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Big fat girl guide for sexy poolwear

I am blogging from Pangkor Island Resort.

Kingfisher Pool

It is a paradise and everyone is in their mot simple outfit. Almost everyone because just now I saw a girl in short dress and Bebe bling-bling hoodie jacket. Girl… what are you doing with your hoodie in this hot and sunny island? Talk to me girl.. Please talk to me. You need help!

Beach is also the place for those who like to feast the eyes. You know what  I mean!  Bodies with very minimal coverage lounging around the pool. It is a feast if you watching something  that excites you but what if something that makes you want to puke? Don’t it makes you want to tell them to cover that flabby abs and mountain bottom?


Here is some suggestion for those opposite Giselle who like to relax by the pool:

Calvin Klein jersey tunic can easily transformed into beach to mall wear. Understated style but very elegant!

Calvin Klein Satin jersey tunic

Matthew Williamson beaded silk kaftan is so glamorous and classy. Put on tube or spaghetti with black pant inside for elegant cocktail dress.

Matthew Williamson Beaded silk kaftan

Missoni Moena mini kaftan can be adjusted into spicy off-shoulder that will give a big dash to your sexy appeal

Missoni Moena mini kaftan

Antik batik matisse silk kaftan for you to blend with the exotic island

Antik Batik Matisse silk kaftan

  Alicia Simone Polka dot swim dress is for you want to swim! 

+Women's Alicia Simone Polka Dots Swim Dress

Emilio Pucci if you crazy about geomatric print

Diane von Furstenberg for quick slimmer illusion


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Miley 'Drama Queen' Cyrus

Miley 'Drama Queen' Cyrus

Bottega Veneta




This is  an experimental period first period. A girl just wants to impress with what she has and she might try very very hard to impress. She might end up like a retarded gothic sorry… that is me once upon a time.  Here are bags for the one with cute zits…




Le sport Sac

Le Sport Sac is synonym with a funky simple side of a teen. Nothing angst or revolutionary here. Just a bag with a lot of fun.





Betsey Johnson (14 year old trapped in 66 year old body) attitude as a person is maybe the very last thing you want your little sis or daughter to react. But the reality is most teens act like Betsey.  Violently happy in morning or ecstatic girl without reason in the evening. But she design great, whimsical bag. If you don’t know how to appreciate Betsey, it means you must learn how to appreciate fun.  








Every young girls I know, must list Roxy as one of the must have brand. I understand because Roxy knows what girl wants (pink and fun). Roxy is like a cute boy. Girl wants to hang out with cute boy so she can have something to talk about on her friend sleepover.


Sienna "young,slim n fresh" Miller

Sienna "young,slim n fresh" Miller




Girls still experimenting. This is the most important phase. In this period, if she choosing something wrong, she may end up living on a wrong side of life for the rest of her life. But there is no way she going to do wrong if she should consider purchasing these bags!



Marc by Marc Jacobs

Faridah shoulder bag makes Marc Jacobs what makes Marc a very great designer. The design is very simple and casual. Not too huge and not too tiny. Almost perfect for any dresses or jeans. The two pockets are essentials for keeping essentials!


Emilio Pucci

Twenties is a phase with most colours and patterns of life. A woman may know what she really wants in term of her career and she is planning what is going to be in the next decades. A woman may have the devastated experienced in her love life but these will eventually think her how to face the unknown future. The multiple colours and patterns are a colours of life. Just like fresh and young Emilio Pucci Cancello Nylon bag.


20jimmychoo1 Jimmy Choo

Look elegant like a rich heiress with Jimmy Choo’s mirror clutch. This chic tube clutch is classy and at the very effortless. A young executive who carry this to corporate function is an executive who will be viewed as exclusive for the rest of her life! 


Aishwarya "married, sans baby n fabulous' Rai

Aishwarya "married, sans baby n fabulous' Rai


A woman may still single and happily married. She’s getting wise on her decision. She finally taste the reality of life; like babies are so cute but when they keep crying at night, the best accessories the next day is a strong dose of coffee and big sunglasses to conceal the panda eyes. Whoever you are now, there are no reason for you not to look stunning with a great carry.



You are not too old and you are not too young. Let everyone viewed you as a strong woman with an attitude. You own the power and you are not afraid to use it. To enhance the ‘superwoman’ in you, carry Tod’s D Bag.







Thirties is the time that you actually can understand why some work of art cost so much (that is after you’ve attended an art appreciation exhibition and talk to someone in art business in a business function). Why not you carry something that is art; but not like an art that you still secretly think “why on earth that cost too much?”. Keep your thought to yourself while carrying Celestina sterling silver croc minaudiere.



