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Chanel Diamond Forever bag

To those recessionistas out there (including myself) be prepare to open your mouth wide, really wide!

Chanel Diamond Forever handbag priced at USD261,000.


Close your mouth now!

Why it is so expensive:-

  1. It is adorned with 3.56 carats made up of 334 diamonds

–      I learned from Kanye West video, people in Africa kill for diamond. I am not sure if they kill each other for this diamonds


  1. The 18 carat white gold hardware

–      I don’t wear gold, but my moms, grandma and aunties like it. White is like so in 2009!


  1. Rare white alligator skin

–      It is easy to locate white supermodel but precious white alligator is the other story.  The most beautiful skin alligators must die first


  1. Only 13 available worldwide

–      some consider 13 is an unlucky number. But for me there is no such thing as lucky number. It is only a stupid, stupid thing to think 13 are unlucky! FYI. 5 of the bags will be available in USA.


  1. It is Chanel. They can put any price and people still will buy their products!


It will be available in December 2009. So start saving now!


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Yves St Laurent ribbon cluth

Yves Saint Laurent Satin ribbon clutch Yves Saint Laurent Satin ribbon clutch

What a perfect bow!

Designers always come out with millions of ribbons inspired bags; some of them look like a real ribbon or man bow, some looks like 3 year old kids toy and some pure elegant, like Yves St Laurent ribbon clutch.

Just like a perfect origami, the black and silver ribbon is carefully wrapped the goldtone hardware and the result is an expensive clutch. Well honey it is expensive, at USD1,530 at net-a-porter. Expensive? Not really; considering you are carrying a piece of wrapping art.

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Tumi Business Not for business bag!

Describe ‘business class bag’…

The typical answer is it must be black, preferably leather or material like leather, formal and sometimes so stiff!

Definitely nothing like the above for Tumi Business Class bag. It is yellow, made from nylon, backpack, nothing normal and not stiff. It is fun! but unfortunately in my case that is the only best part.


I am not a backpack person so maybe what I’m going to say here will be on a bias mood.

I don’t think I look good carrying this bag, especially if I am having a business meeting. My mind can’t work to visualize me carrying this yellow thing on my back. It is fun but don’t you think it is quite cheeky? Yellow backpack pair with a slack and tie?

If I ever carry this bag, it is for laptop and paper documents; that is only if I need to finish my work on the go. But I will definitely change to my formal, typical business tote for my appointment.

Don’t you think it is too ‘school boy’ to carry backpack to business meeting? Backpack is definitely not for serious business people. It is a worst case scenario if the convicted is a woman. The most disastrous catastrophe scene about backpack is when I saw a 20-ish girl in baju kurung and tudung with a backpack on her back in a very important meeting! So tasteless….

Some say style is about breaking the rules, but I can’t imagine myself breaking this rule.


Tumi Business Class Backpack that is NOT for business appointment at Tumi.


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How to make a python bag

This is how to skin a python for a bag.








If you feel uncomfortable with these pics, you are normal.

But if you are think that all the python skin lovers that they are cruel but yesterday you queue to get Kentucky Fried Chicken rib and thigh, you are not normal.

Most of the designers are really aware about the environment. They don’t just kill endangered animals and then parade it on the runway. The animals must be from a legal source like from a licensed breeder. Like in a case of crocs, in the wild, only 5-10% of crocodile eggs reach maturity (they lay about 50 eggs) but a farm survival rate is up to 85%.   

 There is even a law that the animal breeders must release 10% of the animals back to wild. The practice contributed to the repopulation of the animals.

I am really against killing the animals from the wild. But I think if the animals came from licensed breeders, I don’t really against it. What you can do is to check before you can purchase your next croc bag. It is must be from a reputable brand and not from a suspicious shop; like Chanel or Birkin is expensive but the animals legally.

It is the same concept; you eat your fried chicken or steak, where you think they get the animals from? It is from a breeder’s right? Same goes to the designer python bags and shoes!



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Officer Victoria

Here come mummy… I mean army.


She did it again, this time at London, Heathrow and Milan Airport. Give your respect to Officer Victoria, before she took off her Loewe army-inspired dress and dance on your lap.

Victoria loves  high fashion, and I do adore her but don’t you think this is look like a stripper costume? The matchy-matchy outfit, the hat (I think that is from her Russian Vogue cover) and her hideous Valentino Glamourous tote, the only item that is not so tripper about this look.


Kids, don’t try this at home, or airport, or mall or anywhere!

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So not in a style radar….

Event: Malay wedding luncheon

Time at the wedding:  1.00pm to 2.00 pm

Venue: Community Hall

Guest: From those who carry Salvatore Ferragamo to Guess to someone in cheap sandal




Seat: I was seated at a VIP table


Weather: Typical Malaysian afternoon (hot, hotter, hottest)

Dilemma: From below pic, I am not sure if I dressed right yesterday! I am trying to be casual, but this is when casual go wrong.  I end looking like a sick aneroxic boy in an oversized khakis pants. I should be careful next time!




