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Dear (factory outlet) Coach lover….

Dear Coach lover,

I know your mission after a full day meeting  in The States is to go for Coach hunting at factory outlet. I also know that  the price is cheaper compared to what is in the Coach boutique or department store.  Well.. I am cheap too. We like cheap stuff! We always pretended we shop at Rodeo Drive but we never did right?

But if you afraid of Swine flu,you can shop Coach from your office computer at a price that I must say quite cheap!



Thanks to my beautiful friend, Miss MOHA 2008 that is now in Melbourne, Alim for the info about this blog!

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Introducing Coach Cricket


Coach has come out with new collection call Cricket. A very sporty indeed! Maybe Coach Management decided it is enough with typical girlie name from the previous collection like Amanda, Penelope, Leah and place name like Madison and Hampton. Cricket is a sport, but what sport has to do with handbag? Let see…..

It is a celebration of reengineered Coach previous collections. The main feature of Cricket is the turnlock flap, which is kinda similar like Amanda and Coach original feature. Just like what is on Leah collection, the handbag it has large front compartment pocket . Frankly I am not sure why the name it cricket, but my wild guess is it’s something to do with new Coach Women, active and stylish. One thing for sure the bag maintain the exclusivity of Coach Women.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, Mr Reed Krakoff!


My favourite is this ultra glamourous Op art embossed Cricket Metallic Large Satchel. It has Cs written all over it. Can this bag be the new Coach signature bag? Wait and see….

This collection also includes small handbags. Oppsss… probably I am wrong. Coach not only celebrated women but also men because I am so into this black cricket clutch. It is simple and amazingly quite unisex!  It doesn’t look weird if a man carries this to a formal dinner right?


Let’s pray Coach will consider coming out with Unisex collection! For the time being, you can shop for Crickets at Coach. Price start from USD188.


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Coach Tattoo Obsession


What is this Iban Guy, Gucci and Coach has in common?

They love tattoo!

The tattoo obsession for the Iban guy who lived Sarawak probably because of his root. His tattoo is a symbol of proud, tradition. He is probably did something before he can earn the tattoos.

The obsession about Coach probably after one of the creative team walks across Gucci store and adore the tattoo print on the bag. He can’t get that print out of his head so he translated it into one of the bag under Coach Parker Collection!





Don’t you think this two seems like quite similar? Gucci tattoo was born earlier.

Which one you prefer, Gucci ink or Coach ink? Mind you Coach cheaper. Only USD798 at coach.

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Azlina birthday gift- Coach Kristin hobo

Azlina and I

Azlina and I

The above pic was taken during one of the simplest yet exclusive and beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. I still remember my dear friend Azlina and her hubby Mizul looks like a fairy tale prince and princess in Syaiful Baharim. She is a girl who fall into an effortless chic category who never try too much but her style still very impressive. Unlike me, sometimes I look like a walking fashion specimen BUT I always can get away by saying “this is fashion” or “hello…. I saw David Beckham in this very same style” or “did you ever read Harpers or Vogue?!’.

Her latest Coach leather Kristin just proved that she is someone that still managed to stich to her fashion pronciple even now she is very pregnant. This effortless hobo is a birthday present from her Mizul and  it is so  Azlina.

The birthday gift... and can you see my reflection?
The birthday gift… .. erm can you see my reflection?

Kristin hobo is something that I will suggest if you want to get something leather from Coach. This is a bag that you can carry every year because the style won’t fade. Mizul bought this is KLCC Coach boutique. But if you want it to be delivered to your office so you can proudly tell everyone you bought something spectacular, it is a click away only USD598 at coach.

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Gina’s bag!

“I am actually looking for a bag to bring to work as my current one has just given way… any suggestion? Nothing too girly for me please”…


That is from my dear friend, ‘uber-blooger’, Gina.


