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Catfight- Armani vs Dolce and Gabbana


You may hate me but I am kind like enjoying this. It is a collision between two giants on the land of pizza, Italy. Giorgio Armani vs. Dolce and Gabbana. Yes, yes, yes.

It is all about a pair of pants called Trousergate. Mr. Armani accusing Dolce and Gabbana copy quilted pants and presented it on a runaway. Mr. Armani even told reporters “Now they copy me. Tomorrow they will learn, I would understand if they were nobodies. But honestly!”.

For me, this is such a waste of time. This is fashion, it is all about copying and imitating.Can you imagine the only tweed suit manufactured only in Chanel factory and jeans only from Levis? I can’t!

I don’t really like the pants, honestly!


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Men Fashion- Dolce & Gabbana latest IT accesories


Two things caught my attention at the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 runaway.  Not the extra expensive one of a kind crocodile bags but the huge frame glasses and handkerchiefs.( I am not writing about handkerchief because it is nothing to talk about!)  This is not a huge sunglasses but oversized clear glasses for us to read. Yes. This maybe the next fashion statement.  It looks weird now, but once David Beckham spotted with a pair, that’s it. The late Yves St Laurent wore this. So, if your face fit the big frame, put it on. Even it is nothing wrong with your eyes, put it on. Create a statement.



I am not sure how long this trend will last but if you are currently into thrifty  mood and Dolce and Gabbana out of wallet reach, opt for something from least expensive brand or no brand. Least expensive means from TopShop; I saw pairs of clear glasses and it is cost around USD12. No brand means you can get a pair for less than USD3 at flea markets or booths.  

I am not trying to be snob, but I am into oversized frame long before Nicole Ritchie and The Olsens . Initially it looks weird and my friends teased with Qs like ‘are you wearing your grandfather glasses’ or  ‘you look like Ahmad Jais’ but look who laughing now? Me because I start it first and you not!

I still can’t part with my huge shades. It is a life saver.


Dolce & Gabbana images from

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Celeb and Carry- Victoria Beckham


No girl can go out shopping in Milan with the most stylish ex-couple in the world but still managed to grab all attention (especially from the paparazzi) except Victoria. Even the pose and photo look like it is pre-arranged; where the publicist called the paparazzi before they go out shopping, this is one of the best Victoria look after she cut her hair.

She look stunning in her own label, faux fur shrug, Louboutin heels and of course she must carry something from the ex couple, Dolce and Gabbana custom made Crocodile collection. Others from crocodile collection including custom made weekend bags and briefcase. I think this bag is one from the One Of A Kind Bag Collection, which is a really exclusive and you might have to wait before you can even smell the bag. But it is worth a wait because a metal label inside is engraved with your name. How many people that you know can get their name on a designer bag? If you can do it, well you are one of a kind!


If Posh got his crocodile bag, how about Beckham. He will be upset if he knows that Victoria carries a Dolce and Gabbana crocodile bag and he didn’t. Maybe with that thought, Dolce and Gabbana also launched a One of Kind Men bags collection. Specially made for those who desire to be different and exceptionally unique. Most of the design is slightly different from the rest of the bag you saw on Dolce and Gabbana racks. It must be different, because it may cost you like USD50K a piece!

Unfortunately, even you have the cash now, you can’t order it online because you have to put your name on the list at Dolce and Gabbana store and wait like three months, that is only if you are lucky! This bag is limited to handful of invitees only!

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Pic from

Pic from


Who need pedicurist? All we need is Garra Rufa Carps to eat our disgusting dead skin. The dead skin fish eater  which originated from Turkey has become the IN animal to exfoliate and smoothen the surface of feet. Sorry I am wrong. We still need pedicurist to cut and trim and colour our nails. Those fishes can’t do that. Actually this is not a new thing. They’ve been famous in some parts of Turkey to treat disease like psoriasis. 


I‘ve seen (not experienced!) how the fishes work. For fees like $5, you can dunk your feet into the container for 5 minutes. The fishes will flock to your feet to eat all the dead skin. like scene during designers knock down sale.  It is a tragic moment to see a number of dead fishes floating on the surface of the container. I am not sure why they dead. Maybe because they eat too much human skin or maybe they can’t stand the pungent smell come from the feets (this pungent thinking really turns me off!).


Aquarium with label

Aquarium with label


If you don’t want your fishes to eat others dead skin apart from you, you can have your own Garra Rufas. You need a very stylish container of course! No other aquarium as edgy and stylish as Dolce and Gabbana black patent leather PVC aquarium bag. This aquarium has tinted transparent PVC at front and back. For portability, it comes with removable chain link shoulder strap with patent leather pad. Your dead skin eating fishes will enjoy greater space because this aquarium is quite roomy. These fishes are hero. They work non stop. There is a possibility some of your fishes will die. But don’t worry. You can keep that dead fish on the side flap pockets with plated buckle and pin closure. It is a very serene space for the death while waiting to be buried in your sacred backyard.  This aquarium is available at at USD1,241.00 (on sale).

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