Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Fetish for Gucci boots

My ultimate wishlist.

Gucci boot!

My friend told me, her Japanese friends will laughed like crazy whenever they saw someone wearing boot in hot tropical Malaysia because they think boot only suitable in cool climate.

Noted. I will be not wearing boot during sunny day. I will only in boot when I am in freezing Malaysian air-conditioned room!

If only, read. If only I can get these delicious boots from Gucci. Italian leather lace-up boot with embossed logo script and side zip closure. I am craving now. USD795

Rich leather with elastic side gores and signature web heel. I am hungry for it. USD625.

Luxe Italian leather with side buckles and shearling lining. I am starving! USD995


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Michael Jackson the best daddy ever

I never bought his record and I never knew this girl. But I watched this over and over again.

But this is truly touching.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris, speaks at MJ memorial service.

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Si Tenggang docu

I am blogging from a hotel lobby in Feringgi, Penang.  Believe me, I am trying to stop but I can’t. I must keep blogging!

This is interesting!

kekasih fouziah

The most modern traditional perempuan melayu terakhir. Fauziah Ghaous is in beautiful baju kurung cekak musang and oversized belt and the most IMPORTANT thing is her layered hair. PLEASE, I really hope that is not her locks do in latest Astro RIA documentary, Si Tenggang. That is ridiculously not the hip hair during that era.

 Wan Maimunah in white sexy top. What do you think? She is Tenggang depressed mother. She looks depressed. You’re really really real!

 Si Tenggang on Astro RIA, Sunday, 5th July 9.00pm.

Fouziah Gous

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Kevin Jonas engangement ring for Danielle Deleasa

This is it. 210 round pave diamonds, according to Angela Arabo, Jacob & Co vice president, who worked with Kevin to design the ring. The star “had done his homework,” Arabo said. “He knew exactly what he wanted!

Oh.. so sweet!

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Thomas Pink @ 30% off


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Mariah.. where your boobs?

The new hip hop brilliant is in town and his name is Mariah Carey.


Don’t worry, she is not trying to be the next pregnant man, he… I mean SHE shoots a video for her new song “Obsessed” in New York.

Not bad for a lady…

The 500 million (equal MJ wealth) question, would you date Mariah Carey as a man?

Tell me, I want to know.

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The last sketches

If Prince Diana perished before she can wear Jimmy Choo shoes, Michael gone before he can wear his costume.

Dennis Tompkins, This Is It tour costume designer had sketches the costume based on concept like old favourite; the gloves and socks, thrilling jacket, military salute and belt and whistles.

He is gone now.  The costumes will probably become another MJ signature look, to add from his dozens signature look. The over the edge fashion sense followed by millions because it is globally acceptable!

Michael Jackson; the Mr Universe.

The inmates in Cebu, Philippines love him too!

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Oh.. it’s a rabbit!

Look its paint

No… it’s a doll

No… It’s a rabbit

 Oh… it is Madonna for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Collection.

She wants to be reinventing into a erm… rabbit. Don’t worry; it is just a normal diva request. She can ask for it and definitely get it!

Madonna was photographed by Steven Meisel at New York in a chic Parisian café concept set. The dim light did fabulous for a 50 year old. Marc Jacobs, the heart and soul for LV said while the two campaigns look very different, there is also a unity about them, “So it now feels like we have completed both parts of the story.”  The ad, according to Marc meant to evoke the golden age of Hollywood.

oh… what a bag.. what a bag.. what a bag…  my wishlist is that bag, birthday is comin …

About the rabbit thing, Madonna showing off the weird but ridiculously stylish rabbit ear which I think must be extremely expensive because it is from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton!

p/s: the bags looks incredibly yummy. Finally LV turn back into LV. Classic, stylish and expensive!

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Erra Gugu Gaga PA scenes are “quite scripted”

Reality show is supposed to be reality but we all know some is so planned! When Kardashian’s fought, it is in the script, Paris Hilton said she acts dumb in Simple Life and some of America Next Top Model contestants tear scenes are so freaking fake!

Erra Fazira Gugu Gaga is no difference.

In that post pregnancy reality show, Erra is trying to juggle his life between baby, hubby and how to shed some kilos. She is making money while doing this. It is easy being Erra; she get on her life, let the cameras rolling and the payment is in her account! But some of the scenes are like… scripted!

The first one is when she is in the Slim World for weight management programme. Her personal assistant “accidently forgot” to bring her favourite milk bath. She is quite “mad” and instruct her PA, by hook or crook to buy that milk bath that “happened to be” from Johnson and Johnson, the main sponsor for this reality. Come on…..

Another scene. Erra told her newly appointed PA to be careful especially when it comes to matter like personal life, privacy etc etc. But her PA gossiping about Erra neighbor and even showed Erra baby pic to the Slim World staff. This is all happening when Erra is behind her PA back listening to the conversation with camera angles are perfectly positioned! Come on…


 I really LOVE Gugu Gaga… It is really entertaining, informative and just, just fun! I rush back to watch this show. Congratulations to Astro RIA, Erra and family, Vernon and everyone involved!

Astro Gugu Gaga Erra every Thursday 9pm only on ASTRO Ria.

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Catwoman whipping lesson

 Michelle Pfeiffer has offered up her whipping lesson for the next woman to portray iconic villain Catwoman. She said “I can give the whipping lessons. I did my own whipping.”

I want to join the class! I am sure the producer rather die than pick me as the next feline but I will probably die if I am selected to be Michelle student. I can use my whipping lesson to erm…. Let me keep it to myself. meow…..

Michelle is the BEST and PERFECT Catwoman. Who can forget that sexy ‘cover up’ catsuit and her acrobatic cat moves? Remember the way she licks her hand? What a sensational cat!

Actresses that are rumors to star in the next Catwoman are from Catherine Zeta Jones to Rachel Weisz to Angelina Jolie.

My choice; Angelina Jolie!

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