I love when people ask for my opinion. Especially when it is regarding what I love most, style, fashion, paperwork, public relations and love relations… ok… maybe not love. I am suck at it. The best thing if people ask for my opinion is I can erm… maybe can be a bit manipulative and a bit snob (action a bitlah!)… you know like ‘well… I know more than you!’…


No Gina, I am not going to be manipulative and snob to you (erm…………….) 


The key words are work and not too girly. But I would like to add something… stylish and season-proof. I will not going to suggest any backpack because it is outside the professional radar.   


These are my suggestions with a principle of ‘it’s ok for a girl to a bit masculine man bag but if man carry very feminine bag, he is something!’







I have like dozens of Padini shirt in my closet. The reason being is Padini really ‘fit’ my taste and budget. I can buy like almost 8 Padinis shirts (and maybe 14 during sale) if I trade in my Thomas Pink shirt. The cut fit my body perfectly and most of its shirt is wrinkle free. As a lazy-guy like me, ironing can be quite stressful. Some brand (even designers) claims that shirt is wrinkle free and guess what, I am shouting at myself when the shirt seems to wrinkle even when I am still wearing it.


Frankly, I don’t have any Padini bag, but I am planning to get one soon because now it is on sale. You can the bag for less than RM150 (around USD40). Most of the bags are very ‘metrosexual’ and it is sensible enough for a girl to carry it.


I saw my office mate carrying it and each time I am looking at their bag because Padini never failed to amaze me!







If I say Coach, I know some of my friend (especially someone who just bought new Coach!) will finally pay attention to me. Some are addicted to Coach because of it’s signature C print but I think the print seems so everywhere. So Gina, how about take a walk to their store to get this you can’t go wrong Transatlantic Leather Draft Tote for USD448.00.



If leather too serious for you  and your blog readers and mom will flop, why not try the nylon version only. It is more easy to pocket, cost only USD298.00.







If you are not into tote, why not go for messenger. It is cool to carry messenger especially if you are in  your office wear. You will look young, energetic and with a lot of creative thought (which is so you). That is the reason why I would suggest you Guess Roger messenger at only USD69.90!




Modern union soak bag


The print on this bag reminds me of the print on my shirt. I really into abstract at one point in my life where almost everything abstract. Straps af the bottom of Modern Union Soak bag are designed to carry a yoga mat. But even if you are not practising any type of yoga, this bag can be your flexible public eye-catcher!

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Some things can make people become very excited, adore and that will lead to obsession.

Obsession can be really bad. Like if you obsessed with food, you become obese (do not believe celebrity chefs when they said “I eat anything” or “food is something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life” while they look gorgeous in sculptured and body fitted designer outfit). Obsession can be really bad when someone absolutely obsessed with the girl or a guy. A guy killed himself for Bjork, John Lennon had been shot by her psychopath fan and Madonna received tons of death threat every year just because she is so famous.

My case is with Madonna, that Material Girl. No, I don’t  video myself like Britney Spears “Leave her Alone” fan on YouTube. Wow.. he is really crying. FYI, this guy post her video on YouTube and  states that Britney is “not well“, therefore we should leave her alone. He crying like a really depressed and distressed guy. No.. I am not that!


Britney "leave her alone" fan on YouTube

Britney "Leave Her Alone" fan on YouTube

It is all started with an excitement when listening to her song “Like A Virgin” in 1986, really adore her when she dance with mermaids in “Cherish” in 1989 and became obsessed in 1990; thanks to Vogue! During my obsession period, I can’t live a day without thinking about her. I remember all her quote, style and also what she did was so acceptable. Like cursing on stage or nude and my thought is, “that’s fine; she is Madonna and can do anything.


Some obsessed with brand. During my recent function, I was introduced to a lady who carrying an exquisite Coach Printed Crocodile Peyton. (USD1200) 

Printed Crocodile Peyton
Printed Crocodile Peyton

 She seems so excited when I told her that I am a bag blogger. Being a bag fetish, it is like having a special connection when talking with someone that shared same interest. We discuss almost anything about bags, from prices to why lady next table carrying a hideous hobo tote and her obsession to Coach! She just bought two dozen of Coaches during her last visit to US. Wow, what a “Coachian”, I would like to do that, like buying two dozens of designer bag; if only my bank willing to give me unlimited credit to my card!

