To someone; you know who you are. You never failed to surprise me with all the good things. I really appreciate it! I “Heart” you… Prada or YSL muse bag for my upcoming birthday would be nice!

Frankly I am not a diehard fan of Siti but I did listen to her song (and can remember some of the lyrics!). But boy, I’m breathless and speechless. Siti Nurhaliza is an absolute performer in this sold out concert.

Love everything about the concert. The Concert Satu was inspired by the recent government campaign, Satu Malaysia. It is really SATU Malaysia because the audiences are not only Malays but other races as well. One Malaysia.

 Siti, you shows that music is an important tool to unite people.

There are several segment for the concert, the opening is the beginning of Siti. Siti talks and sing about her career with medley from Jerat Percintaan to Cindai. Then, romantic time where she sings while walking between and on the carved, beautiful frame. The Geisha segment is my favourite. Siti red, flowy, long train kimono dress is just wahhhh.  Siti looks funky and edgy while dancing in one of the box in a “Showgirl Set”. Sorry Siti, but that really reminds me of “Red Light” in Amsterdam!

The “Under Construction segment” Siti walks on a set that resemble like a real construction site! There are a few supposedly ‘working men’ in safety helmet but they like a ‘dancing men” to me.

The segment that make me wanna dance is the “Russian Soldiers” segment. Her command is like “Berhenti…….” In a very manja tone; I know she is trying hard to sound like a real  soldier, but her voice is like so manja and feminine…cutelah you Siti… The dance move in this section is just spectacular!

Then the finale when everyone stands up for an ovation!

One of the moments that I will remember is when Siti talked about her experience and how she just can’t get angry directly to the rumours, those hatred groups and unfortunate events. The only way she can express herself is via her music. One of the most memorable lyrics is “biarlah dihina, itu hanya sementara, kita pasti berjaya”.  I can’t remember the exact lyric and song but that is really deep. Really, really deep to me!

My standing ovation is not only for Siti Nurhaliza but to Jakel, the fabric sponsor and also the designers, Rizman Ruzaini and Amir Luqman. Clap, clap and clap!!

Siti change like to 8 costumes but I realized she keeps wearing the same shoes (except after the Russian Soldier segment”). It is a 3 straps gold heels sandal. I wonder what. Jimmy Choo or Salvatore Ferragamo perhaps?

On the lobby, Siti past dresses was on the display. It brings back the memory. If you can name all the designers and event correctly, you get a kiss from Datuk K… sorry tersasul pulak, I mean me! You must quick because you only have 5 minutes starting from the moment I post this entry. Muahhh….













Hurry… only five minutes away from my kiss!

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Till death do us part


Just a view from my car… If the guys keep doing that they will die in a freak accident.. sooner or later

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057Today is one of the most unproductive days in my life. I just look at the computer screen after receiving an offer. I wash my face and self snapping…..


Dilemma leads to unhappiness. According to Law of Attraction, when we are not happy, do something that you like. So I choose to eat!  Yes ladies, gay and gentlemen, EAT.. I choose those delicious low fat crispy popiah. I ate 3 big crispy popiahs for lunch! My friend ate the rest one.  

Being an active person (I am!), a day without job complete is like a day without a deodorant. You still can live but you won’t feel comfortable and smelly! I don’t feel good. Short… I am  in dilemma. This is what happened when you are quite well known for doing something and subsequently get recognized. But the most important thing here is me, myself and people that I care and love. I am happy now and I wish no one could take that from me.  

Happiness is varies; like some will think Oakley sunglasses is cool but I think that shade are so like cheap typical kampung style. I prefer Dior or Gucci or even Rayban! For those who like Oakley, please forgive me. As I told; me and you are different!

I can’t ask you to do something that you don’t like and vice versa.

This is happening to me now.  I got a new offer. Some of my friends say go for it. It is an honour to me to be recognized.  They said it is not something that anyone can do.

But I am so happy with what I am doing now.

With my current job (full time + fashion blogger) I can hang out with my super stylish friends at mamak or Starbucks, go shopping for latest CHEAP designer items,  hang out with celebrities, get invited to premiere, walk on the red carpet(sort of) in glamorous event, do my hair at salon and have my mani and pedi before the event, etc etc.

ALL THE ABOVE  IS SOMETHING THAT I LONGING FOR SINCE MY FIRST VOGUE READING!  Thanks to what I am currently doing, it is a reality!

But if I accept the “so called recognition offer”, could I hang out with my super stylish friends at mamak or StarBucks , go shopping for latest CHEAP designer items,  hang out with celebrities, get invited to premiere, walk on the red carpet(sort of) in glamorous event, do my hair at my trusted salon and have my mani and pedi before the event, etc etc.

 The USD 15 million question, do I have time to blog on almost a daily basis?

The USD435 million question, could I maintain my productive blog hits?

The PRICELESS question, could I keep my avid blog readers that wrote to me and said how much they love me, adore me, want to be my friends or want me to be their boyfriend when I only blog once a week?

But what if the offer comes with clothing allowance…


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This is my favourite place on earth. The place where I can relax joy and enjoy my favourite teh tarik. I don’t know why but teh tarik taste better here!

It is actually HOT in Cameron Highlands and I am talking about the temperature and not some part of the scenery.

 Leave your winter and only pack your summer wear! The weather is not like it used to be. Click here to read about the devastation!

By the way, this is me against the highland.

