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Top 10 CuteCarry Ida Nerina Best Style

I am really shocked when I read that Ida Nerina probably can’t walk again after she fractured her spine in a freak accident at a condominium in Persiaran Syed Putra. She is talented, skinny, beautiful and stylish!  Her favourite colours is black, red with a dash of white. She knows how to put everything in witout being too busy or overdone. This is some of my favourite Ida Nerina styles:-

No 10

Elegant in black chiffon and silk dress. Crazy about the shoes!

No 9

As elegant as a final contestants of Miss Universe in ballgown ‘swept away’.

No 8

She looks demure in cotton printed tunic. Free and easy.

No 7

She looks extra elegant in black glamour wrap dress.

No 6

Busy ruffles toned down with simple black pant. Brilliant pair!

No 5

Smoking Red with silver Dior saddle. I think the dress is Dior as well!

No 4

Heavy top that ridiculously look good on her. She is in minamal accesory and simple no fuss hair. That is her secret for this amazing urban hobo look.

No. 3

Effortless casual one shoulder top for exclusive afternoon wear.

No. 2

Red-empire dress pair with black cluth. Her main accesory is her equally stylish man.



Black and white. Perfect flowy hair. No-mistake make up. I am Typeless.

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Liyana Jasmay 80’s vibe

Not everyone can pull this look successfully.


Liyana Jasmay carries it successfully in loose tee, high cut sneakers, leather legging and exotic pendant.

A Strong 80’s vibe from a very energetic girl!

Kate Moss is that you?

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Public Affection tees

 This is for those who want to flaunt your love declaration while shopping in a shopping mall.

Red104-shop is the place where you can get a wear for you and your love one to show public affection and tell everyone “we are an item”.

[you are sexy 1 (edited).jpg]

It is pretty cute set of tees! My favourite is sexy girl vs. sexy boy set.

[soulmate 2[3].jpg]

[classic nurse (edited)[3].jpg]

If tees is not enough to show the world that you are together and you want “indirectly warn” his ex not to call him anymore, you should get a matching couple necklace.

What a LOVE….

Visit Red-104 shop

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Prada ‘Colourful’ Resort 2009

I am blogging on the beach at Pangkor Island Resort Beach Resort. I can’t get enough of this resort!

The best way to light up the gloomy world economic is by adding bright colours to everything from stimulus package to the colour of the wardrobe.

Miuccia Prada is trying to shift away the attention from the economic agony. We all suffered! Like it is now almost impossible for some people to buy more than 3 pair of Chanel spring summer collection, eat lobster once a month instead of two and reading Bryanboy on the net instead buying magazine to know what is hot at Prada!

Prada Resort Collection 2009 ostrich bags

It is so many colours at Prada in this 2009 Resort Collection, like watching 60’s TV in multicolour. The combination of unexpected colour can be seen throughout the runway. It is not a usual colour that we seen on past few Prada collection. She likes to play with colour and she does it brilliantly!One of the unique features of this collection is the use of ‘tie’ or ikat technique. It is everywhere on the tip of the shirt to bikini. It is also where the moment when pareo in exotic print make a comeback!

Prada Resort Collection 2009 ostrich bags

The celebration of colour also effected to the gorgeously looking Ostrich bag! Temptation, temptation!

Thanks God the lace is gone! But we’ll never know if it will come to haunt us on next Prada offering!

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Halle Berry rolled up baggy jeans

Katie Holmes must be happy. She has a new follower.

Halle Berry trying to look comfy and urban chic to reminisce Suri’s mom rolled up baggy jeans. 

I am not impressed.  The disadvantage of this trend is it makes one look shorter and bulkier than she really is . Why you want to wear something that will only make you less perfect? Halle Berry is perfect but if you look at her with this look, she looks short and like a 15 year old boy. I blame the jeans and pixie cut!

But if you out there really want to wear it, make sure you have acceptably long legs and put on your highest heels!

This is an ultimate mom jeans. That is why Halle and Kate wearing it because they want to tell the world that they are mom. Ladies… we have internet and paparazzi and your publicists. We know your baby since they are is in your body. Enough of the baggy rolled up jeans!

Oh…Halle Berry baby girl Nahla looks so cute. I want to have baby now!


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Big fat girl guide for sexy poolwear

I am blogging from Pangkor Island Resort.