I understand her obsession about this American brand. So for those Coachian out there, this is what should have, a bunch of Madison’s from Coach!



 Do not leave home without this minimal Madison small hobo in fine lightweight Italian leather for USD248.00.  Another reason to ditch your heavy big tote.



 If you feel like carry very light purse, get this slim leather mini skinny for USD48. But, remember this is only for your coins and keys and not additional ‘items’ like your make up set! It is called leather skinny purse, so let this purse light and slim.


Coach girl do not go anywhere without make up on her face and in her case. Keep your make up set that include lip gloss, fake eyelashes, 6 lipsticks, compact powder, concealer, foundation and 6 tone eye shadows in this USD98.00 large cosmetic case.



For those who still find something to keep that check book, bills, and almost dozen credit card. Listen! This Checkbook Wallet has full length bill compartment, removable checkbook holder with pen loop and twelve credit card pockets and I.D windows. At USD248.00, small price to keep you stylish and organize.



 For lazy weekend, sling Madison Opt art crossbody (USD178.00). Enough say!


 Scarf can be another powerful accessories to enhance your style. Madison oblong scarf at USD68.00 is the perfect tool.


 Or if you like everything slim and cute, tie your ponytail braids with Madison Ponytail scarf that cost only USD38. If you think with ponytail braids will make you look like Swedish girl named Pippi Longstocking, feel glamorous no matter what occasion by place it around your neck.

Image from

Image from

Well, I don’t it is nothing wrong to obsessed with certain brand. It will not make kill someone, it just make you loose your mind and maybe your cash! So keep obsessing with brand. Madison collection at









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I spotted my friend proudly sling her new Coach Messenger bag in signature print which is very recognizable. She (and almost everyone) knows that I like bag so the first sentence that came out from her mouth is ‘do you like my bag?’ My answer is YES and it’s a true, sincere YES. It is not like the ‘YES’ at a wedding reception. The bride is in yellow couture dress . I said to myself slowly “Pity bride! But the bride think I say “Pretty bride!”. She looks at me  and asked ‘Do I look pretty in this dress?’. She smiling but I barely see the glowing because of the Kabuki-style make-up. This is a her wedding day and no way I am going to tell her that she looks very huge in that dress and that fake eyelashes make her look like  Big Bird from Sesame Street. 

Big Bird with First Lady Nixon image from

Big Bird with First Lady Nixon image from


Back to Coach Messenger. Frankly I am a tote person rather than messenger. I have a few messenger but eventually the messenger became ‘a large oversized man clutch’ when I take off the strap. But I am quite impressed with Coach Messenger. Especially from  Varick  Map bag collection. Very flexible and fun. It looks a bit like school boy bag but sometimes we need a bit of young element so we look and feel young. Available in few colours but my favourite is bright marine (blue).  This is what we called ‘stylish street bag’. Very relax and kind of effortless, you can carry it without any justification in life because the best treatment is fun. Bring back the fun (that once you had) with Coach for USD248.00 @

p.s: to my freind, the bride, if you read this, you know  I’ll do anything not to spoil your wedding day. Somebody told me you burn your wedding photos. I hope you also burn the make up artist and amputate the designer of that hideous ‘couture’ dress. But believe me, your hubby is a great person; like he let you use his VISA and pay your bills.







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My first impression about this bag, it is from Italy,   but after 2 seconds and spotted the signature big C’s, then I know it is from America. The retro swirling on Zoe Mosaic is so close to Pucci trademark.