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Flip-ing Bag

I went to my besties crib, Jamsari and saw this cute, rare design Padini Bag.

The moment I saw it, I know it is mine! After almost 20 minutes persuasion, I finally managed to buy this bag. Let say he made a small profit from the transaction!

It is made from PU material but it looks like leather.

This ‘flip-ing bag’ is almost unrecognizable if we flip and un-flip it.

Flip it



Un-flip it



I carry it to office while I am in my slack, long shirt with tie (in my Diva without PMS pose)



During my casual outing at Subang Parade; the flip-ing bag pair with jeans, Nike top and fedora (in my Diva with PMS pose)


 It works both ways!

Thanks Jem!!!

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Emilio Pucci Miri Tunic

 This time I changed a bit of the format. Usually it is always focusing on the bag, and I will suggest the matching shoes, dresses and other accessories but this time, the attention is this beautiful Tunic dress.


 This tunic caught my attention because of its name, Miri. I just love it.  I don’t know why they named it Miri but one thing for sure I’ve been to Miri and me kind like love it. It is a very beautiful town and a place of the biggest cave in world, Niah. This tunic is everything about Miri and Niah, lots of trees, free and easy to look at. Made from silk, so expect something luxurious even you are in your most casual day.

Miri for GBP572.76 at net-a-porter



Bottega veneta woven top handle bag USD2100. Pre order yours at saks.



Banana Republic Jackson  stretch cotton trousers USD89.



Modern vintage Janara Gladiator flat at bluefly for USD117.99

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I was invited to a premiere screening of a movie called Sifu dan Tonga. The movie revolves about a couple of guy from a searching for a girl that had been kidnapped from their tribe. They are actually a tribe that from a group that ran into the woods during Japanese occupation in Malaya back in 1952. A greedy magazine editor kidnapped the girl to get money and to become a chief editor or something. In the end, the tribe defeated the bad guys.End of story.

I know I am really bad story teller, so if you want to know the rest of this ‘adventurous’ movie, go and watch the movie yourself.

Frankly, I am not really interested to tell you about the movie because I am not really into the movie. Well its like with that big names and that is what we get?

But the adventure began before the screening. There are not enough seats available. Even the actors running up and down searching for a seat! FYI, I am comfortably seat and watch the drama.


The most dramatic thing is some audiences sitting on the aisle! I can hear Fauziah Ghaouse said “I want to go back!” Poor Fauziah. But she is a star of the night. Fauziah looks very comfortable and young in a cute short white dress with a zebra print clutch. She looks ‘quite’ effortless. Adorable! Luckily she managed to get a seat.


Me (in TopMan shirt under vintage vest,Excel Polyster pants and Calvin Klein Jeans sling bag) with Fauziah Ghaouse.


I am not sure what brand but I juz love the shape and print. But if you like something like that, take a look at felicity or  zappos


She is still beautiful. What happened to some believe that if you are pregnant, you are going to be really chubby? Not her. She is slim as ever. Pregnant? What you mean pregnant?

Erra is carrying something form LV Multicolore collection. Take cue from Erra and you’ll get street wear in luxury mode. LV monogram multicolore at eluxury.


Azwan Ali and Ikram (who appear like 2 minutes in the movie), Nabil and Apek

Yusry and fan

Yusry and fan

Yusry, the man responsible for the CGI effect.

Apek and Nabil having fun

Apek and Nabil having fun

Both are rich but I really hope they can at least get a fashion stylist. Guys, this is your movie premiere. Why don’t you wear something that is a bit different from your ‘wet market’ jeans and t-shirt?

Nabil and reporters after the premiere. This talented young guy will be very big one day,believe me.

Nabil is swarmed by the reporters after the premiere. This talented young guy will be very big one day,believe me.

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Balenciaga Pleated Clutch


The thing that so make me so can’t keep my eyes from this clutch is because of the structured pleated details. It makes this clutch looks so strong but at the same time not too overdone. The suede on leather makes this one of exclusive clutch. It is not wrong to pair this with soft material dress and if you want to an impact why think something manly like slim cut tuxedo?

Balenciaga pleated clutch bag for GBP495 at brownsfashion .

Carry the clutch with:-



Think Anne Hathaway at her best behaviour and you get a very feminine and demure dress from Isaac Mizrahi Sweetie pie Gown for GBP3,572.42 at net-a-porter.



Or think fierce Anne Hathaway and you get Vivienne Westwood jacket at GBP448.47 at net-a-porter.



Feminine dress must with the kiiller and most elegant and glamorous shoes I’ve ever seen. Jimmy Choo Presta metallic sandal GBP360.43 at net-a-porter.



Sparkle with Kenneth Jay Landver asymmetrical crystal necklace. GBP194.65 at net-a-porter. Note: this only applicable for the dress.

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