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Miley 'Drama Queen' Cyrus

Miley 'Drama Queen' Cyrus

Bottega Veneta




This is  an experimental period first period. A girl just wants to impress with what she has and she might try very very hard to impress. She might end up like a retarded gothic sorry… that is me once upon a time.  Here are bags for the one with cute zits…




Le sport Sac

Le Sport Sac is synonym with a funky simple side of a teen. Nothing angst or revolutionary here. Just a bag with a lot of fun.





Betsey Johnson (14 year old trapped in 66 year old body) attitude as a person is maybe the very last thing you want your little sis or daughter to react. But the reality is most teens act like Betsey.  Violently happy in morning or ecstatic girl without reason in the evening. But she design great, whimsical bag. If you don’t know how to appreciate Betsey, it means you must learn how to appreciate fun.  








Every young girls I know, must list Roxy as one of the must have brand. I understand because Roxy knows what girl wants (pink and fun). Roxy is like a cute boy. Girl wants to hang out with cute boy so she can have something to talk about on her friend sleepover.


Sienna "young,slim n fresh" Miller

Sienna "young,slim n fresh" Miller




Girls still experimenting. This is the most important phase. In this period, if she choosing something wrong, she may end up living on a wrong side of life for the rest of her life. But there is no way she going to do wrong if she should consider purchasing these bags!



Marc by Marc Jacobs

Faridah shoulder bag makes Marc Jacobs what makes Marc a very great designer. The design is very simple and casual. Not too huge and not too tiny. Almost perfect for any dresses or jeans. The two pockets are essentials for keeping essentials!


Emilio Pucci

Twenties is a phase with most colours and patterns of life. A woman may know what she really wants in term of her career and she is planning what is going to be in the next decades. A woman may have the devastated experienced in her love life but these will eventually think her how to face the unknown future. The multiple colours and patterns are a colours of life. Just like fresh and young Emilio Pucci Cancello Nylon bag.


20jimmychoo1 Jimmy Choo

Look elegant like a rich heiress with Jimmy Choo’s mirror clutch. This chic tube clutch is classy and at the very effortless. A young executive who carry this to corporate function is an executive who will be viewed as exclusive for the rest of her life! 


Aishwarya "married, sans baby n fabulous' Rai

Aishwarya "married, sans baby n fabulous' Rai


A woman may still single and happily married. She’s getting wise on her decision. She finally taste the reality of life; like babies are so cute but when they keep crying at night, the best accessories the next day is a strong dose of coffee and big sunglasses to conceal the panda eyes. Whoever you are now, there are no reason for you not to look stunning with a great carry.



You are not too old and you are not too young. Let everyone viewed you as a strong woman with an attitude. You own the power and you are not afraid to use it. To enhance the ‘superwoman’ in you, carry Tod’s D Bag.







Thirties is the time that you actually can understand why some work of art cost so much (that is after you’ve attended an art appreciation exhibition and talk to someone in art business in a business function). Why not you carry something that is art; but not like an art that you still secretly think “why on earth that cost too much?”. Keep your thought to yourself while carrying Celestina sterling silver croc minaudiere.



New classic is the best classic. If you think that the typical designer classic bag will aged you, why don’t you choose you own classic. Remember, you are in charge in your life. Choose something chic and at the same time still relevant with the current wave. Choose Balenciaga cherche link minibag.






Kirstin 'stylish trophy' Davis

Kirstin 'stylish trophy' Davis

If you are in 40’s should be wise enough on what look best and what is ridiculous. Accept the fact that we are not young anymore. But there is a good news, you might own enough cash to buy what you have. Invest something that is luxurious and expensive. Make that sexy twenty years old look at you and wish they will look like you twenty years later.





What can I say. Dior is the epitome of luxury and a  thing that you should carry on a daily basis. Make people called you Lady Dior (can you imagine that, Lady Dior!). Start with Dior grained calfskin.



Yves Saintt Laurent

You are strong as you look. You have all the independence, your kids probably in college or dating and your hubby…. he might start to ehmmm…. looking at a bit of young lady. Ok.. sorry.. maybe I am too much. Your hubby would, ever never did that. But, don’t make him feel like he walking with her aging mother when both of you take a ‘romantic walk’ to the nearest clinic for a regular check. YSL tribute tote is something should be on your shoulder (for the prescription and medicines of course!)



Again, don’t make your husband feel like he attends a function with her mother. He needs a trophy too. Make him proud and think you are worth than any girls in that function by adding fun to your wardrobe. Add some colours. If you think bright colour is only for your 19 year young girl, add some light with Marni pop colour small clutch.




Michelle "matured and gorgeous" Pfeiffer

Michelle "matured and gorgeous" Pfeiffer

Like a fine wine, the older the better. The key for your style is a high level of taste with and comfort. Comfort doesn’t mean that you only wear large tunic and ill fitted dress. Comfort is; you are really comfortable with your body and you are wearing a very acceptable cut outfit. The keyword is classy.  Buy something that you can’t afford to buy when you are young. You are half a decade. Enjoy your life!