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Blogging on a ferry to Pangkor


I am blogging from a ferry seat waiting to board from Lumut Jetty to Pangkor Island Beach Resort.  The music on the air is probably from horror orchestra soundtrack. Don’t ask me why the ferry operator picks that kind of music!

 It is nice to get attention especially from a bunch of cute kids that seated next row.  They probably wonder why this weird looking guy in oversized shade and black ‘AROUSED’ TopShop tee looking so serious typing on computer while other passengers just laugh and taking photos!

I think I am a blogholic.

It is not on ‘rehab serious phase’ but I love to blog. A day sans blog is like a day without moisturizer. You know how bad it is! But this is what I like to do.. My source of inspiration to blog is from my passion towards style, fashion and devoted CuteCarry readers. It is like a triple joy when an email on my inbox from readers expressing how much they love my blog and ehem.. ehem.. me!  The best part is that they are from all over the world!

My passion to blog is also the fact that I am a shameless attention seeker!

You heard it right!

Back to the kids. They still smile and them taking photos of me!

They are so cute and not afraid to smile at me.  Unlike this horrible looking 40’s nyonya that looks fashionably disastrous in checked pants and horror looking spectacle that seated next to me. She is like having a heavy PMS.  Don’t she realized that it is NOT a good idea to do bad to blogger because she is probably end up as part of the story in this blog

Oh… I really want to have kids.

 Got to go. I have to call Madonna or Angelina Jolie for advised while sipping my orange juice facing the sea!

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Millionaires spending habit

It is so inspiring to read an article from Kimberly Palmer. It is not like reading that so called phenomenal Poor Dad Rich Dad book because each time I try, I catch zzzzzzzzzz because it is DAMN boring!

This is about how Oprah, Bill Gates and the rest spend.

Am I’m spending like a millionaire? Let’s see….







Millionaires can easily delay their need for gratification when purchasing  I can’t imagine delaying to buy that gorgeous TopShop shirt at 50% off.
Millionaires make living below their means painless My skin needs that expensive collagen facial! I am easily dehydrated. 
Millionaires are resourceful in getting what they want by carefully timing their consumer purchases Ok… I think I can. I am very resourceful. Like trying each of the jeans before buying one… or two… 
Millionaires don’t like wasting anything (especially money); Ohh.. That is so me. I won’t waste my money on cigarette and ecstasy pills. 
Millionaire sense of “self-entitlement” is highly minimized I don’t really know what it means. But Anna Wintour is so self entitlement!.. 
Millionaires spend..depending on what they are buying (think: appreciating vs. depreciating assets  Hugo Boss winter jacket is an asset!

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My new do

This is my new look.


Thanks to my new stylist, Calvin from Jantzen.

Anna Wintour 1

Anna began wearing her hair bob since she is 14, and it is her most recognizable signature look.


Probably this short spike is my signature look. We’ll see …

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Armani and hepatitis – Get well soon!

My heart beats fast when I read a report about Giorgio Armani failed to show up at the International Furniture and Design Exhibition Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month. My concern is not because of his non-appearance but it is because he contracted hepatitis!


But a statement said he is recovering. This is a statement from his rep:-

The designer described hepatitis as “certainly…not a rare illness, nevertheless it is one which requires some time for a complete recovery.” In a statement issued Wednesday, the 73-year-old Armani took the opportunity to underscore the fact that his company “has continued to operate normally with business as usual.” Armani, who is gearing up to show his men’s signature and Emporio collections in Milan next month and his Prive couture line in Paris in July, said his “commitment both on the creative and management side has never relented.”

The designer pointed out that “there has been no shift in delegation of [his] authorities to any one of the executives and everything in the company is proceeding with the usual energy.” Armani felt the need to respond to “the high level of interest” over the past few days about his health. “There have been several phone calls asking the same questions and expressing the same concerns regarding my health. I have decided to calm these worries in my usual direct and clear style of communication,” said the designer

Oh.. Armani is one of my favourite designers. I know how to pronounce Armani long before I know how to pronounce Louis Vuitton (btw.. it is easy to pronounce Armani .. Ar-Ma-Ni).

Armani is something I can easily remember! As a normal kid from a very average family, designer items are a rare stuff. I heard about the high fashion; but I don’t know the price, how it looks like and in fact, I don’t know why people obsessed with it.

 In the magazine spread, the clothes looks quite the same with something from low end shop, but I know it is something about the clothes because the more I look at it item on the fashion spread, I became more and more fascinated!

My fascination turns to obsession.

Long, long time ago and I was on a late Raya shopping. I went to the mall my best childhood friend. Both of us still studying and  ‘poor’ but we are really into one thing, style and fashion! My father gives me an allocation that includes all expenses from bus ticket to a few pair of new clothes.  Browsing and browsing from rack to rack with my best friend and it is almost like nothing attracted me! Then there it is, a black and white shirt with clean and simply perfect cut . It is simple but to my amazement it is very expensive. But I know I must have the shirt.

 My mind is like a calculator because I have a very limited budget. If I bought the shirt I can’t get any other stuff! After a discussion with my friend, I decided to buy the shirt with all the money I has; and my friend agree to pay the bus ticket!

That is my first Emporio Armani shirt. The owner told me it is the only piece and it is original.

The story is not about Armani, it is more than that. It is about my passion, my dear father who never failed to give money in any way he could and my dear friend, who unfortunately, as we grow up, we fall apart and I really don’t know why!  

Now buying Armani is not so rare to me but it is rare to talk and shop with my childhood friend.

Sometimes it is wonderful to be young and poor.

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