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Pauric Sweeney vs Charles and Keith


It is a women bag, but it is really acceptable for men. I just an inch to buy this bag, but then I saw Calvin Klein jeans and get distracted. Actually, it is really similar to this bag, but not this bag. Sound confusing? Ok… let me tell this in a straight forward way, Charles and Keith bag that I saw in Pavilion KL store is similar to Pauric Sweeney Perforated bag!   

I didn’t snap any pic because probably they will call the security, but even it is almost two weeks, I still remember that the shape of Charles and Keith and Pauric Sweeney Perforated shoulder bag is like a reflection of each other. BELIEVE ME, I have photograhic memory only for bag. The differences are the material, Charles and Keith is black shiny patent leather and while Pauric Sweeney Perforated is silver shiny. The other difference is Charles and Keith only cost around USD35 (after 30% discount) and Pauric Sweeney is like USD1300 at net a porter, without the discount.

 I think I can settle with Charles and Keith.  


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I’ve never been so happy for a long time. Getting designer t-shirts and bags up to 70% less during Mega Sales really put a smile on my face but this is a very different kind of happiness. I went to my best friend forever (BFF) Mimi second son first birthday party in “mysterious Borneo Island”. OK … maybe I am too overwhelmed to describe metropolitan city Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as a “mysterious Borneo Island”. Not really actually. The only mysterious thing in Borneo is maybe Mimi next house neighbour!

It’s been quite sometime since I met Mimi. We shared almost everything. We like almost same thing and hate almost same people. She is a real talkative girl. We can just talk bitching for 12 hours non-stop. She is happily married with her husband Johar (which also happened to be my friend) and blessed with two beautiful boys. I felt so old when I am with the boys. They look so grown up! I still can remember their tiny face and feet when they were born.

Mimi and sons

Mimi and sons

Whatever in Secret is so true. If we are happy inside, it will lead to another episode of happiness. I ate almost everything in the birthday party so to burn some calories I decided to take a walk to the biggest shopping mall in East Malaysia, One Borneo with my other BFF, the authentic and exotic looking Sonia. She’s been living in Kota Kinabalu for six years and believed me; she knows everything about this town more than some locals.

My first thought is One Borneo mall is just like another shopping mall in KK. But to my astonishment, this is such a cool mall. New, big and so many brands from Calvin Klein Jeans to Guess to batik master, Noor Arfa and also ranges of hair and nail salons plus hotels, restaurants and a cinema. I just walk, walk and walk. Well… my plan is to burn some calories remember?

This is a big mall and I try to catch my breath while walking from floor to floor. I think I’ve burn so calories. So I decided to take a ‘quick rest’ in Charles and Keith. If Charles and Keith sound so foreign to you, this is because this Singapore born label only available in about 200 hundred location around the world. The owner Charles Wong and Keith Wong opened their first concept store in 1996 and in some part of the world this is a household name.

During my rest, I saw a patent tall tote that is available in white, beige and black Very outstanding because it is so shiny, tall and big. So I’ve decided to take a look and again, to my astonishment this tote only cost around USD35.00.Minus uneven stitches in some parts, this is such a cheap tote. The size can fit A4 or A3 paper file and with dual flap, rear and inside zip pockets that can store stationeries and cellphone. Wow. this is another ultimate office bag and in just less than 20 minutes, I finish resting in Charles and Keith and return to hotel room with one of their best creation.


My happiness just not ends there. The very next day, in less than 12 hours, I got around 12 compliments (and hundreds of stares) that include strangers in airport, shopping mall and from a very old guy in hotel lift praising my first Charles and Keith.  But I really hope they praise my look. You know like say; “you cute”; out of sudden. hmmmm


I’m in joy.

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ps: I am so happy now and in good mood… I just want to say one thing… Mimi, you do look thin! And thanks to Naz for snapping the photo of the bag and me!

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