Expensive stone is everyone favourite. Before this stone only around your neck, why don’t you carry it. Dior stone mosaic clutch is one of the best stone that you must hold. Parade this  to show everyone that you accomplish something in life. But you don’t need to try hard because if you can afford this, you can impressive.







Fifties do not mean you must carry conservative bag. Matured and glam. That is what you are. It is acceptable to carry something shiny (a bit, not too much) when you are attending your granddaughter birthday. Make her proud because you are carrying the soft mink Versace hexagonal tote. She will choose you as the best and hip grandma on earth!


Bottega Veneta 

Ruffle skirt look stunning on you 30 years ago. Keep it as vintage. If you want to wear it today, wear it on a closed door. That is only to remember the good old days. If you can’t wear it, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry it. Just ask Bottega Veneta. But be carefull, this is the only ruffle you can have today. Too much ruffle you’ll look like curtain in Queen of England bedroom.  









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Diorita Dior


I admit I am always anticipating on what next from Dior. Everything from Dior seems so irrelevant on the catwalk but it all change after a few days. People run to get the dresses and bags. Men or women. That is so magical. It’s like I’d said that model in Dior looks freak but after few days I am trying so hard to copy the look! I am not the one who copying the look, other designers did the same thing!


Diorita is something that I would say not too freaky but not too normal too. The shape looks quite weird, I still figure how it will stand on it own. The whole body is made from twisted woven smooth grained and metallic leather. That’s made the whole character of Diorita. The grained made the bag. If other designers use the same material for a bag, it is hard to say if it is work or not. Call me biased, but I am so totally affected with the dangling ‘D’.


A woman who managed to carry the bag flawlessly is a woman who knows really well the art of having sushi for main course and crème bruelle for dessert. She is not a typical woman next door. She knows fashion, and she is fashion.


If you think that you’re the woman; Diorita for USD2,475.00 at eluxury.

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Dior Chiffre Rouge A05 black time automatic chronograph USD4,195.00 at

lv-trunkLouis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Conquerant 65 USD3,520.00 at

All the above have one thing common, that is my wishlist and I can’t afford them  now and that is a good reason why I should not become GRUMPY AND SNOBBISH!

Yes, all of the above is too much for me. My earned is enough for me to pay the installment such as

i. cars- I owned two, but not really expensive car

ii. housing loan installment -not really priority, but prefer quality food. I always get free food

iv. wear -I will buy anything if I like it, branded or ‘what is that’ kind of brand. For designers, only during sale. Just do not try to mess with me during the ‘choose and fitting session’.

v. bags – yes… sometimes quite expensive but I skip my lunch to buy that. Plus I always get free food!).

vi. Insurance- for rainy day

vii. unit trust investment- my brother is an agent

viii. Misc- petrol, club membership, entertainment, occasional emergency buy like unexpected sale!

I am not living on the top of the world. I work hard to earn money. In fact, I earn by working and smiling to people. I don’t understand why people say I am ARROGANT and SNOBBISH?

This is the story. Last night, my mom came over and told me that somebody (which I am not really familiar with) told her that I am a snobbish.

It is all started when last two week my auntie neighbour daughter, M. She saw me the other day at my office and she introduce as my auntie neighbour. I don’t really know M so I am quite confuse, but I DID TALK to her. You know, a very social talk, quick and easy. I NEVER MET (if I did, I can’t remember when!), her before so I don’t see why I should really be extra friendly to her. This M girl, go back to my hometown and told her father that I am SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. WHAT? I even say bye to her!

Her GRUMPY father did some talking with my auntie that eventually informed my mom. GRUMPY father even said that I am just a guy in mediocre position and try to be SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. Mr. GRUMPY FATHER even told my auntie that he is going to do ‘something’ about it.

I AM SORRY IF I ACT INAPPROPRIATELY TO M BUT THAT UNINTENDED. I don’t felt really bad about how M felt but I don’t feel good about people twisting the story. Maybe I am a bit DIVA-ish, but come on, you can ask everyone in my office, from the security guard and cleaner lady to almost everyone about how I treat them. I am actually really kind to them!

I may be quite cruel, but that is only for some who is cruel to me too. I may look tense sometimes, but that is maybe because I am in model runway look and try to lift my cheekbone or I am really in tense).

p/s: MR GRUMPY even told my auntie that I am a ‘supervisor’ with low salary and ‘supervisor’ like me shouldn’t act like a manager. Let me tell you something MR GRUMPY, I am not a rich buy, but I am not a supervisor, I really good with my work,

I owned a business and designers item (from CK to Gucci). Because people like MR GRUMPY and daughter M, I will work hard to carry all the above bag and watch!

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I have a ‘handsome female’ friend, B. She or most appropriate I address as he, is a male trapped in a woman body. He is cute with effortless boyish look. Even one of my male friends (who like male) try to court B thinking that B is actually a cute young boy.


