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Adidas by Stella McCartney

Madonna loves Stella McCartney, so what does it means? The staggering, mountain-ing price for a piece of dress of course!

If you can’t afford to buy Stella, you can still have something with Stella on it, like this effortless Zutan gym bag. But this ‘gym’ bag is nothing like a typical gym bag. The truth is, the word gym shouldn’t be used at all. In fact it is look like a casual bag or mom bag. Really, look closely… can you spot any sporty elements on this bag?


But, this is a damn fine bag. A bag for a girl who is active, sporty but never forget her mani and pedi appointment.

Where else you can get a piece of Stella at like a tiny portion of the full Stella?


Adidas by Stella McCartney Zutan Gym Bag at net-a-porter.    More Adidas by Stella bag here!


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Y3 Logo Shopper

If I conduct a survey, what is the top 10 designer in Malaysia, I am pretty sure Yohji Yamamoto is not on the list. Not because Yohji failed to come out with great design because it is not easily available in Malaysia, therefore it is not a household name in Malaysia. Not YET

Y3 is a genius marriage between Yohji and an athletic giant Adidas.


If I ever sling this statement Y3 shopper, I am not sure if I can get as much attention compared to if I carry Gucci or Prada if I am in a pedestrian crowd!  But it is a big matter if people don’t know what are we carrying?

The answer is NO considered it is a stylish in sporty category bag. The adjustable strap make it is an easy for a sleek messenger or an easy to carry satchel. Plus, the colour is classic and can be easily blend with almost any of our track, tees or jeans. The tall shape is practical to carry our sport essentials to chemicals book!

The answer is YES because if I fork out USD195 (well, it is not really expensive, but still!!), of course I want people to know I am carrying something from designer line with a price tag that I can be proud of!

Y3 bag at eluxury.

 Here are some of the Y3 worth seeing. It is nothing like Adidas but if you are willing to spend money on designer line sport attire, so you are ready to sweat on that treadmill to lost that extra tyre! (Used this when you feel like skipping your gym session today).



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Prada Viaggio Messenger Bag


The figure is supposed to be me. Even if the height is 6’’ while I am only 5’11 and 62kg, that is me and that bag is mine. ALMOST!!!!

 I really, really want Prada black nylon messenger bag. I need a new messenger because my old CK messenger is dirty like crazy and I something tell me I must put my totes for a rest now. There are so many totes hanging in my room and I seems to pick only messengers to messenger when I am ready to go out, whether it Guess Cairo, Adidas Pocket Mess or my dirty (not smelly) CK or others.

I really, really need this bag because I need to attend a few fashion launching and parties. It is a big NO to attend a function with LOTS of fashionista. This is where everyone will stare to each other like a lion aiming at a zebra without a designer bag. I love my new striking Adidas pocket mess but it is not just for that kind of function. I’ll look like pedestrian in that crowd!



It’s been quite a while to find a designer messenger that falls under my category such as the right size, colour, material and the most important is BUDGET!

 Finally I found Prada Black Nylon messenger bag.

 It is black – check

It is nylon – acceptable

It is not really big and not really small – acceptable

It is only USD380 at bluefly– I can afford it!

 But the problem is they don’t ship to my country!

 A quick look at nearest Prada boutique and departmental store but no sign of it. 

I’ll get this bag… sooner or later it will be mine… hahhaahhah (imagine I laugh like a Cruella Devil!)



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Adidas pocket mess

It is happening in Borneo!

Maybe it is just a coincidence or maybe it law of attraction. I believe the latter. The more I practice, the more things visualize in my life! I followed obsessed the fundamental concept of this law that focus on what you want. I visualizing great food when I am having not so great food in plane, I get  to taste heavenly chicken wings and Mee kolok.

Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok

When I keep visualizing about bag, I don’t really specific any bag, but I need bag that is cheap (I need to pay bills), wearable and outstanding; and it is visualize in a form of Adidas Pocket Mess messenger cost at only around USD17! I even ask the store manager, why it is so cheap. He explained that this is  a stock clearance item and it is made from Vietnam. Well… as long as it is an original item, I am ok with it.