New classic is the best classic. If you think that the typical designer classic bag will aged you, why don’t you choose you own classic. Remember, you are in charge in your life. Choose something chic and at the same time still relevant with the current wave. Choose Balenciaga cherche link minibag.






Kirstin 'stylish trophy' Davis

Kirstin 'stylish trophy' Davis

If you are in 40’s should be wise enough on what look best and what is ridiculous. Accept the fact that we are not young anymore. But there is a good news, you might own enough cash to buy what you have. Invest something that is luxurious and expensive. Make that sexy twenty years old look at you and wish they will look like you twenty years later.





What can I say. Dior is the epitome of luxury and a  thing that you should carry on a daily basis. Make people called you Lady Dior (can you imagine that, Lady Dior!). Start with Dior grained calfskin.



Yves Saintt Laurent

You are strong as you look. You have all the independence, your kids probably in college or dating and your hubby…. he might start to ehmmm…. looking at a bit of young lady. Ok.. sorry.. maybe I am too much. Your hubby would, ever never did that. But, don’t make him feel like he walking with her aging mother when both of you take a ‘romantic walk’ to the nearest clinic for a regular check. YSL tribute tote is something should be on your shoulder (for the prescription and medicines of course!)



Again, don’t make your husband feel like he attends a function with her mother. He needs a trophy too. Make him proud and think you are worth than any girls in that function by adding fun to your wardrobe. Add some colours. If you think bright colour is only for your 19 year young girl, add some light with Marni pop colour small clutch.




Michelle "matured and gorgeous" Pfeiffer

Michelle "matured and gorgeous" Pfeiffer

Like a fine wine, the older the better. The key for your style is a high level of taste with and comfort. Comfort doesn’t mean that you only wear large tunic and ill fitted dress. Comfort is; you are really comfortable with your body and you are wearing a very acceptable cut outfit. The keyword is classy.  Buy something that you can’t afford to buy when you are young. You are half a decade. Enjoy your life!





Expensive stone is everyone favourite. Before this stone only around your neck, why don’t you carry it. Dior stone mosaic clutch is one of the best stone that you must hold. Parade this  to show everyone that you accomplish something in life. But you don’t need to try hard because if you can afford this, you can impressive.







Fifties do not mean you must carry conservative bag. Matured and glam. That is what you are. It is acceptable to carry something shiny (a bit, not too much) when you are attending your granddaughter birthday. Make her proud because you are carrying the soft mink Versace hexagonal tote. She will choose you as the best and hip grandma on earth!


Bottega Veneta 

Ruffle skirt look stunning on you 30 years ago. Keep it as vintage. If you want to wear it today, wear it on a closed door. That is only to remember the good old days. If you can’t wear it, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry it. Just ask Bottega Veneta. But be carefull, this is the only ruffle you can have today. Too much ruffle you’ll look like curtain in Queen of England bedroom.  









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It is November and in this part of the world it means school holiday. It also a period where it is almost impossible to get a nice hotel room to stay if you don’t book as early as September or early October. I started to believe that children had been taught one special syllabus in school called “bring your parents to beach during school holiday”.


Mine is different. During my school holidays, my father will bring our family for a trip to aunties and uncles house. Yes… we enjoy our “holiday near the beach” but the beach is a walking distance from auntie Z house. I remember helping Auntie Z carrying a plastic basket to beach with all the “provision”. She believes in eating a home cooked almost everywhere. Eating out is a waste and so out of fashion.


I don’t want any of you to repeat Auntie Z mistakes. You are not supposed to carry a plastic basket to beach. Apart you will look like my auntie; you will loose your sense of style (sorry Auntie!). Instead carry something that is reasonable for mom to carry and at the same time will make a daughter feel so proud parading it while strolling the beach with a boy she just meet during breakfast (shh…. Don’t tell dad!).



It just takes a second for me to think something that fit the above criteria. It must be something from the master of geometric print and kaleidoscope colours. Emilio Pucci.

The beach bag is so recognizable and people know you are carrying one of the most beautiful masterpieces during your beach break. My choice is Sundial canvas beach bag for USD795. While buying this you are supporting the Fashion Target Breast Cancer Campaign (FTBC) because all the net proceeds from the sales will be donated to FTBC and affiliated global charities.




If you are not a yellow person, why don’t you go for Cancello print tote for USD575. It just compliments the beautiful blue sky and turquoise ocean. The colour and print is so lively and refreshing just like the taste of coconut water. Even if you are so in Pucci print, do not get carry away.  Hope you don’t wear all the prints at once just like what the stylist at net-a-porter suggest. Too much of everything bring you no good.





Beach about bag at By the way the print tunic top cost USD895.



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