Kingfisher Pool

It is a paradise and everyone is in their mot simple outfit. Almost everyone because just now I saw a girl in short dress and Bebe bling-bling hoodie jacket. Girl… what are you doing with your hoodie in this hot and sunny island? Talk to me girl.. Please talk to me. You need help!

Beach is also the place for those who like to feast the eyes. You know what  I mean!  Bodies with very minimal coverage lounging around the pool. It is a feast if you watching something  that excites you but what if something that makes you want to puke? Don’t it makes you want to tell them to cover that flabby abs and mountain bottom?


Here is some suggestion for those opposite Giselle who like to relax by the pool:

Calvin Klein jersey tunic can easily transformed into beach to mall wear. Understated style but very elegant!

Calvin Klein Satin jersey tunic

Matthew Williamson beaded silk kaftan is so glamorous and classy. Put on tube or spaghetti with black pant inside for elegant cocktail dress.

Matthew Williamson Beaded silk kaftan

Missoni Moena mini kaftan can be adjusted into spicy off-shoulder that will give a big dash to your sexy appeal

Missoni Moena mini kaftan

Antik batik matisse silk kaftan for you to blend with the exotic island

Antik Batik Matisse silk kaftan

  Alicia Simone Polka dot swim dress is for you want to swim! 

+Women's Alicia Simone Polka Dots Swim Dress

Emilio Pucci if you crazy about geomatric print

Diane von Furstenberg for quick slimmer illusion

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Hermes La Femme aux Semelles de Vent

It looks like a historical paint than a scarf. Hermes latest scarf collection or in French, La Femme aux Semelles de Vent is based on an adventure of Alexandra David- Neel, famous French explorer who traveled all over the world. The story on the scarf I guess is about her experiences in Tibet, where she became a Tibetan Lama. To learn about her journey click here.


You can see almost everything on a piece, leopard, tiger, flowers, and mountain and also… erm… is that a yak cart?

It is such a busy scarf. I am not a big fan. But as I told you earlier, this is a piece of history.   You probably can wear it like to only a very exclusive place where everyone knows what Hermes is and how to pronounce it and how much it costs! Click here for USD375 per piece scarf!

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Playing stylist with bestie…

This is my best friend Mimi with her husband which also my friend, Johar in a function in Kota Kinabalu.

The theme of the night is white. She wants to wear white but she doesn’t want to look overdressed and a very simple accessories.

So I play stylist.

So Mimi and I decided to blend white wrap top for quick slim look with a very simple with a bit of lux. The answer is cream pearl.

I love playing stylist.

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New look : Jeggings

There’s new word in official dictionary in Style Kingdom.  Jegging.

If you are living in this kingdom for so long, you probably get used to all terms.  For foreigners, it is difficult to cope with the ever new born terms, but for us who live and breathed in Style Kingdom, it comes naturally!


Jeggings is a term used to refer to denim lengging (legging + jeans = jeggings). You probably have one. Or if you are not, you probably should consider owning one. Jeggings is different from the usual leggings that you see Lindsay Lohan wore 8 days a week. She’s wearing a shiny, leather or PV type, but jegging is actually a tight jeans.

Pixie Geldoff, Beyonce and Mischa Barton already a fan.

But before you put that on, do you have the legs takes to wear it? I saw a bunch of girls who has KFC drumstick legs wearing leggings! Honey, I am not saying you’re not beautiful, but you look painfully uncomfortable in that; even you feel like you’re wearing nothing!


Sometimes, fashion is a bit about to impress people. It doesn’t matter how much you said to yourself or your mom that I am fashion, I am unique, I can wear anything I like; but fashion is still a matter of impress.

CuteCarry choice for jeggings is from TopShop. Visit your nearest store to get ‘jeggings’.

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Swinging Tilda

I used to think she is weird and icy, like an evil Ice Queen. I am terribly right. She is weird and icy.


She is weird and icy in her own way, and I kinda like it! Just look at her. Who is possibly can wear that like Tilda Swinton? Put aside the hair. The bias cut extremely wearable even it looks like it is an oversized bellbottom. The top look like a traditional Malay dress, kebaya.

FYI, this is her at Cannes at the premiere of movie Up.

Two thumbs up.

Tilda, I hope I have your aura!

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