One of the reason why B is a choice of so many females and few males is because his sense of style and fashion. He doesn’t try to be macho, he just being himself. He knows that he is actually a she so her style is clean masculine with feminine touch. More like a very clean and polish metrosexual. Very Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry and nothing like ugly Charlize Theron in Monster.


Last week we went out for a shopping session. It is fun to shop with him. Just like a shopping spree with another version of myself. We try lots and lots of clothes. When it comes to bags, he needs help. He wants bags that are masculine but at the same time he doesn’t want look butch and bushy.



I would persuade him to buy briefcases from Not only it is very suitable for B, it is also for me to borrow. The classic shape combines with fine craftsmanship will make him look like a young male professional that graduated from Harvard. Sense investment for a young guy with lot of attitude and at the same time has to work with lots of documents and papers.



Metorosexual carries nothing like ordinary man stay next to him in the meeting room. To differentiate him for the rest of the group is Samsonite business aluminum attaché computer case.  Features include file pocket organizer business card pocket, pen holder and adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap. Available at for only USD99.00.



For casual outings and meeting, carry this label driven messenger bag by Salvatore Ferragamo. In vinyl coated and leather trim, the most striking feature is woven label on the front of the bag. This labels costs USD476.00 at



Metrosexual must love his environment. So for groceries shopping, do not leave home black coated canvas quilted tote from Christian Dior for only USD796.00 at



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In her latest video not another HOME VIDEO in, Paris said she is ready to become President. Paris, you will always like kind of get my vote. You kind like so hot than McCain and Obama. I will like will go and kind like help with Paris President campaign or something. But I am not American so I am not eligible to vote. Oh…Paris, you’ve lost one of you greatest supporter. But this is kind like bags that President Paris should carry!


I’m not sure if she eat ostrich meat but I am pretty positive President Paris will look very intelligent, smart and professional carrying this fuchsia Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater bag . The amazing exotic structure of the ostrich leather will goes well with her fake tanned skin.

Yes… maybe some of us think it looks a bit odd (or maybe gross) with that dots and kind like carrying pink ostrich but believe me Paris President can handle it very well. She can handle Rick Salomon and Nicole Ritchie. Pink Ostrich at 1,937 pound at will do her no harm.


Ruffles are so in. Paris going to really like fall in love with the ruffles at be and d. It really stands out on the black patent leather. This is like so proper for Spanish community ‘meet a voters’ appearance. She can like smile, wave this bag and address the crowd with something like “Gracias” in a very Evita way. Hello.. who need to speak Spanish. Just carry something that resembles their bolero or Spanish dancer ruffles skirt.



Once upon a time, this blonde said I don’t understand why people must work. But that is sooo last season. Now, As President Of America, she knows she must work hard. Among what she is working now is to make sure hair colourists enjoy more benefit, porn stars get better paid (plus higher percentage from the profit of the movie), US gay soldiers are allowed to wear pink camouflage uniform and her best friend forever, Britney Spears acts in more movies. What better way to show everyone she is work like everyone else? Carrying Watch me Work Celine bag of course. In bright red soft patent leather, this USD2100 at net-a-porter oversized tote will be very useful to keep all whatever stuffs that related to her whatever plans.


President Paris will be happy to carry this clutch that look like her soap bar case. She’ll be so confused why they call it Mango box Celestina clutch. It doesn’t look like Mango at all. President Paris asks her assistant, Rihanna but she said in Barbados peoples don’t usually carry this type of clutch. But that’s ok. This box is like USD1,365 at Quite an expensive price for mango! Maybe for us but not for Paris. By the way, she inherit something isn’t ?


President Paris loves all the attention. We can’t blame her. That is important to get votes for another term. One of her strategy to get all the attention from the member of the congress is to carry this fuchsia Christian Louboutin donut dough bag to conferences. Perfect with her patent leather red shoes from the very same designer. It looks so yummy, like some cakes with fuchsia icing and sprinkle with colourful chocolate rice. Very delicious at USD485.99 at and she’ll be hungry every time she carries this bag. Sorry Madam President, eating will makes you fat. You’ll loose votes and parties if you fat. Imagine that extra bump popping around your waist. No more two piece swim wear for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schiever California summer theme party.


President Paris travel all over the world to promote peace, better understanding between countries and greener pinkier environment. Her feet must be really tired after a long day on 6 inches Jimmy Choo’s and at the same time discussing about what the ‘IT’ issues. Sometimes due to visa restrictions, she can’t bring along her Asian feet pedicurist cum masseurs in some countries. This is where this …. bucket came handy. Just pour some water and ice cube and Paris just can dunk her feet. What a refreshing retreat. Handy bucket from Marc Jacobs for 403 pound at

Mama Kathy Hilton so proud for her daughter accomplishment. So she bought Paris this Magenta (not pink, but still look like pink) Dior Cannage priced USD876.00 at The material is form quilted nylon with leather trim and silver hardware. The most significant is the Large D dangling charm.




USD1800.00 at Dior soft woven bag and shocking pink. Paris getting pinkier everyday. Enough say!


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