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Another Anya Hindmarch cheap bag

There’s a good thing about economic crunch, designers will try to sell something that is affordable but with one catch, it is not so ‘durable’!

The designer that knows how to play with the concept is Anya Hindmarch. Remember “I am not a plastic bag” that make all the poor fashionistas queue up for hours to buy that bag? Truth: I want to queue to for that cheap bag but I can’t get a leave .Damn! It sold out around the world, my freinds proudly toting and tease me because I can’t get it . But the the reality struck fast, look aroud now, did you see any fashionistsa carrying that bag now?

It is official. Cheap designer bag is short –lived.

Anya Hindmarch 'Meat and Poultry' canvas tote

Anya Hindmarch Shopping canvas tote

Anya Hindmarch Laundry canvas tote

Poor fashionistas listen. Here they come again. It is made from canvas, big with whimsical image and very recognizable logo. Perfect for beach or weekend or shopping – dont use plastic bag, use this bag!

Preferably for those who want to add another designer bags into your collection. You can boost your friends that you own a piece of Anya Hindmarch. Just don’t tell them the price.

Not as cheap as ‘I am not a plastic bag’ but still cheap in Anya standard.  At net-a-porter.

p/s: I think it is aroud RM300 plus in malaysia. Oh.. so cheap..I want it……………….

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50% off for Anya Hindmarch bags!


Thanks to our mother, we can buy Anya Hindmarch bags at 50% off!


Products Offered:

  • Designer’s handbags
  • Day bags
  • Evening Bags
  • Handmade Handbags


  • Anya Hindmarch Suria KLCC 03-2382 0877
  • Anya Hindmarch Parkson, The Pavilion 03-2142 0989
  • Anya Hindmarch Parkson, 1 Utama 03-7724 2197
  • Anya Hindmarch Isetan The Gardens 03-2142 0989

Web site:

Unfortunately, I am really confident that “I am not a plastic bag” not on SALE!

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Anya Hindmarch Speed Chain bag


Now is like everyone is carrying a chain shoulder bag. It is like a virus attack. Why shouldn’t they? It is chic and flexible. You can use your shoulder or carry it effortlessly like the above image.

If you are looking for chain shoulder bag, I am begging you, please take a look and consider at this classic off white Anya Hindmarch Speed Shoulder bag. You can never go wrong Speed. Off white can go with any colour or tone. The shape is so easy on eyes, without any surprise element and at a reasonable size. Speed is just sweet, simple and at the same time very exclusive.  This is the bag that will make everyone; including your so called frienemies will have nothing to say. If they said it is ugly, they don’t mean Speed, they mean you.


Anya Hindmarch Speed pre order at Saks for USD795, now you don’t have any reason not to buy this chain bag. At USD795, it will not make you poor and you don’t need any reason not to buy this bag. Pre order at Saks.

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Basically, there are about four types of women; leather, beads and stud, canvas and denim and also evil.



Women who has extra cash and carry only kind like Hermes Birkin in Fifth Avenue and luxurious Marc Jacobs leather tote (USD1,295.00 @ while strolling in Langkawi. She probably will only drink Perrier or Evian and eat fresh air. They are kind of fun to be with but you must have extra cash or no limit for your card(s). These women will probably speak in fake accent. Very high maintenance indeed. So be careful.


Beads and stud

Women who loves attention. She doesn’t care about what people say. She will slip into her Ellie Saab long beaded dress and carry Roberto Cavalli Swarovski embellished clutch (USD1,755.00 As long as she is glittering and shiny she loves it. She may look like a very expensive queen or very inexpensive thing. Sometimes they kind like addicted to beads and studs. There a story buzzing around town when Santa Claus mistakenly thought these women are Christmas tree. No wonder they can afford more and more beaded shoes, bag and dress.


Jeans and denim

Women who only wear Levis and plain tees in almost anytime and carrying anything comfortable and actually dont really care about what is in Harpers Bazaar. She is not really into protocol, hates attending gala dinner and won’t be caught dead in very same vicinity with Queen of England. Some view her as cool and not little view her as slouchy. These women own nothing but kind like Tommy Hilfiger Joshua Backpack (USD 71.99 Probably they only change bag once in every five years.



She is the one who still carrying plastic bag even after Anya Hindmarch proudly tell everyone she sold all her environment friendly bag. These women are the most disgusting creature on earth. She doesn’t care if the plastic bag is the reason why turtles die and flash flood Bangladesh. They should be eliminated from planet earth.

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The ultimate wear – White Shirt

Some say you can’t never wrong with white shirt. But my opinion is you can always be wrong when you’re in white shirt. The reason is the very correct white shirt can make you look exclusive, clean, stylish and edgy while a very wrong white shirt will make you look very boring and simple until you look invisible. I assume those who read my blog love fashion so there’s no way in million years we want to be boring, simple and invincible.


I love white shirt too. I have like 3 basic white shirt, including Topman (that I wore like for 200 times). The reason why I love white shirt is it can go along really well with my stripes, plain, dots or colourful tie. The tie will look really outstanding and nothing can beat the feeling of people asking me to get the tie; which actually that is a very old tie and I’ve wear it almost thousand times to a very same crowd. That is the power of white shirt.


White shirt really wary. Some is ridiculously cheap and some so pricey it makes me think; who on earth want to buy that plain white shirt? To glam the white shirt, you must know how to accessories or choose not too conventional and experience with pleats, origami, bow, ruffles, etc. Choose the correct categories of white shirt depends on which occasion you’re in.  Buttoncuff white with burgundy pencil skirt and maybe killer heels or flat for effortless professional look. Origami or ruffles white shirt for formal function (remember to carry very outstanding tote or satchel that is not too big or too small and try to avoid clutch). Bow or statement shirt look outstanding outstation meeting. Show them who is in charge when you present your document fresh from jaw dropping briefcase.


Here is my pick of best white shirt (plus the bag of course).







K by Karl Lagerfeld Fran cotton shirt USD215

Don’t forget to wear something underneath the shirt; maybe a white tank and not your honeymoon black lace bra.


Carry with:-




Yves St Laurent Muse bag chocolate soft croc embossed suede USD1,596.00







D&G Ruffle front cotton shirt USD345 First you show them who behind all the work, then you make them wonder, who is this girl if you


Carry with:-


 Soft briefcase Louis Vuitton at







Moschino cotton top at Its is the day where you straight to nearest mall after working hour. Impressed your office collegue and stranger at mall when you


Carry with:-













BCBG Max Azria  tuxedo cotton shirt USD69.00 @ You are the one who wear the pants and the tuxedo shirt. Show everyone you are ‘the boss’ when you


Carry with:-



FENDI Mini Mama Shoulder bag USD805.00




6. Free and Easy Weekend



Cynthia Steffe embroided white shirt USD80.74 Compliment the embroided details when you



 Carry with:-




GUESS Arm Candy Shopper USD78

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