The swirling is actually not a print like what on Pucci but a jacquard patchwork.  I am not sure if I am very excited about the swirl patchwork.  Coach called it mosaic. Not sure what type of mosaic, but pretty sure not a type of mosaic on any part of my house.  The colour combination doesn’t help to lift the mood of the bag. It is so dull and almost dead. Kill my mood and at a certain stage, it makes me dizzy. If I can’t sleep, I just look at this bag for 10 minutes, started to feel dizzy, sleepy and before I knew it, into Z. 



Maybe what I’m going to state here will not make everybody happy.  Please forgive me but I just have to say this. When it comes to swirl, no one does it better than Pucci.


Coach Mosaic for USD398.00 at


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In Star Wars Galaxy, Ergo is a name of a planet. I am not really sure who live on that planet but for sure they never carry bags. Look at the female species in Star Wars. They put on their kind of ‘houte couture’ but without handbag or clutch. Future designer forget how to design a carry.

Enough about Planet Ergo. Enter your spaceship and travel to present day for Coach Ergo bag. I am not sure how they come with that name (please let me know) but this bag is far more interesting than spaceship.


Did I say interesting? Maybe it is because of the signature jacquard fabric Ergo. Yes.. I still can’t ignore the signature C. It is a timeless classic. The structure (especially the elegant pleat) is a reason why female Homo sapiens on planet earth shouldn’t resist. Inside it is covered with tattersall print fabric lining and also zip plus the cell phone pocket. This bag is very wearable and can match with almost anything that hangs in your closet.

Pleated ergo satchel is Reed Krakoff favourite who is a Coach President and Executive Creative Director. Oh really? Oh .. Of course because he is the one who approved the design. The 2004 Accessories Designer Of the Year winner state that “it is rooted in great craftsmanship combined with playful and fun elements that make its design chic, pretty and feminine.


But I want to tell you something Mr Reed. I am not really into your Ergo pleated in pink patent leather. Maybe because of the pink shades. It is a distinctive silhouette and look standout from the other classic colour like black and brass but I only can see a few people who can carry that. Like the Hilton Hotel heiress turn reality star and Mariah Carey circa 2004-2006 (Mariah really into pink during that year). Maybe the Ergorian will like the pink. They always like weird stuff. Think about it Mr Reed. Very big market there.


So what do you think . Should we keep Ergo in signature C and leave the pink to the Ergorian?

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I am sure most of the bag-holic have that C signature print Coach bag. The signature C has become the item that should cling into your shoulder or hand. It is classic and almost everyone I knew has it (even a aome guys) . It is ok if you can’t get enough the signature C but it is not a reason for you to ignore others. It is still Coach but sans the signature C. Believe me it is worth to read this entry.

Inspired by one of the most popular street in New York City Manhattan, the collection is a mirror of American lifestyle. Bleecker Street, used to be a center for American Bohemia and now it is a rendezvous for music lovers to comedy remedy seekers. Now, Bleecker Street is Coach latest muse and it is also where Legacy Coach boutique is located.


Some of the Bleecker’s still look amazing with the signature C print, but my favourite is bleecker leather patchwork in snakeskin with leather trim. Come in tote and clutch, the design is modern, sophisticated, luxury yet fun. Available in brass/blue multicolour.

Coach never failed to adapt practicality into the bag design. The Tote is big enough to accommodate laptop (don’t worry it is Coach, so you can trust on its durability). You can put your life into this bag because inside it is a fabric lining with compartment/pockets for cell phone and zip top closure. With this tote you can go straight for daily groceries (no plastic bag please!) after your hectic day at the office.


If you think that big bag is only for Olsen twins and Nicole Ritchie, you can choose Bleecker patchwork snakeskin clutch. It is not like some designer clutch that serves no purpose and (only work on the red carpet). Inside this clutch, there are pockets for your plastics, multipurpose pockets, bill compartment and coin pocket. It is suitable with your company dinner function dress to your girl night out jeans.

You don’t have to go to the Bleecker in NY to experience the American culture. All you have to do is toting or clutching it.

Visit or

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