This is my second bag from Borneo. The first is Charles and Keith. I am writing this entry from my hotel room (nice room and ambience but very mediocre food) with Pocket Mess next to me. This canvas bag is not something that I am proud of if in term of quality. No zippers, no proper fastening. It is merely canvas bag  (with pockets) that stand on its own. The thing that attracted (beside the price) is the colour. I just love, love and love the electric blue. Very outstanding indeed. I love outspoken colour. It just me.

This is the bag I that is definitely will make me look young. The coordination between electric blue, messenger, Adidas and my new hair cut will make people think I am just a college student. I hope that is what everybody think.

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At one phase as a young adult, I used to spend a lot of time online. Not for researching or to find something knowledgeable but updating blog (I do not have any that time) but to chat. Chatting on line is the place where I just can be whatever I want to be. I can say anything from claiming (or lying) that I am a runway models to heir for a small empire in Asia called ‘Durian’ (I feel so stupid now).

Chatting with peoples from different culture and nationality open my mind. I am being too typical anymore. Not again I think all British hate hot and spicy food because when I ask ‘what is your favourite food’ to Londoner, most of them said Indian food! I am really wrong because I think all American support war while the truth is 80% of them (the chatters) told me that they are not happy about Vietnam War and Iraq invention. I am not the only one who thinks typical. It always happened especially when I introduce myself as an Asian Asia guy and some ask me about how to say hello in mandarin because they think I am Chinese. I told them, it’s not only Chinese in Asia; they are like million other races in Asian.

What is you think when I said ADIDAS bag? Typically some of us think duffel with tonal tree stripes that suit only a very sporty man and women. Or a bulky back pack with big huge compartment for bottle of water. I don’t blame you but I blame the ad. Adidas typical campaign mostly feature very lean, sporty sweaty women in Adidas that gives us an impression or think she will be in tracksuit and sneakers to wedding and her ‘lingerie’ is sport bra and boxer. Some of them look like Miss Jay Alexander from America Next Top Model (he is strong, model figure lady too!).

Stop being typical because you’ll be surprise that this simple polyester micro fiber/ PU leather ‘Balance tote’ is from Adidas. More like CK than Adidas. I just love the two tone black from different material combine on the front of the tote. It helps to enhance the feature without any other details that probably cause permanent glitches to the tote. Extra point for including that pink FreshPAK anti-microbial lining.

The tote doesn’t look like mini duffel like some sport tote. If you own that type of tote, leave it at home. Just like its name, Balance tote is something that you can carry to gym or too mall. Somebody should tell ‘Adidas strong campaign girl’ that there are beautiful and carrying this ultra sleek tote make them look extra fabulous but still in a very sporty way.

Typical Sporty Girl can look pretty and irresistible too. No doubt about it. Adidas Balance tote at for USD70.00

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Searching for casual sporty bag can be dreadful. It can be too sporty or too casual. Spacious is very important. Ditch the bag that doesn’t have enough for your gym shoes. We need a tote that can carry gym essentials and also for quick trip to the nearest mall after the yoga session.

Sporty and casual. His or her (well.. actually the PH is more to her). That is the best words to describe Adidas Reno . The main feature of Reno is polyurethane shell with inside polyester lining. To complete the look is zipper compartment, hidden zip pocket and outer pocket. The most astonishing accessories are the double buckles. Love it.

This handier, spacious bag perfect for stuffing your sweaty gym clothes. It is hard to go wrong with Reno. It is not a fashion offence for your jeans and shirt also toiletries in Reno for a one night weekend trip. You will only receive summons if you carry Reno while you are in two piece suit.

To get the sporty casual look with Reno outside the gym is to pair it with Adidas hood sweater plus jeans, make your self visible in Puma Speed Cat Puma sneakers. Don’t forget the attitude.


Stretch your fingers at

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