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Burberry The Beat Talent Contest

Trench coat never looks so damn good.

Oh….maybe it is nothing to do with this competition but it is all got to do with the organizer Burberry. Trench coat is Burberry. If you don’t know what I’m saying, I suggest you to learn more about the history of Brits fashion!! 

If you know how to dance, play music or whatever, enter this competition. Prize is up to RM3000 worth of Burberry products. I love Burberry smell. It is just so fresh and Brit. People actually can smell you when you spray any Burberry. 

If you has what it takes, go to your nearest Burberry counter, fill in the form and get ready on 28 April 2009 at Sogo.  If you don’t have what it takes, you can come and watch they compete! Catch Wincci and IZ OIAM live.

Burberry Beat here

Watch the ‘boy’ Agyness Deyn here. Another Burberry icon. Possibly you can imitate her dance routine and join the competition?

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Reinvention is something that should be done in order to survive. It is a doing something that we familiar with and turn it into something very interesting into a different form. Like Madonna with her Reinvention tour in 2007. She can be considered old but her she always change her style, her music and her man. A virgin Madonna wannabe that dance to “Like A Virgin” tune in 1980’s watching her 13 year still virgin daughter dance to ‘4 minutes’ today. No wonder why Madonna is so rich!


I used to reinvent too. Like when I choose Time over Harper’s Bazaar. There are so many information you can get from Time. It’s is like my source of real knowledge. Flipping through Time over breakfast at McDonalds make me look like matured, smart and successful executive. I can see people looking at me and my Time. They must think ‘this guy must earning a lot in stock market’ or something. I am on my way to Fortune 500. What a reinvention!



It seems like Burberry reinvent too. Classic check is reinvented in form of Nova net drawstring shoulder bag. It is quite different from other Burberry check which most of it only suit for ‘city use’. Burberry is from London and no wonder most of the design is for girls or guys who take tube or red double storey bus to work. Nova is quite different. It is more for free and easy holiday in Langkawi. Even you are in your cheapest swim suit, you’ll look very expensive with Nova. A very ‘easy bag’ because you can adjust the double straps according to your comfort.  Price for free and comfort is USD995.00 @


Ok, let me tell you the truth. My reinvention plan failed. First, I don’t even buy Time.  I borrow that ‘knowledgeable magazine’ from my friend. Second, I try my best to read it but I only manage read only half of ‘quote of the day’ section. Third, after ‘reading’ that magazine at almost everywhere (including McDonalds) for almost one week, I back to Harper’s and Vogue. Fashion is some kind of reinvention too! It’s change every season.  Yes, I actually find my true reinvention. What a relieved!

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Beijing Mayor, Guo JinLong has passed the baton in form of Olympic flag to London Mayor, Boris Johnson on the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic. In 2012, London will host the Games, so I would like to suggest bags with strong British accent and still relevant until 2012 warning- this entry do not include anything from British skinny export, Victoria Beckham label – DVB.



The British monarch history can be trace back from the year 1000. This monarch is under hereditary concept. It means if you want to be king or queen of England or United Kingdom, the first thing they will ask you would be ‘who is your father or mother?’

Even your grandma will know who is Stella McCartney is. Ok, maybe they will like a little confuse, but that is before you mentioned her father, McCartney is the guy with that full fringe bang and working like a dog in one hard day night and in a boy band that once makes girls screaming and sweating. They are so cute during that era.   

In 2012, you will be sweating like triathlon athletes because of the hot and cute athletes with sporty, lean and tall with everything extra.  Wipe the sweats and drink your Evian.  Keep your towel and water it Stella McCartney for Lesportsac small bowling bag. This bag is everything in between, not too manly or and not too girlie. Maybe the only accessories that you can shares with your boy. If your boy said this bag look awkward for a man, just tell him something like ‘Darling, I am the style master, if you like to play safe most of the time,   eventually you’ll become irrelevant’. Say it; say it loud, and with a very strong and deep British accent!

Available for USD350.00 at   



She started as a punk style designer and leaves her mark when she dressed Sex Pistol for a gig. Her creation combines the notorious S & M, bondage with traditional British elements. Using yester decades fashion and cutting, she turns them into something very wearable, modern, relevant and stylish. Professor Vivienne Westwood is the most genius lady in fashion category (the author category goes to JK Rowling, most expensive hair dos goes to Cherie Blair, trying to hard to be Brit goes to Madonna, )

Vivienne Westwood Red Label large doctor bag looks simple or something you can get anywhere but girls I advise you to look really hard.  Nothing ordinary about this bag. If you match it with your Adidas sweat suit and Puma shoes, you’ll finish first, refined but at the same time not too ordinary. It sparks good girl, notorious girl elements and it is all happened at the same time. With sparks, you’ll be rushing in fastest speed to the finishing line…

Rush rush for red label large doctor bag @ for about 528.94 pound.



Someone told me that Denhem is actually in Australia. Or maybe that is Debenham in UK (pronounced Den-hem). Just like I heard the way to pronounce my favourite place for bargain in UK, Bicester (pronounce Bis-ter).Enough! Let’s forget about my pronounciation or geography lesson, let the real Brit teach you, it would be like Burberry of course. 

You’ll invite a lot of suggestion or impression in London 2012 if you carry Denhem. They may think that you want to be Brits or on your way to Nigella Lawson tea party or a girl who just want to have fun with the real Brit. The most important thing is you’ll be recognized for carrying one of the most exclusive and expensive British brand. In very traditional signature check canvas with dark nickel hardware, you can carry it in almost everyday from 2008 to 2012.  

Burberry Sophie bowler for USD550.00 at






Some may think his designs are ‘very runaway’ or too flamboyant for a real person. Some think sometimes he may out of track but that what make it  so desirable. If you wearing his neo-folk inspired jacket, it is something that will makes people wonder and asking who is that girl?


Whether it is neo folk or geisha kimono, create buzz at London on 2012 with trigger shoulder bag. The detachable gold and black plaited rope detail will shine like a gold medal. Yes, you are the real winner, not Michael Phelps  London Olympic is four years from now, just curious if he still interested to participate, with that monies from labels endorsement.


Claim your medal for about 974 pound at








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